• Dr. Burn Crow

    Not helpful in my EDH. Disregard!

    • Happy The Cat

      yeah, I tried to find a way to make my Relentless Rats be counted as instants or sorceries but no dice…

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Such a disappointment.

        • Happy The Cat

          how do you think I felt? I was already looking for my elder dragons to be my general

  • MrAptronym

    Play with Pyromancer Ascension for maximum fun.

  • YawgmothPizzagod

    Play this turn 3 and turn 5 a fire servant and turn 6 you are just like LIGHTNING BOLT, DOUBLE LIGHTNING BOLT, DOUBLE LIGHTNING BOLD…..very unlikely to happen but one imaging the face if your opponent lol

    • Brian Schmidt

      We need to wake you up from Magical Christmas Land.

    • Happy The Cat

      here, have this Pyromancer Ascension, it will do what you want but in a way that actually works

  • Derek Mullins

    I’m really starting to think a UR surge deck might be good…

    Plus, this isn’t even flashback; the spell just goes back to your graveyard.

  • Vixin Xiviir

    It could be good, but I don’t think it’ll work for burn, which seems like the most obvious choice. There are a lot of three mana threats that could be played instead of this (Skab-Clan Berserker, for instance), and this takes off the pressure that red is supposed to have. Yes, red runs a lot of 4 copies of burn spells, but only a few sets of those alongside aggressive creatures. And even with a bunch of burn spells, you still have to pay the cost of the spells, and mana is never really a thing red has (at least, not in the decks I’ve seen). Pure burn spell decks aren’t viable enough to run in standard, which seems like the only deck that could really abuse this. Maybe U/R/X control could run it and have double draw spells?

  • yolksoup

    *thinks of every pact or cards with no mana cost*

    • Vixin Xiviir

      Yeah, but then you’d have to pay for both copies of the pact next turn, which is a lot of mana.

      Also, I like your icon.

    • Vizzerdrix

      A card like hypergenesis wouldn’t be castble, and I don’t see casting pacts in multiples as being a good idea,

  • Cullen Straut

    Does storm want this?

    • Happy The Cat

      bigger storm does, the ones that just get early chains for five or six just to deal damage dont.
      read the name, this wants a modified storm deck built around it.

  • Jazzyboy1

    If this didn’t say ‘your’ before ‘graveyard’, it would be pretty cool. But as it is, it’s just not that great. I would much rather run Pyromancer Ascension.

    • TogetherAlone

      Why not both?

      • Jazzyboy1

        Because you don’t want to run 8 enchantments in an instants and sorceries deck unless they’re guaranteed to do something useful. Two playsets of conditional enchantments in a deck is a really bad idea when the deck needs to be very fast and efficient.(which Izzet/Jeskai decks do)

        You could use the slots from this for Young Pyromancer or Monastery Swiftspear, which are almost always good plays.

        • Happy The Cat

          or run a no creature burn deck a just set everything on fire, look if I’ve got both active I can get four bolts for two mana, that is math I like

  • TenK

    Note the lack of exiling the card. So flashback spells get to be cast a maximum number of 14 times if its a 4 of. Seems pretty good

    • Hedronal

      How are you getting to fourteen? I count less, as flashing back a spell doesn’t trigger this, only casting from your hand does.

      • Happy The Cat

        to be exact it’s eleven, four original spells, three additional castings from this (assuming you have the mana, this and copies not being flashed back yet) and then the four times you can cast all of them with flashback.

        • Hedronal

          That’s what I thought. The only way I got to fourteen was by ignoring the “from your hand” requirement so that the first, second and third flashbacks would trigger an additional casting each.

          • Happy The Cat

            technically if you have two-three of these on the board you could reach fourteen, each would have to target a separate spell so you would get +1 with two in the yard and +2 with three.
            that adds up to fourteen .

          • Hedronal

            At that point, I start doing the math with four of them on the board. This leaves out other ways to copy or recur the spell, such as Runic Repetition, and ways to duplicate the enchantment, such as Clever Impersonator.
            The math then:
            Cast the spell. +1
            Cast the other three copies of the spell, copying the first one four times each. +5 each
            Flashback each of the four spells. +4
            Total castings this way: 20.

          • Happy The Cat

            but with this you can only get cast the ones in your graveyard once, then they are on the stack, you dont get to cast one copy multiple times, you would need a seperate version for each to target

          • Hedronal

            Oh, I seem to have forgotten that it was actually casting the one in the graveyard, not copying it.

  • Guest

    If they print a solid prowess creature to go with stormchaser mage to replace swiftspear, I think this could be really fun and useful in a u/r prowess deck

  • Nebulium

    Reminds me of spellweaver helix, seems like a fun build around card.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Hello almost pyromancer ascension

    • Daniel Behan

      Honestly i think this and pyromancer ascension have some pretty good synergy

      • Happy The Cat

        how would this work with Pyromancer Ascension’s quest-ing? do you get the two counters because you are also casting the second spell which is in your graveyard? cause that would mean you can get this combo fully online with one spell.

