Mercurial Chemister - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Mercurial Chemister

  • Color: Blue, Red
  • Type: Creature - Human, Wizard
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Blue Mana, Tap Symbol: Draw two cards.

Red Mana, Tap Symbol, Discard a card: Mercurial Chemister deals damage to target creature equal to the discarded card’s converted mana cost.

What some see as “distracted” is really “fathoming the unfathomable.”

  • Opus141

    it seems like his ability is one for mid game. but he’s a fatty-fat-fatty.

  • Ricky MacLeod

    rare?? CMC 5, tap and mana for both abilities, 2/3. not worth being a rare

    • I always find interesting people who complain about everything and are like “This card is not perfect the way I WANT IT TO BE”…… 1st world problems…

      • Ricky MacLeod

         i’m not saying it not a good card it is but it not worth being a rare, if i get i will play.

        • Zimmer Remmiz

          Do you want it in a lot of your packs? if not then you should be happy it’s rare…

          • Beto

            Best answer heuhaeueahuaeh

        • Grfgdzhbdz

          You strike me as a person who is one of those noobs who think dual lands aren’t worth being rares because they are lands

          • Ricky MacLeod

            on account that half my land base in most of my decks consists of nonbasic land i know the value of them, i’m just not seeing the value of this.
            but as i said if i get it i will test it out cuz i can see the draw two being useful in my Mizzet draw deck, becuz it is repeatable.

          • Guest

            nah youre a noob

          • Wisdomseyes

            Just wanted to add my 2 cents.

            Rarity has very little to do with how good a card is in most formats. It has a lot to do with how good a card is in limited formats (sealed/ draft)

            Squadron hawk was a common because they needed to make it one in order for youto be able to use it. Similarly, this guy is rare because… Well… If it was uncommon do you honestly think izzet would be fair in draft? Having suck easy access to these abilities in a slow by default format.

      • Highlander

        MacLeod has a point this should be an uncommon. other rares at 5 cost, with two abilities can use both of them in the same turn, you don’t want it to be broken so 1U for draw two and RT for discard and damage.

        and MTG is a 1st world game so you would expect people to have 1st world problems with the game.

        and Mac i love the name gotta rep the great movies and shows.

        • SilverAlex92

          the dude produces 2 cards p/turn just for one blue mana! How in the bloody hell thats uncomun??

          Think of this, activate his ability during your draw step (dont, you do at the end of your opponent turn if you didnt have to burn anything, but just for the sake of the example) and your draw step becomes ancestrall recall!!

          Not enought? then the dude becomes reusable removal! and you people still think that he should be an uncomun -.-

    • Ninjawithin

       Reusable 2 card draw for only U, and reusable creature burner for R on a medium sized body. Seems solid to me. One of those abilities at 4CC would be uncommon status, able to pick from both is rare because versatile.

    • There are already too many rare cards in other expansions are only trash. At least is not a Vizzedrix.

    • Loveless

       1 blue and tap for 2 cards, i have not seen many if any standard cards with that ability.  AND its not legendary so you can use more then one of him.  i’m surprised this isn’t a mythic.

  • Kul_dg

    Draw 2 cards for U and tap? That’s really cheap draw.
    It’s too bad the second ability can’t target a player or it could be devastating.
    Nice flavor though.

    • Firestorm75

       Its a great card. And if it could be to target player too, then think Eldrazi..

  • Chris

    Join Izzet. We get power armor and laser cannons.

    • Zimmer Remmiz

      Join Golgari we get rotting flesh and eternal unlife…

      • Figgjr

        i choose both lascannons and eternal life azorious can try to detain me ll they want

    • Heitor

      Join Selesnya or DIE! hahahaha!

    • join rakdos well kill everything

    • Do not join Dimir, we already know all your secrets.

    • Wisdomseyes3

      Space marines >_> NEVER IMPERIAL SCUM! You and your false emporer will fall to the dark gods whim!

  • Flickerfan

    Finally!! An Izzet ability that allows you to draw without discarding

  • Buttery Raven

    Pyroconvergence has a better use

  • Aided

    Draw 2 (TWO!) cards every turn for a mere fraking blue land?! Well tickle my Johnny and… Just forget it .
    Still, if this guy makes it without dying, it WILL work beautifully.

  • Agogigagagagigo

    2 words: stuffy doll!!!

  • Flickerfan

    Pithing Needle is gonna turn this guy into a plain 2/3 for 3UR :(

    • Schtolenbelt

      i think the needle only works for things without mana abilities.. both his abilities are mana abilities

      • Flickerfan

        mana abilities PRODUCE mana. Axebane guardian has a mana ability. Activated abilities have costs (tapping, paying mana, discarding a card etc.) and effects written; COST: EFFECT. i also found out that Planeswalker abilities count as activated abilities so they can be rendered useless by this card

        • Flickerfan

          *rendered useless by Pithing Needle 

        • Kyb9382

          Mana abilities only cost mana. For example Shivan Dragon’s famous “R:This creature gets +1/+0 until the end of the turn.” Tap effects even if they cost mana are not mana abilities.

          • Flickerfan

            406. Mana Abilities
            406.1. A mana ability is either (a) an activated ability without a target that could put mana into a player’s mana pool when it resolves or (b) a triggered ability without a target that triggers from a mana ability and could produce additional mana. A mana ability can generate other effects at the same time it produces mana.

      • Flickerfan

        his abilities aren’t mana abilities. Axebane Guardian’s ability is a mana ability because it produces mana

  • anon

    Chemister? What about “Chemist”… WoTC you are idiots. 

  • “At the end of each turn, sacrifice Mercurial Chemister unless you point to it and say the following phrase to your opponent: ‘Save a kill spell for this guy.'”