• M.T.G

    TBH they could have done better with this one…

    • Hedronal

      Depending on Emerge, it may be mechanically decent or somewhat good. Flavorfully I disagree with the vast majority of Eldritch Moon.

  • Jaya

    If your casting a titan your most likely going to win already. But whatever, winmore and can see play in certain decks competitivly speaking.

    • De’Elgathor

      I mean, there are other Eldrazi that cost 7+. And we know that they’re printing more, because we’ve seen the gryff thing.

      Also, again, keep in mind that cards, especially commons and uncommons, are designed for limited play, not constructed. So the ramp archetype in this set will likely have multiple 7+ mana Eldrazi creatures that aren’t their finisher

    • TogetherAlone

      With emerge this could actually be good and more reliable. You would have to trigger it twice to get value however.

  • Emmett Chan

    So… We’re getting a bunvh of huge eldrazi? Yay………………… Killmepls

    • Dominic Ng

      That 3/4 flying eldrazi with emerge has a cmc >= 7, I hope 3/4 flying count as a huge eldrazi for you :)

      Which means there are quite a lot of synergy with this card

  • Blank88

    *sigh* I seem to be in the minority in that I quite like the concept of the Gatewatch and it’s execution so far. However, seeing them back in an action pose like this, so soon after OotG just makes me feel a little bored. I get that their purpose is to assemble to defeat interplanar threats that they couldn’t handle on their own ala The Avengers, but I think there should have been more of a breather between OotG and EM. It looks like unlike Zendikar, Innistrad is doomed without the mana, the natural environment and the militia that Zendikar could put together so to have the Gatewatch’s first major victory be (as if appears) immediately followed by a crushing defeat feels a little premature. There should have been some sets (minor wins) between Eldrazibowl so that they could build up some confidence (and arrogance) with regard to dealing with the Eldrazi menace and being completely overwhelmed by Emrakul and losing Innistrad in the process would be all the more heartbreaking. Ah well just my two cents, mechanically and flavourfully this set looks amazing so far and I trust WotC so I’ll wait and see.

    • Phoenix UNBENCHED

      They had to lose here in order to force Liliana to step forward and join the Gatewatch. Now that all the main ‘walkers are on board, maybe they can move on to something really interesting, like what Nicol Bolas has been up to this whole time.

    • Kevan Kramer

      The Gatewatch are only here because of Emerakul

      • Blank88

        I get that, but to me if feels too soon to see them back in action again. It would have been better imho to have at least a buffer set between eldrazi stories. Imagine if every marvel film started with a solo hero investigating a threat and then all the Avengers showed up at the end to defeat it. Every film. It would remove what makes the team up films special.

    • Hedronal

      I agree completely. The rest of what’s going on in Eldritch Moon is already a stretch on the number of important things (or at least it feels that way to me because of Eldrazi), so the Gatewatch will get a card or two as references but otherwise be nothing, undermining any importance they have. Alternatively, they get a third or fourth card and one of theirs is a pivotal moment (and a decent card), which just makes the Team seem alright, but the people in it insignificant.

      I also made a larger post above about the death of Innistrad.

  • Tolle

    Brace yourselves. People asking if the reduction in Emrakul’s cost will impact whether or not you draw cards.

    • Jacob Kodicovic

      For those who don’t know, you still draw cards because it only affects the cmc, not how much mana you pay

      • Hedronal

        I think you mean the other way around.

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    The flavor text says some thing like: The hordes of Eldrazi and the cultists penetrated the defenses of Thraben, and the Sentinels (maybe Gatewatch?) were soon submerged

    • Siri

      I don’t think the word you want to translate “submergées” to is “submerged”, I think you want to use overwhelmed. Rest is good!

      • Jacob Kodicovic

        Yeah, I thought that, but I decided to use the literal translation

  • Happy The Cat

    wow look at this Ra- wait that’s an uncommon? that’s actually not too bad then. will need to trigger 1.5 times to be worth it on average. the only really bad thing about it is that Sower doesn’t trigger it.

  • Khan1104

    Sorry but this card really makes me angry on so meny levels. Why is this card even here, and why are we making more eldrazi cards in one of the best planes in the multyverse ? This dosen’t even fit the theme of horror anymore. why WHY !

