• Ryan Ulrich

    No Rhonas!

  • E.

    Ah so kind of a black deicide

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      The only difference is that it can hit normal creatures instead of enchantments.

      • DJ Pad

        And it only removes the extra copies in their hand, not their hand AND library

    • Chaospyke

      I say its worse than deicide. That extra mana cost is rediculous, Granted it hits creatures instead of enchantments, 3cmc would be way better. 4 Cmc to kill a creature and maybe sneakpeak at the hand just isnt worth it

      • Kaiser

        Mono black not exiles a lot, makes all the senses that this cost 4.

      • Landon Martin

        uuuuhh, no, it exiles the creature dude. You think a 3 mana unconditional exile spell would be okay in standard?

        • DJ Pad

          It would see a lot of play for sure (only if it was an instant), but would likely still be worse than Hero’s Downfall.

          • Landon Martin

            I think that would depend on how prevalent the gods become in standard

  • Aurore

    This looks less like The Scorpion God trying to kill Rhonas and more like he’s hiding behind him from something much scarier.

    • Ryan Ulrich

      Rhonas has to live! He is the only decent Amonkhet God

      • MTG fan

        He just got destroyed in the story… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

      • Kaiser

        Not match for the john cena, i mean “the scorpion god”

      • Hedronal

        What makes him decent and the others not?

    • Forgot my password again ._.

      The Scorpion God looks less like a Scorpion god and more like he’s taking steroids on the gym.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    This card is crazy, and the story is wild.

  • NC


  • Shagoth

    That’s actually a cool story spotlight for once! Haven’t seen enough fight scenes and these are good gods versus evil gods! And we even see a size difference!

  • Aarhg

    Finally we get a better look at The Scorpion Dog. He’s really been working out.

    • Ryū

      Now that’s a body you can only get by hitting up Bolas Fitness, located conveniently on the corner of the Luxa and Necropolis, open only during the apocalypse.

  • Ryū

    RIP Snek. Cue the bagpipes.

  • Alex Yaeger

    “Duuude, you’re so tense. Relax bro, you got this.”

  • Kaiser

    Scorpion vs Snake with linkin park music of background

  • Kaiser

    Rhonas, you are not worthy. I was expecting this, the 3 “evil” gods are the most powerfull gods of amonkhet, The 5 gods are not match for this guys alone.

    • Hedronal

      More like Bolas specifically warped this one to kill the others, mechanically represented as -1/-1 counters on indestructible creatures.

  • MetalPheonix

    Finally, the answer to all those annoying Amoeboid Changelings.

    • jaya

      Yeah didnt even realise how this card solo wins againts changeling tribals.
      Well I never face changeling tribal in my group anyway.

  • jaya

    With this is 3 gods dead right? snake, coyote and cat gone.
    Im so off the current lore, no idea whats going on…

    • Jacob Hennessy

      We’ll probably get a “Rhonas’ Last Snek Joke” but this is where he dies most likely

    • John Scott

      only rhonas has died in the story so far but we have cards for bontu (crocodile) and oketra (cat) dying as well as what looks like a card for hazoret (coyote) getting attacked by a locust swarm

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Not bad for standard, but deicide was more powerful with a lower mana cost in comparison since it basically got rid of all copies of the card for the whole game, this one only targets the cards in the opponent’s hand. The only thing that makes this one better is that it hits creatures instead of enchantments.

  • Deadly Berry

    The Fitness God doesn’t skip leg day.

    • Ryū

      The Hour of Gains is upon us.

  • MasterComedian

    Rhonas? More like “Oh No-nas”. More like “Ruh Roh-nas”. More like “Owned-nas”. More like-…

  • Ryuji Nichol Pabila

    Rhonas getting a massage

  • Hedronal

    Oh, so the rest of the Hours were not cancelled as I expected. I wonder if they’ll all get cards, and what those would do. Given how the first two compare to the prophecy of them, that thing was such a ludicrous lie.

  • Friedrich

    Hour of Glory 3B
    Exile target creature and every creature that shares a type with it. If a god creature was exiled this way, its controller reveals his or her hand and exiles all cards from it with the same name as that creature.
    If two or more creatures were exile with this effect, you may name a nonland card. Every opponent reveals his or her hand and discards every card with the choosen name.