• Kahai

    Mana rocks! :D

  • Friedrich

    Remember the good old times, where you got this one a 1-drop, for free and the creature was part of a relevant tribe?

    • Ankulay Poulay

      I member…

    • Nathanael Lambert

      Pepperidge farm remembers

    • Coulter Baker

      Well, this can untap any land, so that’s a big deal sometimes.

      • jaya

        Theres some elf or human that untaps 3 lands if u have threshold, and theres plently that untap 1 land without u having to pay 1 mana to do it and the card is cvc 2 as well.
        Its obvious wizards is afraid of giving us early mana ramp, and for good reason, same reason we having seen armagedon or balance effects in ages.

        • Shagoth

          But they cost about the same
          (They’re also much better cards)

    • NC

      Remember when you got it on a two-drop and it could untap your Nykthos with six devotion on board?

      • Friedrich

        Good, fair times. I miss then, but deep in my heart I know, one day they will come back, to sell packs.

      • Brian Schmidt

        Pepperidge Farm remembers

  • Jordan

    So the flavor text suggests that the plane doesn’t get completely destroyed?

  • Robert FakeLastName

    i was so happy that i found another card that untaps 2 lands (cradle and wirewood lodge), but then i read the creature type:(