Jace, Telepath Unbound - Magic Origins Planeswalker

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy – Jace, Telepath Unbound

  • Color: Blue
  • Type: Legendary Creature, Planeswalker
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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Jace, Vryn's Prodigy -  Magic Origins Planeswalker

Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy

Legendary Creature – Human Wizard

T: Draw a card, then discard a card. If there are five or more cards in your graveyard, exile Jace, Vryn’s Prodigy, then return him to the battlefield transformed under his owner’s control.



Jace, Telepath Unbound

Planeswalker – Jace

+1: Up to one target creature gets -2/-0 until your next turn.
-3: You may cast target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard this turn. If that card would be put into your graveyard this turn, exile it instead.
-9: You get an emblem with “Whenever you cast a spell, target opponent puts the top five cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.


  • Lord_of_Riots

    Im a bit confused as to why he measures cards in your own graveyard to flip, but whatever. Still great card!

    • Marvin Sürig

      Jace lost a part of his mind when he planeswalked aways. At least that’s what I guess so because his story is called “Memoryloss”
      Well I don’t know if I translated it right because I only found the german side xD.
      But yeah he needs to “loose” memories ;)

      • It’ s absent minds. But he did loose memories because in Project Lightningbug he said that he didn’t remember his childhood before Ravnica.

  • mcpilz

    This one is really strong. Tranformimg early in a delve deck and then entering the Battlefield with 5 counters, one protection ability and a decent ulti and a reminder to snapcaster? Just awesome.

    • The Ineffable

      Unless they bolt it…. not to mention it’s a rather unsavory topdeck in most instances. I think you have to look at it as a squishy suspend card.

  • Ugin

    This card looks really great! I can’t wait to use it.

  • Jordan

    This one seems to be a bit more powerful than the others…

  • Ajani100

    So, how does a telepath make a creature loose -2/-0?

    • Nanya

      By making them sluggish and tired.

    • Melissa Juice

      What Phillip said. Minor mind control.

    • Lucas

      A wizard di it

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Finally, a Jace for my jeskai deck.

  • wwww

    Powerful. His tapped ability is useful. He can protect itself. Snapcaster Mage’s effect is powerful, even in sorcery speed. And his ultimate can win you the game (although it doesn’t win the game by itself).

    P/T is weak, but at 2 CMC, it’s perfectly fine.

    He might be see plays competitively.

  • kingalexander61

    Turn one thought scour, three cards in your grave. Turn two fetch and play Jace, four cards in your grave. Turn three activate jace and flip. I actually think this could see a lot of Modern play and will definitely be used in Standard. Maybe, just maybe this will drop Snappy’s price a little as well. It won’t replace Tiago, but I could see most U decks wanting to play some split between the two, especially the slower Grixis variants.

  • Garrison Tran

    do you need to tap to trigger flip? or can i cast then flip immediately cuz of graveyard?

    • Mike Thomas

      No. The flip ability is tied to the activated ability. You need to tap him to flip him.

  • Ryx

    Correct me if I am wrong but does this flip when it hits the field if you cast it with 5 cards already in your graveyard. I am just remembering the flip cards from Kamigawa and the stipulations they had like nezumi graverobber.

    • Mike Thomas

      Read below.

      • Daniel

        It doesn’t say “Then, If” like ludevic’s test subject does.

    • Mateo Bohard

      he can only flip when you trigger his ability

  • Matt Stone

    So he’s a new Snapcaster?

    • Leinahtan

      Sorcery speed, has to wait a turn, can’t be “smash in for 2” wincon, doesn’t chump block. So, no.

    • Mario Migelini

      Snapcaster’s hillbilly cousin with missing teeth and bad BO, yeah

  • Melissa Juice

    Dang. Jace being excellent, as always.

    • SmolderingButcher

      Yeah because the last one was sooo excellent.

      • Melissa Juice

        It was quite excellent indeed, yes.

        • Mateo Bohard

          it wasnt

          • Melissa Juice

            Indeed, the last Jace was both fine AND dandy. Good card.

  • Antsy

    Is this alternate art?

  • this is op. If this is real, delver just broke. A snapcaster mage that if you wait a turn is free is just too much,

    • Melissa Juice

      It’s likely not going to be OP, but damned if it isn’t very, very strong.