    • tonaced

      Its a lovecraft thing. Its explains the noir feel of jace and the call of kuathlu in emerukal.

      • Khan1104

        I don’t get the lovecraft vibe from this card at all. This is another bad action movie.

    • Kevan Kramer

      It fits the horror theme perfectly with Cosmic horror. In fact, Eldrazi are more at home here than Zendikar

      • Arcus Diabolus

        Thats all well and good, but at least don’t put two blocks back to back featuring eldrazi. At least give us some space to explore other planes and flavors.

        Whats more is by accepting eldrazi to innistrad, you throw out everything we liked about Innistrad. I’m no longer looking at Vampire social structures, or the behavior and different motives behind geists, or the goul callers and scabren, or how the moon affects werewolves. I can’t enjoy how angels are the only thing keeping the endless darkness at bay or how humans gain and lose hope with each passing day.

        Now everything is just eldrazi left and eldrazi right, just as before in BFZ. Sure you’ll have the occasional eldrazi werewolves, vampires or angels, but they’re all singing the same tune. Theres no more difference between a eldrazi werewolve or vampire except in name only now.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          Look at it this way, from a lore standpoint, this isn’t just something they carried over from BFZ. This has been a story that has been unfolding since khans.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            Didn’t ruin Tarkir, though. One would argue its been unfolding since the first Zendikar block, but it didn’t ruin any blocks in between then and now. My major issue is just that they threw out everything we loved about Innistrad and replaced it with Eldrazi. This could have taken place on New Phyrexia and no one would give a damn. Hell, you could have even made it the old innistrad vs eldrazi and people would have been fine since you wouldn’t have changed what innistrad is and that is gothic horror.

        • Kevan Kramer

          They said they run out of classic horror ideas so they switch to cosmic horror and it is how Emerakul is effecting the planes by turning living things into Eldrazi.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            I dont get that. You could have easily just printed more of the same and no one would have complained since theres so many aspects.

            And again, Eldrazi vs Innistrad would have been ok if they stuck to the core values that made Innistrad likeable.

          • Hedronal

            Eldrazi horror would work much better without a previous block of Eldrazi. See my shortly above post including what could have been done for Innistrad 2 that was not Eldrazi.

        • Hedronal

          Thank you! I’ve been looking for more explicit or less concise ways to put my similar feelings since Emrakul 2 was announced.

          Eldrazi are definitely fun, but they just happened in an already detached-from-each-other way that makes it feel like a time and a half already. Mixing in their critical flaw of nigh-irreversibly warping a plane’s focus, and it’s a set and a half of Innistrad, tops.

          Even with less classic horror to go on, Innistrad 1 made things to build upon. What’s the deal with the moon, that has its hands in werewolves, vampires, and geists just off the top of my head? What if the tribes shift or blend? What happens with politics on the plane? What if someone tampers with the cursemute, muting some things and unmuting others? What if the source of SOI wasn’t Emrakul, but a mega-demon from the Helvault? I especially like the idea of the last one, with some extra story emphasis on the Helvault breaking repercussions, as it could be Lovecraft and Innistrad, not mostly exclusive to one at a time like EMN is.

          Zendikar becomes Innistrad. Allies vs eldrazi becomes creatures of the night vs eldrazi. Don’t get eaten becomes don’t go crazy. Saved by the Gatewatch becomes saved by Liliana. Just as Zendikar won’t be the Exploration and Adventure plane that it was before ROE, Innistrad will not so easily return to the Gothic Horror plane that people so enjoyed.

        • jane smithers

          I can’t complain about eldrazi when we have so many other tribes going on in this game. Eldrazi might just end up being a tribe that shows up, like slivers, and is a thing now. To be honest it was very clear this is where things where going. I think your being over dramatic.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            To be fair, Eldrazi wasn’t a thing before?? I mean, I would argue they have some of the best tribal/colorless support cards in the game from as far back as the first zendikar block.

            I mean, as an angel tribal player, I can count 5 angel tribal support cards excluding New Bruna, those being: Defy Death, Seraph Sanctuary, Herald of War, Bladed Bracers and Scroll of Avacyn, and only Defy death and Herald of War are actually viable in most decks. All of that came from a single set, Avacyn restored.

