Loxodon Smiter - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Loxodon Smiter

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Loxodon Smiter can’t be countered.
If a spell or ability an opponent controls causes you to discard Loxodon Smiter, put it onto the battlefield instead of putting it into your graveyard.

  • pacanug

    Wish they pushed it a little more by giving trample…but 4/4 for 3 seems good.

    • saucey Coffee

      Are you kidding xD it’s OP as is.

    • OB1FBM

      LOL a 4/4 for 3 that be countered or discarded “seems good”?

      Mr. Pac A Nug, you must be high to think that this needs more.

  • i dont really get this whole “can’t be countered thing”…i guess we can all say goodbye to decks based on counters. if this keeps like this it will be pointless to even have counters in a control deck…

    • Derp

      I believe Wizards said it’s a cycle, each guild is getting 1 rare card with can’t be countered that’s going to be playable.  

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Haha Trading Post it for one and gain four life

    • Mlundgoldstein

      Nevermind just saw the opponent has to force you to sacrifice it.

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Wait a minute he has the Loxodon Warhammer in the picture, are they trying to tell us that they’re reorinting that too?

    • YouGotFranked

       Loxodon Warhammer doesn’t have the Selesnya emblem on it.

    • Richard

       *behemoth sledge


  • Xero

    Wow, far above the normal power curve!  I love it!

  • Kul_dg

    A 4/4 for 3 mana that cant be countered or discarded? Wtf?

  • It’s Obstinate Baloth 

  • Jim

    Wow they really don’t like Blue right now do they…Blue better come up with some crazy stuff since so many spells can’t be countered

  • Fe

    I really hope the Bird of Paradise will be reprinted, so you cab play this Loxo-Guy in round two. Would be awesome!

    • lol you dont need BoP for that. you have avacyn’s pilgrim…

  • Richard

    I bet dimir is going to have some crazy counters that return spells to hands then make the opponent discard, or sac stuff, Izzet, and Azourius could still as well, and don’t forget the simic. I’m sure they are going to come up with some interesting non countering counter effects, with how popular remand was.

  • Angstrom

    why are people saying this is op?  it can be targeted by removal and swings for 4? What about the other one that’s hexproof and swings for 6?  hexproof is considerably more annoying/stupid for considerably more decks than “cannot be countered”  blue mages really know how to whine.  Maybe that’s why its always been the best.

    • Pissedoffpasty

      Its CMC is 3, thats why its OP

      • Angstrom

        so are the best cards in the control and tempo archetypes this card was designed to effectively combat.  

        • Wisdomseyes

          Control? Control outside of Vintage/Legacy (which is more tempo than it is control) hasnt won a major tournament since ravnica standard. 

          Its not blue players who know how to whine… its everyone else… 

          Then again, blues baser abilities are more relevant towards advancing the game in a favorable way that other colors have a hard time matching (the only boon card that was never reprinted was Ancestral Recall after all) 

          • Jlebental

            No, blue just sucks…

      • IronSoul

         Leatherback Baloth in Zenidkar block was a 4/5 for three. Vanilla sure, but that’s essentially what this guy will be outside the control/tempo matchup. A more inflexible mana cost generally makes for a lower CMC, at least in my experience, though I can see and respect the argument that the return of shocklands laughs at an inflexible mana cost.

        I can see this guy being really annoying with Rancor.

        • Pissedoffpasty

          Yeah I see what you mean GGG for leatherback, so realistically it would be for a mono green deck. And this is 1WG, Which is easier to summon in my opinion especially with all the mana fixing in this set. Not to mention it cant be mulliganed

        • Wisdomseyes

          This mana cost is not inflexible at all. Mono- green is a very very bad idea. Mono color decks seldom work in any standard. To rely on solely green cards though puts you at a huge disadvantage.

          You need to rely on other colors. Standard right now is 2-3 colors, Having a generic cost, then one of 2 colors makes it easier.

          It is FAR easier to make a deck designed to get 1 of 2 different colors out than it is to get 3 of 1 without it being a mono colored deck. 

          • Jlebental

            OR, blue just sucks?

  • Aided

    Join Selesnya OR die!

  • Aided

    Or better yet, join Selesnya or be Smitted!! Mwahaha.

  • This card is not OP, but really, what an awesome 3 drop card, 4/4, that´s is just perfect against Burn, you need Flame Slash, but well how many use that card? It´s maybe 1 of the best 3 drop cards in this…