      • If it were any other color than blue id agree, but every delver and control build can use this guy. There is no way it isnt going to rock the eternal formats.

        • Melissa Juice

          I don’t play older formats–so could be, could be. I’ll keep an eye out with your prophetic words in mind.

        • Kevan Kramer

          There is no way this is going to eternal formats. Why? Because it way too slow. Snapcaster is good because of how fast it is and it has flash. This is just a sorcery speed flashback card, that takes two turns to use. The delay make this card bad.

    • Rachel Weinstein

      But it doesn’t have flash, which is 90% of Tiago’s power. It’s still very, very good, but only being able to cast the spells during your turn hurts its versatility somewhat

    • Tzenmoroth

      Meh, I can’t seem him doing much in Modern delver since he has to untap before he does anything and then you get a sorcery Snapcaster that does a lot less than be a 2/1 since the + is irrelevant and its loyalty will be low. Most of your spells in delver cost 1cmc, which means its easy to play Snaps into flashback, its not a big deal that you get to flashback while fully untapped, even if you ran Cryptics, its worse than Snap with those because sorcery minus. Still a good card but def not OP.

  • Ryx

    damn, this plus the new chandra and liliana, standard grixis looks like an interesting concept right about now.

  • Mateo Bohard

    really strong except for his ult wtf is with that ult

    • Ryū

      It’s beautiful. My UB mill deck is going to love him.

      • cement dorado

        hell just using him as a snapcastwr is freaking great!!!

      • Mateo Bohard

        but is it worth it putting this card in a mill deck just for the chance that at one point you will hit his ult. pfft id rather him have something g that has to do with card advantage like every other jace

        • Ryū

          He’s icing on the cake. He’s a bonus edge on my lobotomy knife.

  • Kameenook

    Simple enough, in the deck he’d be played in, it’s T: Loot, flip jace.

    Also, Tybalt, you suck, there’s a new CMC 2 planeswalker in town.

    • Tzenmoroth

      Jace wishes he could hold a candle to the divine force of nature that is Tibalt.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        Is TIbalt love finally a thing? Because I am for that.

    • Leinahtan

      Ha! As if. You can’t even run this new planeswalker in a mono-red list! As if Tibalt were worse than anything…

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    Better than Tibalt…

    • Tibalt

      That is a blatant lie, sir!
      Long live Tibalt!

    • Zombie

      Actually, he’s worse than Tibalt.

      Tibalt has seen on-screen play in a winning UWR Delver deck in an SCG Legacy tournament.

      This Jace has no dreams of ever reaching that.

      • Ryot

        you know what else sees play in Legacy, Force of Will, Brain storm, Show and Tell, other OP blue spells and the fact the three of the power nine are blue spells kinda pushes the idea that blue is general a better color to run than red. And this is coming from a RDW player.

  • Richard Ashendale

    Is it flavorful that this card blows my mind?

  • sadman

    Is there a possibility of this card make snapcaster’s price drop?

    • Tzenmoroth

      No. This is not in the same universe as Snaps. Its sorcery speed. It needs to untap before it can value. It doesn’t swing for 2.

  • Tom

    another planeswalker who can ultimate “immediately” with doubling season, good news for my 5C commander :)

  • Djough Smytthe

    I want to play him, then Mind Sculpt for flavor and transformation on t3.

    • Satan

      mind sculpt says “target opponent”.

  • HadesGate1

    Sweet, Merfolk Looter!

  • MagicGALAXY

    This would be fun to play as a commander

    • cement dorado

      tiny leaders

      • MagicGALAXY

        That would be cool too! I don’t play tiny leaders, but I think that’s a neat idea. In fact, all the Planeswalkers reveled can be tiny leaders lol.

        • cement dorado

          except nissa I think :(

          • MagicGALAXY

            Nope she costs three :D! Although she might be the hardest to activate into a planeswaker in that format :-/

          • cement dorado

            I thought she was 4. I don’t know she seems like a good card, but its so akward to activate

  • BlahBlahBlahBla

    2 mana, card filtering/draw, easy to flip, protects self decently, high loyalty, sorcery speed snapcaster effect. Seems amazing, but unless they ban lightning bolt in Modern, i doubt we will be able to make use of it. Too slow and low impact for Legacy. I imagine this will do well in Standard especially with fetch lands to fill your yard.

