• Typhuzuzu13

    Well that’s a mythic. A tad pricy, but any control deck should be able to get it on and keep it alive.

    But then again, this means YOU can’t use planeswalker sbilities as well.

    • Arcus Diabolus

      Works for me. I haven’t got many planewalkers to begin with, mostly because I never really had a need for them.

  • Sean Harp

    Solo the opposite of the chain veil
    No wonder why lord Nicolas wants this

  • wadledo

    So, the cost reduction is 2-3 cost, Anthem is 3, additional draw hasn’t been done exactly like this before, but is probably worth 3-4, and the planeswalker ability is a more broad deadlock trap that doesn’t use energy, so about 3 seems fair.

    All the effects of this are worth about 11 mana minimum.

    • Sean Harp

      Yeah plus you can reduce the cost of this too with some cards in kaladesh, ramp into it, or even get it for free off sunbirds invocation. Good card defiantly getting 3 xD

    • Mini Zem

      “additional draw hasn’t been done exactly like this before”
      Actually, Overbeing of Myth had this exact effect, and was 5 mana (5 blue/green hybrid), so we’re looking at 12-13 manas worth of effects here.

    • kukuc96

      Coercive portal basically did +draw. And it costs 4 mana.

  • Happy The Cat

    so, it’s Howling Mine/Grafted Skullcap without their respective downsides, a universal Medallion, and an Anthem, all for 6 colorless. Oh, also it completly shuts down a mythic only supertype. yeah, no this card is great, foils under $20 will be a deal imo

    • Typhuzuzu13

      but it also shuts down your planeswalkers. And this seems viable only in late-mid decks, which are also the decks that usually have a higher probability of running planeswalkers.

      Though, in commander I suspect this WOULD be a blast.

      • Happy The Cat

        I could just not run planeswalkers, with this and Storm the Vault there’s a nice pseudo ur+ Affinity deck in the works for standard. along with Servos and Vehicles this would make a great gear shift from rushing Vault of Catlacan into a wide tempo deck.

        • Typhuzuzu13

          Izzet Tempo Affinity?

          • Happy The Cat

            Izzet+, there’s a decent amount of grix pirates that make treasure, while white offers a lot of removal and early presence along with a few vehicle/servo cards and Depala with Vault seems like a very decent combination.

    • MrAptronym

      I foresee a lot of this in EDH.

      • Happy The Cat

        Standard, edh, maybe even sideboards in modern to shut down super friends, I could see a tron deck throwing this in to make their snowball bigger, it would also help tron break the mirror match as well.

    • Robert FakeLastName

      wait grafted skullcap has a downside?

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah it costs 4

  • Fael

    It is like the Azorius-maze symbol lol

    • Typhuzuzu13

      yes. And what do you think that means?
      and when combined with the runes that appear when a walker tries to walk?
      and the fact that it was a WINGED creature that took the sun?
      and the controlling aspect of this card?
      and the notion that it’s fairly unlikely a non-planeswalker could create this?

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        But why would that smarty-pants cat-chicken want to create a device that made it so he couldn’t leave?

        • Typhuzuzu13

          Wrong question.

          Why would he want to create a device so OTHERS couldn’t leave?
          If he could make this thing, I’m pretty sure he could create the equivalent of a countdown timer.

          So why make it at all. Who (or what, in a sense) was he building the device to contain?
          Or perhaps it was just a contingency, in the even paneswallers got out of hand?
          In that sense, it makes sense for such a mage to focus on restrictive magics.

          • Deadly Berry

            I’m kinda lost, who’s this winged dude?

          • Typhuzuzu13

            Popular theory is Azor. Azor’s a sphink, and the major contributing influence on the Azorius. As a practicer of binding magics, it’s likely he would be able to create such a device/spell for transmission

            Contending theory is Ugin. While sealed away for a time, his ability to think far ahead and influence others, combined with his rudimentary knowledge of lithomancy (thanks to Nahiri), makes him a contender. He would have created said artifact as a prototype to contain the Eldrazi (or even a different planeswalker).

  • Arcus Diabolus

    So THIS is the reason for the planeswalker rule change.

    • Dave

      How does the rules change interact with this?

