• Kameenook

    This card seems sweet, and the flavor of a “grim captain” is awesome!

  • Grant Jacobson

    best case…3 mana draw 4…might see play

    • Hedronal

      Best case here is niche though. Pay 3 recur 2-3 realistically.

  • Alex

    Fun potential for limited where you might not be able to compose a strictly tribal deck.

  • Deadly Berry

    So… Night King confirmed for the next set?

  • Shagoth

    This is really good for EDH changeling tribal, though no mess of a deck could properly utilize such an ability in a normal circumstance. I want to see modern changelings in an against the odds deck with this.

  • Derek Niles

    Ah this is exactly what my Pirate, Vampire, Dinosaur, Merfolk deck needed!