    I really love the idea of it. If nothing else it’s a lightning rod for 2 mana.

    • cement dorado

      I think it will see modern play. some cheeky person will figure out how to use him correctly and he will probably go up in price.

      • gabriel

        i can see it dominating some modern games specially in a twin mirror match

        • cement dorado


  • Happy The Cat

    I want to know if it can actually ult
    if it can then mill might be a deck again but it just doesn’t work with the other abilities that are much better
    also I thought that threshold was seven cards what is this madness

  • Dapper Dimir

    Are these the comic con exclusives?

    • cement dorado

      idk. but I want a playset of each.

    • wwww

      This version will be an exclusive promo for SDCC.

  • kmk888

    The combination of low cost, high loyalty, and great second ability are going to be very potent in Standard. This guy’s like what Narset always wanted to be. The base creature is honestly fine too, looters are always good and the interaction between looting spells away just to flashback them is a potent card advantage engine.

    He’s not Kytheon, but don’t discount him. He packs it in for 2 mana.

  • Ryan Exe

    Just another Jace card geared towards casual play. I might use it in azami EDH? I guess? Maybe? Doubt it. I doubt it’ll be good in any format, unless they REALLY push a GOOD mill deck. Which they have not done for as long as I can remember.

    • cement dorado

      mill needs more juice! also he might be op in tiny leaders if u ult him

  • Zombie

    Might as well review this one as well.

    Won’t be a long one since I don’t really care for this Jace all that much, but let’s do it:

    So first things first, he’s dirt cheap. That said, you’re getting what you pay for. As a creature he’s pretty garbage.

    He’s a CMC 2 cantrip with a terrible 0/2 body that dies to any Standard viable Burn spells. You’re going to be hard pressed to actually flip him in the first place.

    His Planeswalker abilities are mediocre as well.

    His +1 is a very weak protective ability, and is rectified by even the simplest of pump spells. It’s basically just worse than Kiora’s +1.

    His -2, is probably the best ability on his card. Recursion on powerful board wipe spells or draw spells could swing an entire game around you.

    His -9 is pretty weak as far as Ultimates go. It merely sets up the win, rather than seals the deal immediately.

    Really the only saving grace I can find in this new version of Jace is that he’s a CMC 2 Planeswalker and comes down early.

    But even that isn’t really true, because he doesn’t enter play as a Planeswalker, and will take time to flip or set up safely.

    As far as ratings go, I’ll use the same criteria as I did for my rating of Liliana, and I’d have to give this Jace a 3.5 / 10. He’s barely playable in a vacuum, and he’ll probably be even less playable in a real situation.

    But, on the bright side, as least you can play him in casual games. Wee.

    • sn1per

      wow, throwing on some extra hate on Jace, did you crawl out of the wrong side of the grave today.

      • Dr. Burn Crow

        I think he’s right, though. His -2, his best ability, will keep him from going full snapcaster because of his lack of instant speed. He’s decent, but not as broken as everyone wants to think it is.

        • cement dorado

          I feelthat all the legendary planeswalker creatures we are getting were made for tiny leaders.

          • Julna Buras

            His +1 isn’t that much different from Architect of Thought’s though, and the + abilities shouldn’t be as phenomenal as you make them all sound to be. Instead of all creatures losing one power, one loses two. It’s not AS good as AoT, but it’s not garbage. I will admit that his ult isn’t as exciting as I’d hoped, though.

          • cement dorado

            yea. but this is tiny leaders usable

          • Ethan Ford Ford

            That’s about the only place he should shine and I kinda want him for my tiny leaders deck

          • Ethan Ford Ford

            One creature is what makes it so bad….

    • Hafglop

      If you use the -9 you both win fast and take resources from your opponent. Also, how hard is it to get cards into your graveyard? If you are going to enable spell mastery it’s already at least 2, and since you probably play him in a deck with blue, instant or sorcery spells are easy to have. On top of that, his ability fills your graveyard with cards you don’t need or with cards to flashback with his -3. And yes, his +1 is pretty bad, but it’s a +1 of a 5 loyality planeswalker that can be flipped with ease!

  • ashton

    are these real? i hope not

  • Lord of Blue

    I must have 4 of these. I am the Lord of Blue, and I have many uses for you…

  • Winter Trabex

    Mill only five? Seems like a waste. If you don’t mill a lot all at once, then you could be enabling shenanigans. I’d much rather have each player mills 20, something like that.

