• Bostorket

    Otherworldly Journey, this time brought to you by 70’s prog-rock band Supertramp!

  • Kotadis

    Read it as “Counter target removal spell, aura or targeted ability, Give the creature it targets a +1/+1 counter” and it starts looking a lot better.

    • Happy The Cat

      it also takes back stolen cards and resets hydras at 1, if it didn’t have that counter this would be great removal for hangerback

      • Kotadis

        EYYY happy! wazzap.

        i remember u from the comments of SOI spoilers

        • Happy The Cat

          bro I’ve been here for years first stuff I actually commented on was scars of mirrodin I think

          • Kotadis

            ive been here i while but ive never actually been to the commenty part till last set

    • Hedronal

      Plus “Target attacking or blocking creature (probably you control) deals nor receives combat damage this turn.”

  • Chaospyke

    If I’m understanding this correctly, I can use this on a melded creature and get back two creatures, each with a 1/1 counter on them?

    • eltratzo

      jeyup ^^ the mechanics article explicitly stated that it works that way

  • Vizzerdrix

    Yay another blink card for mangara of corondor edh