• Kitnz

    Wow. They are not planning to disappoint.

  • Izzettron

    Oh lawd give me the strength.

  • Riccardo Mazzoni

    Porco dio!

  • Alex

    Anyone else think the icon for the set looks like Strongbad?

  • mehngo

    This art looks phenominal. Could use a copy for EDH.

  • Fred Weasley

    And Mr. Swanland does another amazing job at the art! Seriously I don’t know how he continues with these awesome drawings! I can’t wait to pull this thing out of a pack!

    • Kevan Kramer

      You will be waiting forever most likely or you brought a lot of packs.

  • Kevan Kramer

    This card needed a reprint due to how expensive it was. This is its first reprint as well. The art is amazing and better than the original.

  • Zombie

    I… uh… I’m gonna need a moment.

    And some tissues.

  • Miles Rinesmith


  • guest

    Is it really too good for Legacy ? Sure it’s strictly better than Counterspell, but Counterspell doesn’t see that much play. Some decks wouldn’t know what to do with the mana anyway. It doesn’t seem broken to me. At least not better than Force of Will. Overall, I think it would be a sweet unban, wouldn’t it ?

    • Taran Abel

      it may not look like it to you, but mana drain is actually more powerful then you think. Eldrazi decks might gain way too much power with all the colorless spells they could cast for free off of mana drain and all they have to do is splash blue which is not that hard since there is that blue eldrazi that makes another scion that you can splash for regardless. Midrange/Control decks would be getting a lot more value by using the mana to gain discounts off their spells, 1 green for tarmogoyf, 2 for true name or vendilion clique, and even bring out jace the mind sculptor for only 2 mana if it countered a spell with CMC at least 2. Force of will is the most played counterspell in the format and with a CMC of 5 over the other staples being around 1 or 2 CMC adveragely, it’s the perfect card for mana drain to feed off of.