Guild Feud - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Guild Feud

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At the beginning of your upkeep, target opponent reveal the top three cards of his or her library, may put a creature card from among them onto the battlefield, then puts the rest into his or her graveyard. You do the same, with the top three cards of your library. If two creatures are put onto the battlefield this way, those creatures fight each other.

  • No comments? This card is effing savage. Especially for the Izzet. Stack your draws some way and flip anything huge that will live a fight against their chosen champion. Best part is, you pick second so you get to choose at what power level you could need out of your creatures if you wanted a weaker one over another. Just awesome.

    • Honestly the Boros soldier in the picture is a fine idea in some ways. If you play a deck with Gisela or Avacyn or others in it then you could flip them and that just sounds neat.

  • v1ND

    Sneak and Show just got a new toy.

  • Ron

    haha your 2/1 snapcaster vs my 15/15 wurm…..smashface!!!

  • 92fjdv

    this is defenetly a rakdos card. since rakdos has many big creatures that need a litle help getting into the battlefield

    • Bookworm1896

       If so then Rakdos has a f—-ing ton of high cost enchantments and not much else.

    • Stacy

      It’s not a guild specific card as there is no symbol on it.  However it would work very well in a Rakdos deck and also in a Gruul bloodthirst deck.

  • Mlundgoldstein


  • Randomrandom

    This card is unplayable in any competitive format. Opening this in limited is going to be very disappointing. Bad card design/useless fodder

    • guy

      its an unwritten rule of magic for Red to have a horrible junk rare in each set. Wizards is only doing what they are suppose to do, make a junk red rare for a sacrifice to the magic gods. 

      • blueisoverrated

        more like an offering to the EDH people to satisfy their lust until the new commander goodies come out. amirite?

  • Tybault

    An interesting take on this card, I feel, is as a form of ‘Life Insurance’ for Red aggro/rush decks.

    Normally if your opponent can live/stalemate through your initial onslaught, you’ve pretty much lost.

    If you can drop this, it ramps up the speed of the game back up, possibly giving you back the upper hand if the opponent is beating you over the head with sheer card advantage, lifegain, etc, as black/red, green/red, or some red creatures like Vexing Devil are bigger and stronger than most creatures of other colors.

    They don’t get a monster? You get an advantage.
    Their monster is smaller than yours? You get an advantage.
    All the while cards are being tossed into the graveyard, which you could possibly use to your advantage with Golgari/Flashback nonsense.

    It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a solid sideboard if you’re against a deck you just can’t beat quickly.
    Especially if you Slaughter Games out their win-con or biggest creature before-hand.

  • Yegkingler

    i wonder if they stack…. red mill lol

    • Each one would trigger separately. So yes, they would stack.