• Writerofthings

    Yes. I’ll take that

    • ymmij X

      get it now before it’s an eternal staple

  • JD Farrell

    Holy WHAT? A new Gaea’s Cradle that still makes mana with no creatures, but helps you get more creatures early? This is insane. Ixalan is insane. I love this set.

  • Geddon

    Did… did they just pseudo-reprint Gaea’s Cradle?

    • ymmij X

      Oh no, dont be silly. They printed an upgraded version of gaea’s cradle which isn’t wasteful in multiples. It costs a little mana now but i really cannot be bothered to care

      • Mini Zem

        Well it’s still legendary, so you don’t want too many.

        • ymmij X

          yea but at least you can still get the search effect off if you overdraw them. then if you need to leave mana up you can flip the second at eot and have plenty of mana up for reactions

  • Edward

    I love these flip lands with pseudo-reprints on them of extremely powerful lands. They are basically budget versions of those lands and they are needed especially for Commander

    • Harry Palm

      Unless they get ridiculously expensive, too.

      • Edward

        Either way they won’t be as expensive as the cards they are based on. I doubt any of them will go over $20 until Ixalan stops being printed

  • magicalfollower

    I would like to see a Tolarian Academy pseudo-reprint like this.

    • ymmij X

      But tolarian academy was so powerful it is banned in commander and restricted in vintage. They would sooner make a land that taps for a mana for each land you control

      • Happy The Cat

        you mean like Cabal Coffers?

        • ymmij X

          well i meant like all lands not just swamps so you dont have to run urborg to make it work

    • Ryan Ross

      I need a new Serra’s Sanctum in my life

  • Shagoth

    People were saying this set was weak based on a few early cards.
    They should have seen this coming.

    • Hedronal

      I laugh at people who judge a set before seeing it all.

      • Shagoth

        I still think I was right to do so with Amonkhet, it was mostly used for answers in standard. Though I thought I was conservative compared to the people who saw a few cards and ignored the leaks. Though I admit that I should have been laughed at when I dissed MM17…

  • Joshua Davis

    A second cradle??? A second BETTER cradle????

    • ymmij X

      good thing there aren’t decks in modern and legacy that can put out 4 creatures turn 2 right? ha because that would make this card rediculous..

      • Demiurgo

        CoCo Elves just said “Oh hai, Mark”!

    • It’s a 3-mana enchantment that requires you to have a creature-heavy board (which also costs mana) before it can become Gaea’s Cradle. How is that better exactly?

  • Blahblahblahbla


  • Blahblahblahbla

    Go home R&D, you’re drunk!!!


  • Marc Tremblay

    I….need …. a foil one for reasons….

    • Alex

      I need… a stack of these… for… similar reasons…

  • Bostorket
  • That Guy

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I love it.

    And now we wait for the tabernacle variant…. if only.

  • CMK

    I saw a post where someone called this IKEA’s Cradle. I’m fairly confident that name will stick.

    • ymmij X

      why ikea?

      • CMK

        The concept of ‘build it yourself,’ so to speak.

        • ymmij X


  • Giby86 .

    This will cost a BILLION money.

  • Happy The Cat

    so it should be pointed out, this is just RARE. they are functionally upgrading arguably one of the best lands in terms of just making mana,at RARE.
    what will be interesting to find out is whether or not they’ll actually throw these dual faced cards into the normal card pool or if they’ll keep them as a one per pack like they did for both Inni sets. cause a god pack with two of these and maybe one of the new pws will be worth a ton of money.

    • Daniel Scott

      Seems like there are maybe gonna be enough for it to work the inistrad way. I had been expecting it to be like origins, but not so sure now.

    • Dave

      Won’t be like Innistrad. There are only ten double-faced cards in the set, normally distributed in boosters.

  • PsychoAngel
  • Zombie

    Yes, Modern Elves players.

    You just got Cradle.

    Well… sort of.

  • kmk888

    These are an awesome cycle, and this is an extremely powerful card. I expect it to do great things in modern and standard. The front side is a little expensive, but certainly good enough to play 4 of these. And when you have Cradle, mana’s not exactly an issue.

  • Daniel Poirier

    T2 dork t3 sram’s expertise play enchant flip eot