Light Banishing - Journey into Nyx Spoiler

Banishing Light

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When Banishing Light enters the battlefield, exile target nonland permanent an opponent controls until Banishing Light leaves the battlefield.

  • Jordan

    Sigh… yet another reason why red sucks in the current meta. An enchantment heavy block, no enchantment removal. Screw you white.

    • Zombie

      Mono- Red, yes.

      Red with multiple other colors has plenty of answers to Enchantments.

      RG has 3-4, RW has a few, RB just doesn’t care what the opponent plays.

  • Zombie

    Won’t see play till Banisher Priest cycles, and multicolor decks will just run Detention Sphere or Chain to the Rocks over this.

    It’s an unfortunate case of “strictly worse because it’s not rare”.

    • Taco

      Except the multicolored decks not running blue who wish to remove more than creatures. (underworld connections, D-Sphere, Gods, assemble) Don’t count this out too soon. Its not the best removal card out there, but it is versatile which is nice.

      • Antares

        I think this will see LIMITED play in some decks with white. That being said:

        R/W has Chain to the Rocks in Red based decks. If the deck is White Weenie splashing for Boros Charm, I think they’ll prefer Banisher Priest due to the body. This *may* be a sideboard card in some cases due to its ability to hit enchantments.

        G/W definitely likes this. They already have amazing creatures to play, and lack removal beyond Celestial Flare and Banisher Priest . . . if you want to spend a slot on him (he is weak compared to the usual G/W power/toughness). Selesnya Charm is awesome, but only exiles Pow 5 or greater. THis may well see play in G/W.

        U/W has Detention Sphere. It is a strictly better version of this card in U/W. This won’t see play until rotation for that.

        B/W . . . uh. . . . they have Black for removal. So no. Just no.

        White Weenie might want this. . . but I firmly believe that they will prefer Banisher Priest due to its body.

        So in conclusion. . . until rotation it will not see play with the exception of SOME R/W and some G/W decks.

        • Taco

          Still assuming no new Archetypes come up. Ya never know how all these enchantments are going to effect the meta. (Not saying you guys are wrong, just that the possibility is still there)

  • togetheralone

    It will see play, because this works on stuff that isnt creatures

  • Chi Sarades

    why another oblivion ring

    • Bryan Johnson

      It’s subtle, but this actually functions slightly differently. It exiles and adds the return clause in the same trigger, which means that unlike Oblivion Ring, you can’t play it, then play something else to bounce/destroy/flicker it in response to make the exiling permanent.

      • Orion Moore

        It stops the infinite loop… Mostly

        • Bryan Johnson

          Ah, missed that “opponent controls” bit. Good catch.

          And yes, this makes the loop impossible without at least 3 players.

          • waffles

            2 on either side would do the same

          • Bryan Johnson

            It doesn’t, actually. Try it out and you’ll see why. You specifically need 3 copies, and each copy needs to be able to target one and be targeted by the other. No number of copies used by two players can trigger the loop.

  • Joshua McTiernan

    O-ring my friend, I’ve missed you!

  • LeonFA

    Given we were told a while back that an O-Ring Effect will be in standard at all times and Banisher Priest, we saw this coming either here or in M15. Thanks for letting me play a 2nd “O-Ring” in all my White EDH decks, Wotcy. I can live without the shenanigans the classic has frankly.

  • Whiskerbro

    Its O-Ring. But slightly worse. Only very very very very slightly worse.

    • Necro

      Actually, with constellation, it’s a lot worse. You can’t get infinite triggers off of three of these.

      • Whiskerbro

        Yeah, but its pretty hard to get three O-Rings on the board. You have to get pretty lucky.

      • Gashet

        “opponent controls”