        • Vizzerdrix

          You would get a quest counter for both casts and later would copy on both casts

          • Daniel Behan

            Though idk about triggering the quest depends if the one you cast from your hand is able to resolve before the 1 from your graveyard

          • Vizzerdrix

            Cast from hand goes to the stack, trigger pyro, get a counter, trigger storm, cast from the grave goes on the stack pyro looks in the grave doesn’t see anything so maybe not but 2 in the grave would work for a counter on both, pyro with cOunters would copy the cast from grave though

        • David Herrera

          When Pyromancer Ascension checks the graveyard for cards with the same name as the spell being cast, the card has moved from the graveyard to the stack, so it won’t see it.

    • GreenControl

      That’s terrifying… 4 Bolts for RR is a horrible way to die! Takes a little bit of work and may not be ultra competitive, but terrifying anyway. I kinda hope somebody breaks this.

      • Vizzerdrix

        I have a feeling over the last couple days looking at this that it could well work in modern, pretty much a permanent past in flames, I haven’t tested it but it should work if you get it out fast enough and for the most part just work like past in flames for 1 less mana

        • Bryn Morgan

          I don’t think it’d go in the same deck, it’s too slow, you need to go off turn 3 really, or at least threaten it.

  • TogetherAlone

    Woah What about this, Increasing vengeance+bolt, plus vengeance cast from the grave, plus another bolt from the grave. 6 mana 15 Damage.
    This thing makes the “Increasing” cards of Dark Ascension trigger their graveyard clause without exiling it or using its flash back cost so long as you cast one and have one in the grave already.
    Maybe could be used in some kind of storm or burn deck using some rituals and simian spirit guide?

    P.S. Also, lingering souls + this = gross…

    • Happy The Cat

      oh lingering souls is gross with this? I thought Pyromancer Ascension giving you four copies of any spell was a little better ;)

  • Xonox

    Would this work with alternate costs like traps?

    • Hedronal

      Yes, so long as whatever makes it happen specifically uses the word cast.

    • Happy The Cat

      as long as you casting the first does not change what “triggers” the trap you are fine.
      also there is a time between the first trap being cast and the second so if someone, let’s say, killed their own black flyer while you had Slingbow Trap firing for one mana, the second would cost the full four.

  • Ryū

    That’s pretty wizard.

  • Happy The Cat

    wow, a red card so good you dont even need to find a broken card for it to be good.
    I mean I could mention time walk but this is so good I don’t even need to! oh and the name tells you where else you could play it.
    won’t see EDH 0.5/10

    • Pablo

      well… this card can replace Past in Flames in UR Storm.

      – It costs 3 mana, not 4 or 5 if is played with flashback
      – Your spells doesn’t get exiled if you cast them from your graveyard
      – An opponent needs more cards from it’s sideboard to remove this AND pyromancer ascension (destroy/exile enchantments and destroy opp graveyard)

      – Can’t be played from your graveyard

      It deserves be tested

      • Storm Crow

        Another con is that this is more conditional than Past in Flames. While having copies of spells in the graveyard is likely, which is why Pyromancer Ascension is good, many times you won’t have a copy and need the spell from your graveyard. For example, I’m storming out, I have storm count of 19, a large amount of red mana floating, no cards in hand, and thought scour is on the stack. If I mill over grapeshot and this or even draw this than I probably lose. If I mill over Past in Flames and Grapeshot than I win. Other scenarios are I mill over grapeshot and desperate ritual and I draw this: game over. Combo decks like storm need to assume many corner cases will happen, due to the high density of similar effects, similar scenarios are more likely to happen by design. There are probably situations where this is better than Past in Flames and I will probably test the card, but I am currently predicting to stick with Past in Flames. As a brief note this is very good with Pyromancer Ascension.

        • justindeltora

          why not both? also burn would love it since on 3 they tapout then have 4 mana to start multicasting.

          • Storm Crow

            It’s excellent in burn and I will test playing with both in storm.

  • Deadly Berry

    This could make for lots of fun with other cards that interact with your spells being cast from the graveyard; I can think of Burning Vengeance and Secrets of the Dead right now but I’m sure there are many other options.

  • Lorcogoth

    wait the cards you cast from the graveyard don’t leave the graveyard?
    am I reading this right or is this an oversight from wizards?

    • Lucas Pearson

      you have to pay thecost of ther spells its not an oversight

  • Andy Upton

    T1: mountain, bolt

    T2: mountain, bolt,

    T3: mountain, this

    T4: bolt, bolt from yard, bolt, bolt from yard

    conclusion: impossible for 4 bolts but still insane for monored burn

  • Bige Boiy

    I’m going to try and fail to make it work, but it might be fun. Burning Vengeance turned out to be really good in limited, so who knows