• Shagoth

    I hope the whole cycle is in the set, they are all good and have all seen at least limited play.

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      Maybe even all alternate art too!

    • Jakob Schneider

      Don’t you think they would have spoiled them all like they did with the Signets then?

      Maybe they’ll give us very distinct multicolored cards for each two-color-combinations.

      I still have high hopes for Kitchen Finks, which would also work marvelously in this limited environment considering the flicker theme.

      • Shagoth

        Well, this cycle would have been perfect for the set.

  • Dragoncastermaster

    i love that they’re using the awesome promo art it is such a better action shot

  • Sheebson

    This will be one of the better looking foils in this set!