• TezzeretofCarmot21

    Merfolk Branchwalker eat ur heart out

    • DJ Pad

      Branchwalker being a mana less is much better. That being said, this is definitely playable in combination.

      • Shagoth

        IDK, 3 mana 2/1 to potentially draw two cards seems obscene.

        • DJ Pad

          2 lands, not 2 cards, big difference. There’s going to be times when you want land and it’s going to be a 3-mana 4/3 (which is not bad, but still below rate). I still think it’s a solid card, but explore is worth maybe half a card (as an effect).

          There might be a half-decent standard deck that uses both of these in combination with cards that benefit from exploring (wildgrowth walker?).

          • Shagoth

            How is a 4/3 for 3 “below rate?” Is Verdurous Gearhulk the standard? Yes, it’s inconsistent, but every outcome is consistently good.

          • DJ Pad

            Prowling Serpopard is a 4/3 for 1GG, with two relevant abilities, and sees very little play aside from as a sideboard card (based on it’s 2 abilities, not it’s base stats).

            Cards like Leatherback Baloth, Wooly Thoctar, Anafenza the Foremost, Loxodon Smiter are all cards with better power and toughness for 3 mana, some with other upside.

            A vanilla 4/3 for 1GG would not get played in any competitive format, hell a vanilla 4/4 for 1GG likely woudn’t get played in any competitive format.

            That is why it is below rate (For a green creature at least). Again, I’m not saying it’s a bad card, but inconsistency does hurt it like it does all explore cards. Sometimes you’re going to want land, sometimes you’re going to want a bigger creature and often it will not give you what you need at the time.

          • Shagoth

            It’s seeing some play in merfolk, green red monsters, and some energy corpses right now…
            I think my predictions were pretty solid.

          • DJ Pad

            I never said it was bad, simply inconsistent. I does help the green 3-drop of choice was just banned as well, congrats on predicting that too.

          • Shagoth

            IDK, I doubt Red Green monsters would play Rogue Refiner, maybe merfolk would, but I doubt that as well.

          • DJ Pad

            No but those probably wouldn’t be much of the metagame if refiner was still around.

          • TogetherAlone

            Except you got a 4/3 with card selection so its still not below rate, it basically then would read 4/3 for 1GG with scry 2

          • DJ Pad

            Actually it’s scry 1, scry 1, which is worse than Scry 2 but I get your point. I wouldn’t say that makes it better than any of the examples I listed but I agree it was relevant to point out.

  • Jeffrey Zom

    why not just “then it explores twice”? this is still 1 trigger no matter the wording right?

    • Random Guy

      clariy for those who are not judges ofc

    • Shawn Michael Diaz

      People might think it works like scry and try to explore two cards at once instead of explore then explore again

      • Hedronal

        It’s a little awkward when you have to explain why scry 1 twice isn’t scry 2.

  • Jalais

    This just feels like an uncommon at best.

    • Tolle

      This is a 3 mana 4/3, a 3 mana 3/2 that draws a card, or a 3 mana 2/1 that draws two cards. All of which trigger “whenever a creature explores” cards.

      • Jalais

        3 mana 3/2 that draws a card? Rogue Refiner can draw you gas, and 2 energy to boot. As for the triggers, I think there’s 3? the chupacabra, the pirate ship and the elemental, none of which are super powerful.

        • Shawn Michael Diaz

          Even when it’s a 4/3 for 3, you still have the opportunity to scry to grave twice. Rogue Refiner can draw you gas, but it’s never gas itself. In most cases you’re looking at a reasonably efficient body that makes your next draws better.

    • Shagoth

      *20 days later
      In green red monsters, some corpses of energy decks, and Merfolk, this seems goooooood

  • Shagoth

    Am I the only one who thinks this is great? This is an almost divination of a 2/1 body.

  • Edwin Marín Castro

    The Explore mechanic is getting stronger, love it.

  • Brad Dudley

    Hello there mr. winding constrictor!

  • Kahai


    They changed how they phrase a repeating keyword.

    One of my two favorite reminder texts is “Then do it again”.

    ‘Then repeat this process’ sounds so weird…

    For anyone wondering what my other favorite line of reminder text is: ‘The land continues to burn after Obsidian Fireheart has left the battlefield.’

    • Kahai

      Oh it looks like this change happened with Unstable. Work a Double is the first instance of this new wording for this type of reminder text.


      I want a Card in next Un Set that repeats “then do it again and again and again and…” as much as possible print/readable