    • Scott Mc clean

      But when you have cipher and invisible stalker he isnt a waste

      • Winter Trabex

        A mythic rare that only fits in a very narrow deck build? You can’t play him in Modern because he’ll get zapped. You can’t play him in standard because you either need to wait five whole turns JUST to make him a planeswalker or you need to play a gimmick draw-your-deck in a single turn thing. You won’t be playing him in EDH because there are far better options, and in most cases, he’ll fall to removal as soon as he comes out. He might not even be that good in sealed, since chances are good you’ll be loading up on more creatures than spells. He might fit into a winning deck somewhere, but if he does, it will be because he’s along for the ride, not because he’s adding anything substantial.

        • cement dorado

          two words. TIny leaders. /thread

        • Anonymous

          Hit yourself with a Tome Scour or some other mill spell. Job done, Jace becomes a planeswalker.

          • Winter Trabex

            If you don’t have Tome Scour, what then? Would you even play Tome Scour without Jace? Is that really a good idea?

          • Joshua Head

            I think everyone is looking for this jace to be a turn 2 play but why would a control shell play him turn two? Like people of said him dying turn 3 isnt bad with instant speed ojutai command. This jace also doesnt have to see turn 2 play to be good. Its card advantage period. id play it turn 7 when im controlling the board.

          • Kameenook

            You’re probably going to play fetchlands and thought scour, then serum visions and some other stuff, it won’t be TOO hard to flip this blue mage.

          • Dillweed

            Yeah, but it’s not worth it? Planeswalker Jace sucks even more than creature Jace.

        • Melissa Juice

          Most mythics are designed to be narrow, so yes.

        • Silumgar

          Jace fits nearly perfectly in a sultai deck or any of the graveyard based decks, you can have him flip turn 3 if he hits turn 2 then turn 3 a wayfinder (you would have to miss an get 0 land) then jace draw discard that makes 5 cards in your yard and tada turn 3 walker. He’s gonna find a nice home in Sultai

    • Slamson

      Realistically this is probably -2 flash something back for free and if he stays alive you’ve probably won

      • Anonymous

        -2? Is there a hidden ability I don’t see?

    • Kameenook

      It doesn’t win the game on the spot, but if you happened to play a mill deck, it does. I have no idea why the game went so long, but you got a jace emblem. Now Tome Scour=Glimpse the Unthinkable, and everything else is pure value. In limited the emblem will wreck kids though.

  • Ryx

    Umm, is it me or does anyone else notice that it says it is a mythic and not a promo like the other SDCC walkers. It seems weird and kinda suspicious.

    • Ethan Ford Ford

      Have you gone to wizards of the coast’s website yet on uncharted realms?

  • lala

    Very powerful and synergistic with Ojutai’s Command….

    Turn 2 or 3 play Jace…
    Turn 4 you can bring it back with Ojutai’s Command

    It´s hoing to be very resilient

    4 Jace
    4 Ojutai’s Command

    It´s a engine of card advantage.. discarding spells and flashing them back.

    • Kameenook

      3 jace, maybe 2, I like my legendaries to not kill each other.s

  • kk

    Ojutai’s Command makes this card so powerful in a control shell…

  • Dustin Weeks

    If you manage to get Teferi’s Ult Then when this jace flips he would be a fine card in commander. Instant Speed flashback would be how to make this card amazing. To me really almost all of these planeswalkers are meh. (That being said im ususally just a EDH player) But none of these planeswalkers really excite me. The only one im even thinking about using is Liliana ands thats becauce she is easy as hell to flip in it and Her abilities are particularly useful.

    • Instant speed flashback… Where have we seen that before?…. -_-

      • wwww

        I don’t know… Maybe on a 80$ card from Innistrad? :P

        • David S

          Which you should totally just use instead. :P

          • Ethan Ford Ford

            What if your playing like only planeswalker because your a planeswalker deck

          • Jazzyboy1

            Superfriends isn’t real. It’s all a conspiracy.

          • Ethan Ford Ford

            I play super friends in commander

          • Kameenook

            Conspiracy isn’t real, it’s a conspiracy.

        • Ethan Ford Ford

          It isn’t 80 where I live…..

