Isperia, Supreme Judge - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Isperia, Supreme Judge

  • Color: Blue, White
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Sphinx
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, you may draw a card.

“I server only justice. But through that duty, I serve all of Ravnica.”

  • Apuppy

    seems… interesting 

  • Jaryntaylor

    That’s badass!

  • PrimordialClensing


    • The wind

      No you draw your deck first

      • Neuo the 1

         alright i’ll do that and win with Laboratory Maniac

  • nameless

     isperia, supreme judge is just bad. this card is sure to overload your hand big time VS token spawning decks. and with 4 toughness, good luck keeping her alive. whats worse is this is one of the most bad ass looking legends ever. and its also one of the least useful.

    • Fl-jeffrey

       You failed to read the card properly. Let me enlight you: “Whenever a creature attacks you or a planeswalker you control, you MAY draw a card.” If you “overload” your hand, then it’s because you allowed it to.

      This card is pretty sick honestly.

      • nameless

         sick, has in she needs to be put down maybe. “draw a card” is really going to stop someone from attack? really? and even if her power wasn’t utterly worthless. that still doesn’t cover her crippling health. 4 toughness is pretty easy to take out. over all she’ll only hold back weak attackers but her cost of 6 means she won’t show up till mid to late game so most of the weak attacker will already be of little to no concern anyway. her old form was better and the other guild leaders so far have left her in the dust.

        • YouGotFranked

          4 toughness is big in this format. Look at all the top creatures of the format (Delver has 2 toughness on the flip, just to name one). 4 toughness makes you survive most of the burn spells. Huntmaster have 4 toughness on the flip and he has no problem fitting in the format. Also good to note that she fly, so that 4 toughness of her is getting some value.

          Next, do you know why Ponder, Gitaxian Probe and Thought Scour are so popular right now? because they make you draw a card. Card advantage is huge in this game and because Isperia makes you draw a card when they attack, not when they deal damage, means that you have a chance of drawing an instant to answer their attack. You can even draw a card if you block them. And if you’re concerned about exceeding 7 cards, don’t worry because you’re not even forced to draw. You choose if you draw or not.

          • nameless

             those are good points. idk the 4 still sorta pests me but i can see the logic in what your saying i may have to try her after all. hopefully there will be some “whenever you draw a card” things to go with her.

        • Oivind

          Ummm, you do realize that WB is control, right? You also realize that the effect triggers once for every creature attacking, right? Attack with 3 creatures and your control opponent just drew 3 cards, which usually means you’re about to lose. He can draw a vapor snag, snag your strongest attacker, draw midnight haunting and get 2 blockers to stop your other 2 attackers, and still draw a counter to stop whatever else you were planning to do in your second main phase. Sorry, but this card is control’s wet dream. It’s almost as good as consecrated sphinx.

        • the objective of the card isn’t really stopping the opponent from attacking you its basically to give you cards. if you always have a good hand you will obviously be able to answer your opponent’s moves. and that gives you the match.

    • Tim

      Your hand would overload on your opponent’s turn, so you’d get a chance to play the cards first, and it still helps regardless of whether or not you have to discard cards if your hand is emptied. Also, with Reliquary Tower in Standard, this can absolutely see play due to the passive Hand Size removal.

    • PrettyKitty13

      I think others have failed to realize this:

      Isperia may only have 4 toughness, but don’t forget you can bump her toughness up with enchantments, artifacts, sorceries, and instants.

      If someone tries to attack you or burn Isperia or the like, throw out Show of Valor, which is an instant that’s a 2 drop who gives a target creature +2/+4 until end of turn. Attach an aura to her like Hyena Umbra if she would be destroyed. If you want something a bit more permanent equip Ring of Thune to her, which will give her viglance and +1/+1 on every upkeep because she’s a white colored creature. Add Ring of Evos Isle since she’s blue as well. Not only that, but if you pay two mana, she’ll gain hexproof until end of turn as well as +1/+1 every upkeep since she’s blue as well.

      Don’t forget. Token shitter decks can be controlled too. To an extent.

      Don’t have too many creatures but your opponent does? Willing to sacrifice ’em? Day of judgement will calm that down.

      With white and blue, you can gain a hell of a lot of life.
      Sphinx’s Revelation
      Angel’s Mercy
      Rest for the Weary

      Just to name a few.
      Don’t want to kill your babies? Use Retaliate.
      I’m sure you’ll have enough life to take some of what they have.