      • Arcus Diabolus

        It doesn’t, at least, not directly. It does, however counter planewalkers quite heavily, thus the
        preemptive planeswalker buff from the start of Ixalan. They’ve been planning on a planeswalker hosing card since the plane’s innate planewalker hate was concepted, I expect.

  • Oscar

    I kind of wish this card would only include the first line of text and thus ending up costing 1. That would have been a unique effect for potential sideboard use in modern and legacy… although I don’t know if people wouldn’t just play Pithing Needle instead.

    • AHunter

      good planswalker doesn’t exist, and certainly not in standard : gotta push those characters!

      • AHunter

        good planswalker hate*

        • Oscar

          I don’t like Planeswalkers either. Especially not the fact that if you can’t answer them, you will loose the game. At least they are not that oppressive in modern an legacy.

          • AHunter

            Oh boy, yes they are. If you can’t kill a LotV/JtMS you just lose. But we do not see planeswalker as often because of the powerlevel of their respective format, but the few one that are played are busted

          • Oscar

            I think that is more or less what I meant as well. The worst thing is playing against those in limited.

          • Justin Burton

            It’s easier to deal with Jace than it is with Liliana.
            People forget that JTMS was at first considered a strictly worse version of Jace Beleren when he came out, because you had to tap out on turn 4 for something that netted you a card and then died in a format with BBE and Blightening.
            Jace isn’t that bad, but Liliana is where you have a problem. I’ve seen games where Liliana just completely took over and ripped a hand apart while picking off the stray threats that saw their way through.
            Jace just brainstorms and dies a lot in legacy, and if he doesn’t then he comes down on turn 8 when you’ve already stripped your opponent of their resources. Liliana almost always comes down turn 3 and is almost always good then, whereas Jace is bad most time you play him unless you have FoW backup or protection because he’s mediocre by himself early on.

  • Sean Dixon

    Vintage shops, playable? Sideboard maybe, against JTMS decks?

  • Miles Rinesmith

    Love it looks like I’m picking up 2 for my Control EDH decks.

  • Darkray Accel

    Very nice, another addiction to mono red and mono white, that struggle with draw.
    And athem+medalion, all this little things stack.

  • wiseguy

    Nice but too expensive CMC wise to see much play outside of EDH

    • TJ

      Actually, for what you get it’s stellar, shuts down walkers, draws you cards and only you, Universal medallion and glorious anthem. Torrential Gearhulk sees planty of play and this will see a fair amount especially given the semi reprints of Gaeas cradle and Tolarian Academy, could drop as early as turn 3-4

    • zipec

      Staff of Nin costs the same, does half the stuff and sees decent play anyway.

  • Bob

    Oh cool, didnt know iron man was stuck here too!! This must be a closeup of his fancy off world ixalan inspired suit, well i guess i know how the avengers tackle Bolas now.

  • AJ

    Hmm a triangle with a circle in rhe middle…. hmm what guild i wonder has that symbol

    • kukuc96

      It looks more like a hexagon IMO. Plus i doubt they would bring the guilds into other planes.

      • AJ

        Im ok with Azor being here, it kinda looks like a glowing green triangle with some circular mechanical parts which is very simular to the Azorius guild symbol. Plus, Azor has been around a very long time and the anti walker effect which seems to protect and keep order from pesky walkers is very much an Azor thing. If he’s not here then maybe he was at some stage, and that seems funny that the living guildpact just so happened to end up here!! As we know the guild pact was conceived by Azor sooo maybe he and Jace have some part to play down the track…. once Jace gets his memory back… again!!

        Lets hope he stops being whiny and just goes out all Jace the way he’s hyped up to be but never really is!

        • Kahai

          The spoilers have been hit for the artbook. He is here. He gave up his spark to MAKE the immortal sun. He is alive and Jace is known to come in contact with him. :D

          • AJ

            Woooo…. Azor!! Had a hunch he was here, hope he and Jace team up and Jace finally ascends or something to become a truly feared walker. Then maybe give him a rest cos he’s been in standard ALOT lately – ohh maybe have his side story ultimate card version in a conspiracy set or something!!

            Thanks for the notice too Kahai! As soon as I saw Azor in art I came straight here.

      • Andrew Petre

        but azor the sphinx created the azorius guild so it would only make sense

  • Ronald Tobias Hughes

    This is quickly going to become one of the most expensive cards in commander. It’s just ridiculously good in EDH