    • Jazzyboy1

      Kytheon’s going to be amazing in soldier tribal. When he flips, he can make Thoughtweft Trio indestructible… muahahaha.

  • Zombie

    Pretty much the only relevant ability on this card is his -3.

    It’s unfortunate.

    He might be playable as a 1-of in Control, but I doubt he could take even 1 slot away from Narset.

    • Anonymous

      The +1 helps you last a little bit more in the standard aggro v. control match-up as well. Can completely negate a single creature from attacking in most cases.

      • Zombie

        It CAN, but that’s the problem. There’s a high chance it will barely do anything, and his +1’s debuff is easily remedied by any relevant buff spell in the format.

        And, it doesn’t stop anything late game. Rabblemaster doesn’t care, Dragons don’t care, fatties don’t care, etc.

        Hell, even the new Gideon dodges his +1 completely, and that’s a huge issue because with how good Gideon is, he’s going to be a Standard staple, and Jace doesn’t have a way to deal with him unless you can recur an answer.

        And even then, you’re expending all of those resources to stop something that only cost 1 White mana.

        • Anonymous

          Rabblemaster is rotating out of standard, so Jace doesn’t have to worry about that, and all the other threats are the reason U/B control has become so popular, counter-spells plus removal for anything you can’t de-buff entirely.

          • Dillweed

            This card is terrible. The one deck it would go in (control) doesn’t want it, at all.

        • Dillweed

          Gideon only goes in aggressive decks? How is it a format staple?

          • Zombie

            Gideon can be played in Control decks as well.

            He’s a CMC 1 Planeswalker that can act as a beater for Aggro all the way to a finisher for Control.

            His +2 can protect you or other Planeswalkers you control, his +1 protects one of your creatures by making it Indestructible, and as a result that creature can further protect you and your Planeswalkers.

            He can be played in much more than just Aggro. He fits into almost every single White/X deck in Standard.

            And he fits into multiple White/X decks in Modern.

            Being a 2/1 for W that turns into a 4/4 Indestructible beater just by passively playing the game like you would normally, with extra abilities tacked on passed that, is enormously powerful.

    • Jazzyboy1

      I was with you… until you said ‘I doubt he could take even 1 slot away from Narset’.

      Since when was Narset even played in Control? Since when was Narset played competitively at all?

      Assuming you’re talking about tournament play, because that’s generally what people mean when they say something’s ‘playable’.

      • Zombie

        Narset Transcendent has been played extensively in Control, Dragons, and various Aggro builds.

        She’s a very solid Planeswalker, and won’t be shoved aside in any way by this new Jace.

        • Jazzyboy1

          Since when? I haven’t seen Narset in any of the Standard tournament decks. The only planeswalker they play is Elspeth.

          Narset’s played in casual and at FNMs. She’s not competitive playable.

          I agree she’s a very solid planeswalker and I love both her cards(when she’s a creature and a PW) but as a PW, she’s 4 mana and not solid enough to make her worth a slot and 4 mana in competitive play. Jace on the other hand flashes back burn, draw or removal. He also starts off as a decent creature with a nice tap to draw ability. Probably still won’t be played competitively because he’s not a combo-enabler or a bomb but he’s more likely to get played than Narset imo.

          (I don’t think I need to mention why the original Narset isn’t played outside of EDH. If you’re an experienced player, you probably know)

          • I would’ve agreed with all of your statements if Tom Ross didn’t go to the Open this past weekend with Narset in the board of his Jeskai Midrange list.

    • Kameenook

      +1 is useful SOMETIMES. It’s kind of like Kiora, except situationaler.

  • Happy The Cat

    just how I like my snapcasters
    paid for WAY in advance

    • Dillweed

      This card sucks, actually. Nowhere near snapcaster mage quality. It won’t see play in any competitive format (and no, jank FNM decks do not count as competitive format decks).

      • Happy The Cat

      • Pez Dispenser

        accurate name.

  • Ethan Ford Ford

    This planeswalker in my option will go great with either a self mill or with the sphinxes tutelage in modern….maybe if they where established decks they would be great Additions

    • ashton


      • Ethan Ford Ford

        Where we’re were

  • Scott Mc clean


  • ashton

    -3 for flashback i guess

    • Kameenook

      I’m sure that the way it is worded makes it ever so slightly different than flashback. Maybe kickers or alternate costs?

