• Kaiser

    “ruuuuun guys”

  • Calvin

    A very situational card, and a very overcosted aftermath affect. 0 playability

    • Kaiser

      0? you know that we get a little board swipes in this set right? this can be side board in standard if bontus last ragequick becomes something or another stuff. The first is INSTANT speed.

    • Aurore

      In standard, maybe. In EDH, this card reads: all your creatures dodge a boardwipe/permanents dodge removal, then discard all those lands/useless creatures you keep drawing and redraw.

  • Jacob Kodicovic


  • Bige Boiy

    stupit focken camel

    • Brendo1795

      Casul filth. Camel is meta

      • Bige Boiy


      • Grant Jacobson

        camel tribal hype…orz

        • Brendo1795

          Start the 5 color camel god hypeeee

          • Grant Jacobson

            maybe in Unstable (i.e. taking the camel out of the stables)

          • Brendo1795

            I can only hope.

  • Tolle

    I’m going to anticipate the question. If you use Chance while you have curator of mysteries out you scry after you draw the card.

    • galen150

      yes. the discard and draw are part of the same spell trying to resolve, the scry triggers would then go onto the top of the stack and start resolving afterwards.

  • Soren Szilver

    This is possibly my favorite aftermath card. Both parts are interesting and have high flexibility as well as being reasonably costed. Idk if it will be playable, but this seems like a card that will stick in the back of my mind every time I try to build a fringe combo deck or something.

  • galen150

    so…. you made aetherflux a bit better. just with the first part alone. play it, bounce a few 0 drop artifacts, replay them, gain life, maybe get some draw triggers off sram.

  • Brad Dudley

    R/W exert hates you!

  • Peter Johnston

    could the aftermath be playable in dredge?

    • ShammySham

      I think there is potential, but the CMC 4 is a little high. It certainly enables a huge dredge turn though. I think Cathartic Reunion gets about the same effect though.

  • I heard you like ETB, so I made an ETB that lets you ETB your ETBs while you ETB.

  • Grant Jacobson

    Leave is combo potential with etb effects. Chance essentially gives all the cards in your hand cycling {0}for as long as your you cycle in response to this card being entering exile (idk about the last example, but hopefully this gets us closer to realizing what its value upon release will be whether that be trash tier or god tier)

    • Avery Standley

      shadow of the grave?

      • Grant Jacobson

        actually… considering that you choose which cards you keep and which you wheel… shadow of the grave turns into 5BR draw cards equal to the number of cards in your hand (+you get back all the other discarded/cycled cards)

  • Random Guy

    ~Paradoxical Outcome

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      With the added cost of discarding cards and 2 additional mana. The only bonus here is that you don’t have to do it all at the same time.

      • Random Guy

        I was thinking just the first mode for Cheerios.

  • Guest

    I like how if your permanents are stolen from you, you can return them to your hand even if you don’t control them.

  • Julian Allen

    …bro this card is…odd….and in the wrong colors but i like it .-. i /really/ like it….say you play horror of the broken lands or flameblade adept on a clear board. you return a ton of stuff, wheel your hand out, swing for a god awefully huge damage number on turn like…4, keeping at least this thing and 4 lands to do it again later


    late game you can just bounce a bunch of lands and discard them… very powerful as it is also used to evade removal.

  • NC

    Kefnet’s Last Word steals your bomb
    And then it just goes ‘nah I’m outta here’

  • Jay Kilian

    Hmmm, Puresteel paladin/Sram decks have a new toy and don’t need blue anymore for Retract?

    • darkgod656

      Retract is 1 mana. Also serum visions is useful.

  • Chaospyke

    I was really REALLY hoping for combat tricks.
    This is an okay rare, And probably good in constructed with the right cards.

  • Brandon Bilodeau

    This card is busted.

    • Ultramegalord

      Are you running a paradoxical outcome deck too?

  • Gregory Walter

    I feel like singing Arabian Nights.

  • Shagoth

    So a generally worse version of Paradoxical outcome?

    • Ultramegalord

      Instant speed though can’t say how many times I would have liked to save aetherflux reservoir or inspiring statuary. Heck even sram

      • Shagoth

        Paradoxical outcome is also instant speed.
        I could see Paradoxical Outcome getting restricted in vintage at some point, and they are in Jeskai builds usually anyways, so if that happens, I could see this seeing play.

  • jaya

    Blue does better what red and white combined try to do here.