            As of now however, we are looking at a third block where eldrazi are the primary feature, despite the plane being that of many different tribals already. I’m just saying enough already and I want my old Innistrad back.

          • jane smithers

            Are you playing the same game? All of those are still there and Human tribe is so strong it is silly in standard. To say nothing of the fact that near all of these cards are duel tribe being Werewolf/Eldrazi or Horror for example. Innistrad is still there card play wise, story wise it is getting it teeth kicked in though. But I would also like to point out that not matter what this set was never going to b/c Innistrad the way the first one was. The first one had a lot of powerful cards had was fallowing some of the most powerful block Magic has ever had post real early magic. It was a very powerful block just b/c of that and Wizards as scaled back the power creep that was going on. I always expected this to be muted version of the first Innistrad.

          • Hedronal

            Rare is another tribe that gets as much emphasis in consecutive blocks, and warps a plane anywhere near as much as Eldrazi. They are not just another tribe. Neither are slivers, in a similar way.

      • Khan1104

        The Avengers standing back to back killing off mindless drones don’t really fit into any form of horror. Are you scared or unnerved when you see batman killing random thugs ?

        • Kevan Kramer

          The Eldrazi are cosmic horror creatures. The fact that there are superheroes fighting them doesn’t make them any less so.

          • Khan1104

            Then we have two views on the eldrazi, When I think Cosmic horror I think of something unimaginable like space itself. Unkown and scary like how they made the last set, but now’s the cat out of the bag and the eldrazi’s behind it and we go back to the action flick Innistrad edition and the eldrazi is now just something to punch.

    • Melissa Juice

      Edlrazi are explicitly cosmic horror, which is a subgenre of classic horror.


      • Arcus Diabolus

        The eldrazi arn’t scary at this point tho. Two blocks on zendikar burned us out. They just went from being terrifying to just another mindless enemy to beat. Now its just a drag. It also removes the possiblity of cool gothic horror things that could have happened on Innistrad or the possibility of eldrazi vs New Phyrexia, that being two unstoppable forced colliding with each other.

        Even if you wanted Lovecraft style horror, they could have at least been a touch more original, less “We gotta beat this thing now that we know how to do it!” and more of “We can’t even comprehend what is happening, let alone beat it.”

        Its the same reason video games mess up cthulhu. You arn’t even supposed to put a health bar on it. Giving you a target, no matter how slim, ruins the core aspect of lovecraftian horror. You are just supposed to accept the fact that this has been here the whole time and you can’t explain it, only fear it for the fact that you my never understand it. Emrakul doesn’t fall under that category, at least not any more. Not after her two fellow titans proved that she could be killed, no matter how hard it may be to actually do that.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          Have you even read the lore for this set? If you’re concerned about horror being an issue but havent read the lore then you should.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            Yes, of course I have, and thats why I’m so pissed. The lore was much more interesting when we didn’t know it was eldrazi for certain. Hell, we could attribute the madness of the angels to the cryptoliths and just that. But I’m willing to bet the story goes back to the “Desperate fight for survival and the question as to whenever or not to leave plane X to its fate” as it was in BFZ.

            This kind of horror doesn’t work if you’ve done it literally last block. At this point, we’re looking at the same two outcomes as BFZ: Either the plane is destroyed or the Eldrazi threat is defeated. There is no “Lovecraftian horror” that people so commonly try to claim there is now. Emrakul’s goal did not change. Its still going to eat the plane of all its mana or get beaten back. Its not just going to sit quietly in the shadows like cthulhu for no reason.

          • Daniel Kaine Allen

            Well then idk what to tell you. But if it makes you feel any better, this will most likely be the last time we ever see eldrazi, or at least for a long time. I personally love the eldrazi and their mechanics. I also love that its not all just about vampires and werewolves in this set. And of course its not directly like lovecraftian horror. But they do derive a similar origin, beings from the void.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            Then why screw over Innistrad fans when we literally just got eldrazi?

