• SpiritHades

    Flavor for days

  • Ankulay Poulay

    a 4/4 that easily cost zero… that’s pretty good to say the least

  • Bige Boiy

    this card is nutso. living end tier 1.5 at least thanks to this card alone

    • Shagoth

      IDK about living end. Seems almost Dani synergistic. It can pause aggressive decks as you loot for Living End, though.

      • Alexandre Donnart

        Not an auto-include, but Living End can easily cycle 3 cards in one turn, for example with Street Wraith on Turn 2. Having a free 4/4 while looting indeed is quite nice. Really curious to see if it works.

  • Landon Martin

    works well with “discard whole hand and then draw same number of cards” type abilities like on chandra and fateful showdown

  • Deadly Berry

    One of my favorite cards, Delirium Skeins, which it sadly gets very little use has gotten for itself a nice companion.

  • Tolle


  • Kyle Kinnear

    Possibly playable in mana less dredge… Phantasmagorian makes it free.

  • Teddy Gillespie

    Turn 3, collective brutality 3 modes. Discard 2 and play this for 1 mana or same thing with cathartic reunion. Reminds me of frogmite but potentially worse or better.

    • Random Guy

      But then you’ve played four cards. You would probably be better off discarding a madness card.

    • chataolauj

      Faithless Looting + Street Wraith = Turn 1 Hollow One(s) is better.

  • Soren Szilver

    Does anyone think this might have a place in modern living end? Potentially free blocker or a cycler that doesn’t require specific mana colors. 4 power is also not bad for the deck once the combo goes off.

    • Edwin Marín Castro

      Yeah, even paying 3 doesn’t sound that bad if you are playing Living End.

      • Teddy Gillespie

        Paying 3 sounds horrible for living end. Nothing in that deck should cost 3 unless it’s cascading you into living end. This doesn’t benefit a deck that looks to get 15 power or more on board on turn 3

    • xxxx

      No. Cycling for 2 is too expensive. What would you want to take out for it? Putting it on the board before living end is bad and after living end your board is already full enough. At best it’s a win more card at worst an overcosted unimpressive cycler.

      • Soren Szilver

        Archfiend of ifnir cycles for this much and is played. I am saying in emergency cases it can act as a blocker if they might overwhelm before you can combo into living end, and if it doesn’t need to be used like that, being able to fuel the latter living end with only 2 nonspecific to cycle isn’t that bad. Not mainboard but possibly sideboard.

  • Happy The Cat

    for a “Hollow” one, that’s a lot of toughness.

    • Hedronal

      Hollow but armored.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    And it has Cycling itself, which means you can cycle it and a few other cards, bring it back with Shadow of the Grave and play it for free.

    • Random Guy

      New perspective combo already wins on the turn it casts Shallow Grave. This card might be a thing, but probably not. Slightly more likely in modern imo.

      • galen150

        this could still see play early game, cycle a few cards to get some drakes from drake haven then drop this guy in ffor free to apply pressure.

  • xxxx

    Too much of a build around and too less of a pay off. It’s just a vanilla 4/4 (-.-). This won’t see play outside of the cycling draft decks.

    • galen150

      or it could just go in existing cycle decks in standard. i think it’ll see play

      • xxxx

        You’re right this might see some standard play there. But I feel that the cycling decks aren’t that great. Without sth like astral slide or living end there is too less of a pay off for dumping most of your cards into your graveyard.

        • Gage Horton

          This will be a 4 in most cycle decks as it still cycles for 2. I will probably run it as side board in my new perspectives deck as an alternative wincon to approach.

          • xxxx

            Maybe… but if I want to play an undercosted 4/4 so bad I would play heart of kiran. I fail to see how hollow one could compete with that.

          • Gage Horton

            Heart of Kiran requires you run more creatures or planeswalkers. In a cycling deck you run very few as most of them are pretty high cost. IN the new perspectives deck most people run only 8 creatures, 4 of which have power over 3 which is a six drop. Using this new guy I can cycle 3 cards and drop twenty power for free.

  • Matt Uebel

    Oh great, another free large creature. This will see play everywhere.

    • Stef Edge

      where? There are no Discard/Cycling heavy Decks in any format right now, and a free 4/4 isnt strong enough to creare a Deck around itself.

  • John Bone

    Im sure there’s a good reason behind it, but im curious as to why it doesn’t just say “for each card you’ve discarded this turn” since cycling requires a discard. It just seems kind of redundant to even mention cycled cards at all.

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      It’s to be clear about the interaction with cycling so that everyone gets it.

    • Scathain

      Mayhem is right, it is just redundant wording to help people understand, though personally it would have been better to just leave out the mention of cycling altogether.

  • Grant Jacobson

    a really janky combo is turn one bazaar of baghdad, tap it, play 4 hollow one

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      I’m going to make that deck once I’m rich enough.

  • Joey

    However he gets in……he and frogmite are begging for a good, hard(cast) Eldritch Evolution the turn after……into eithrt a titan/wurmcoil (for froggy) or……gosh, pick a 7 drop…..

    • Pie Pie

      Phage the Untouchable!

  • chataolauj

    Faithless Looting + Street Wraith = Turn 1 Hollow One(s)