      • Nah JtMS had Fateseal on it, they just don’t use the keywords because they don’t fit the environment.

        • kingalexander61

          No, it is different from flashback in that it has to hit the graveyard again to be exiled. Which means if you buy it back with soulfire, the spell returns to your hand, unlike with flashback where it is exiled directly upon resolution.

          • It has a replacement effect. It never hits the graveyard. It is flashback.

          • Kameenook

            I figured out how it isn’t flashback, you can (un)successfully reman off the jace.

          • True.

  • Kameenook

    Dear jace, please stop looking like an idiot and have some fun. Sincerely, Tybalt.

    • Dirt3pz

      dear tybalt you are the worst looking planeswalker ever made,.. i dont think you should alk about how to look

      • Happy The Cat

        dear both of you why don’t you both go die
        love bolas

  • kmk888

    1. Get yourself a sweet new cloak, ditch those smelly apprentice robes.
    2. Put that hood up like your badass self
    3. Instantly transform into an all powerful mind mage.
    4. ??
    5. Profit.

    • sn1per

      4. Blackmail rich people by threatening to expose their secrets unless they pay you.

  • koylucumert

    -3 ability and rebound combo :D

    • Tzenmoroth

      The -3 does not interact with Rebound.

    • Rebound only works from hand.

      • Happy The Cat

        he could mean triple casting spells

  • Flibbitywhizzbang

    I would just like to point out that Jace in creature form is not as powerful as a little girl, nor is he as tough as a starfish…

    • Stef

      No wonder he is being bullied.

  • wwww

    Dies to Moonmist.

    • Happy The Cat

      does it though?

      seems to me that this only forces it to transform faster

      • jhjh

        Moonmist kill all the orgins walkers but Nissa because if they transform with out being exiled first they dont get their loyalty counters and thus die as a state based action.

  • kmk888

    I love looking back at the initial reactions to some cards. Y’all done goofed.

  • Zombie

    I play with Blue Planeswalkers pretty much every single day. Whether in EDH, Highlander, Tiny Leaders, Modern, or Legacy and Vintage, I play extensively with those Walkers.

    I may be primarily a Burn/Aggro player but that does not mean I don’t have experience with Blue walkers.

    I was even one of the first people on the old forums when JTMS was spoiled to out him as “this is going to be banned”, and I was laughed at by a majority of the community. They were right, until Jund was no longer the powerhouse deck in Standard that shut down JTMS.

    This new Jace in Origins is nothing special. There’s no reason to compare him to even any other Jace because he’s just simply weaker than them.

  • Jazzyboy1

    Just figured since I’m here, I’d call you back here to reminisce about our misjudgements of cards :P

  • Zombie

    I still don’t think he’s that good.

    His price is massively inflated and he’s not even close to as powerful as JTMS.

    His existence outside of standard is 99% singleton experimentations. And most of the decks that play it still play JTMS as well or simply perform better with JTMS instead.

    Gideon is still by far the most powerful of the cycle in a vacuum, which is the only way to evaluate cards at face value when there’s no way to tell how they’ll operate over time in a specific meta.

    If the meta had favored aggressive, low cost White/X decks Gideon would have been the one with the ridiculous price.

    Vryn’s Prodigy is a good card but it’s only as prolific as it is in Standard because of the meta. Outside of Standard, it’s just another Jace that isn’t as good as JTMS, and people not realizing that is the major cause for his price inflation.

  • Jazzyboy1

    JTMS is pushing his way back into Legacy, but Vintage is very fast and the curve is really important. Vryn’s Prodigy is more on curve at 2 mana, even if he’s not as powerful as Mind Sculptor if you can play Mind Sculptor early. When you want to make your deck as consistent and fast as possible, you can compromise from using an incredible 4-drop by using a great 2-drop. Not quite as powerful but still powerful enough.

    I do think Vryn’s Prodigy will drop in price now though, as the Standard and Legacy metas change.

  • Zombie

    JTMS never left Legacy or Vintage, though. Vryn’s Prodigy never forced JTMS out of the formats at all, he was played alongside it instead of 2 copies of JTMS.

    People are slowly starting to realize that something other than Vryn’s Prodigy early with JTMS late is far better than playing JVP and JTMS with one another.

    And cutting every copy of JTMS for copies of JVP is competitive suicide, so no one’s done it.