            And thats all well and good, but theres other things they could have done, like explain whats up with the moon

          • Daniel Kaine Allen

            I’m sure they’re getting to that. We still don’t know how liliana ties into the set yet. And what do youean just got eldrazi? As in just got to innistrad?

          • Hedronal

            “just got eldrazi” would be in reference to the prior block, which was entirely about Zendikar fighting Eldrazi. Similarly to Arcus, I dislike use of the Eldrazi as once they’re on a plane, that plane’s focus will always have them barring a major time skip. Zendikar won’t go back to being the exploration and adventure plane it was before Rise of the Eldrazi, and it would take a lot of effort in the plot to more than dampen the same effect happening to Innistrad.

      • Khan1104

        It still don’t explain why it has to be colourless eldrazi and why there have to be Eldrazi matters cards. The cards don’t need to be colourless and don’t need to be eldrazi, they could have added horror creature type like they did with Bruna and Gisela to the cards that where corrupted and called it a day. This card could have buffed Werewolfs, or added to delirium or done anything that felt like Innestrad but still had the flavour of Cosmic horror. But instead we get a card that should’ve been in Otgw with the Avengers killing of mindless drones.

    • MrAptronym

      Eldrazi are being portrayed differently here. Its not Godzilla, it’s Yog-Sothoth. I am actually pretty sick of eldrazi and hoping to be away from them for a while afte this. However, I really like the cosmic horror angle they have given Emrakul, so I am okay with EMN. Its not like they didn’t spell out that it was coming either, I’ve had time to come to terms.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    On the actual topic of this card and not people hating on the eldrazi thing, this card is pretty decent in standard, but in limited this card is going to be terrible, since as of yet they’ve only spoiled 2 cards that can actually trigger it, and one is a mythic

    • Hedronal

      It’s too soon to know what EMN limited will be like.

      • Daniel Kaine Allen

        Thats why I said as of yet

        • Hedronal

          That would fit with it probably being terrible, but not with it definitely being terrible, which is what “this card is going to be terrible” means. Either way, it’s semantics.

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    Old innistrad? Innistrad hasn’t changed until emrakul was summoned. And the whole reason innistrad is the target is because of nahiri.

  • A Simple Moose Token

    Please, no. The Avengers were cool on Zendikar, but they should be used sparingly and mostly only where massive, action schlock battles take place (no offense against action schlock where it belongs). No one wants to see Alien or Let the Right One In with Captain America (Gideon) punching a monster in the face and Tony Stark (Jace) quipping about it while an intermittently strong female character mocks him for it. I don’t know, maybe some people want the punching and the explosions here. They should have been investigating, like Jace was, so we get to see more of their differences of character (Nissa particularly would be very fun to see in sleuth mode imo) and see how they deal with horror, doubt, and confusion. Maybe one of them gets kidnapped by stitcher Geralf for a month and has to learn some new tricks to escape. My point is, atmospheric horror can work with Emrakul and it can even work with the Gatewatch, but not in two short blocks on Innistrad (while trying to make a card game as well) and not when Wizards keeps trying to turn it into big battle action schlock with a boring, recruitment/truce with Liliana at the end. Oh, well. Next up, the Avengers get an Indian theme and a scrappy new artificer sidekick in Kaladesh. Hey, maybe Emrakul will seal the Gatewatch in the moon on Innistrad, then sit back and mess with people from a distance, and I can be a happy little grouch.

    • Bostorket

      Get used to it. Remember that they’re kinda-sorta making a movie?

    • NoobOfLore

      If you don’t like cliches, you’re going to have to get way further from mainstream than MtG.

  • Nanya

    Too bad it’s green and not red or black.

    My Rakdos EDH deck would love it.

  • Vizzerdrix

    Solid, not sure for where but it seems pretty solid.
    Maybe in a mono green omanth edh deck running eldrazis

  • Scion of the Dragons

    The eldrazi used to be the cloverfield monster. Unknown and mysterious and scary, now we have hit the climax where the Cloverfield monster is still scary and terrifying but we have to fight back eventually. Horror or now, it has to come to a conclusion.

  • Walter Sharpless

    This card is 167 but Prey Upon is 166? Something has to be wrong in translation?

    • Gideon Jura

      it says 157