      Hell, make her indestructible or just carry more than two of her in a deck.

      Carrying more than two? Use pain lands or bounce lands.

      Hell, you can even tap all of your opponent’s creatures with overloading Blustersquall or using Sleep and shooting out Sunblast Angel during your second main phase. If you can get your hands on Righteous Fury, that would be nice too.

      If this player of only a year can figure this out. You guys can too.
      I’m off to make this sphinx an even more badass Legendary.

      Good luck~

  • Nanoomega

    I already liked Azorious. This gives me more reason to want to play it

  • Guest

    as nameless as you are brainless it seems, every rookie fails to see cards along with others and instead see them as stand-alones, no card is good by itself Jhonny.

  • Guest

    i am not sure i like that card, she is very likely to be killed (no reason of course to say it is a bad card) also she can be unsummoned(and similars) before attacks. these are all minor things, but what really bothers me is the casting cost… a really aggressive deck will kill you before you can do anything with this, also if you drop it turn 6 you have no mana so he can just kill you that turn and she is “only” a blocker.
    with wolf-run in the format, drawing one card against one really huge attacker wont do much either.
    vs control she just wont stick to the table….
    overall the casting cost is just too high to be useful vs aggressive, also the enemy can “choose” if you draw cards or not, which is always a bad thing (for example killing wave seems awsome, but then just isnt in most cases because the enemy gets to choose)

    of course we should give her a try, but i dont really see what that card does on paper

    • YouGotFranked

      The problem i see allot is people comparing 1 card with the actual pre-RtR format. The loss of Phyrexian mana cards will slow down control deck and the Azorius keyword ability “Detain” will help contain aggro decks. At first her ability doesn’t seems to synergize well with her guild’s keyword, but she actually a momentum-shifting card. If you’re in the losing seat, she can turn the table around. If you’re in the winning seat, well you just got yourself a 6/4 flyer to wrap things up.

    • Nunzioni

      I would normally agree that this card is too slow and costs too much, but given that this is not only blue-white, control colors, but is azorius, a guild great at slowing down the game, especially with the detain mechanic. If you have a good azorius deck, even an agressive deck won’t be able to beat you in 5 turns, and most decks will take much longer. Its true that if you were about to lose that turn, this probably won’t do much, but azorius should be able to keep their opponent in the midgame possibly even in turn 6, allowing you to get a winning advantage through its size and the card advantage it gives you. I know its their choice, but its their choice of letting you draw cards, something every control deck needs, or letting you live to beat down with your flyer. Neither option is good for them. 

  • rev_shad

    might put a few mana fixers in my Izzet draw deck so i have the white to play this but other then that it more or less useless

    • rev_shad

      Ok i lied i can think of a decent UW attack control strategy combining her with Ghostly Prison, Norn’s Annex, Propaganda, War Tax and Windborn Muse

  • Princess Rage

    I like the flavor text. Rather than being like “We are the Azorius, and we are bureaucratic douche bags”, it’s more like “Justice is cool and I’m a good guy”. At least, that’s what I got from the card. I always wished the Azorius would be more wise than bureaucratic since wisdom seems like a very white and blue thing, but they didn’t seem very wise in the last Ravnica-related set (it looks like they’re getting better though).

  • Aether Tech

    Anti-Edric, Spymaster of Trest EDH card…but you’re to far in the red by the time you get to cast it to be of any use to you…

  • The wind

    Turn your opponents Krenko into a mill god for six mana

  • rev_shad

    draw deck:
    Niv-Mizzet the Firemind, Jace (except new), this, Laboratory Maniac, Tamiyo, Venser’s Journal, Psychosis Crawler

  • Wisdomseyes

    I dont care if this is good in a format or not, I like him (her?). 

    6 mana for a 6/4 flying. Not bad. 

    You draw a card every time your opponent attacks you. Now, that may stop the opponent from attacking you. If it does, well cool. if It doesnt, you draw cards when they want to deal damage to you. 

    This card impresses me. I get to draw cards for… well “free”. I get to draw them so long as my opponent is playing aggressively, and those cards give me options that may save me. No titans, 6 drops effectiveness just skyrocketed because they actually mean a lot more now. 

  • Aether Tech


    Going in my EDH – Lady Evangela All the Maze Lands dec

  • Azoreo

    I was a bit late to begin my guild deck, but after looking through all of the cards I can hardly decide between azorious and golgari but some of the cards in this guild are too good to pass up.