• Shagoth

    Does this work with the indestructible land?

    • Sebastian Fuchs

      why shouldnt it?

  • Kahai

    oh, gosh, she just shed her old skin.

  • God Enel

    Why are mana dorks so bad now

    • Shagoth

      Because WotC has a backwards understanding of the game as of now.
      Above the curve/too powerful creatures? Fine
      Planeswalkers doing whatever they want? Fine
      Literally everything else in the entire game? Too powerful. Soon, cancel will be deemed too powerful and we will get a functional reprint of Lightning Bolt that costs 4 mana too much. Also Llanowar Elves will cost three mana.

      • Melissa Juice

        What absurd paranoia.

  • Solarstorm flare

    I love all the new naga.