• Teddy Gillespie


  • Occam Fontaine

    I dub thee nezzie

  • Kahai

    Very flavorly designed card. I love it!

  • Julian Michael Allen

    move to cast fatal push CARD move to cast huatli CARD move to cast lost legacy CARD move to cast hour of devastation CARD
    i love creatures that give you cards when your opponents do stuff

  • Animar, Elemental Master

    God Pharaoh’s Gift Deck would love this thing. No it won’t target this card itself, but it acts as amazing fuel to the gift itself. being able to mill this turn 2 or three is great, nd then reanimating it and swinging for seven on turn 3 or 4 would be bananas

    • Umbacano

      Mmh maybe I don’t understand what you’re saying, but his activated ability works on the battlefield not in the graveyard.

    • Alexandre Donnart

      I don’t think I understand either. There’s no interaction with GPG and this card.

      • Kaiser

        he wants to reanimate the cards that he discards with this effect.

        • Alexandre Donnart

          He also wants to swing for 7 with a GPG reanimated creature. So… yeah.

  • Vincent Elders

    The only flavor fail is that plesiosaurs aren’t actually dinosaurs. ^_^`

    • Oscar

      Neither are all the pterosaurs we’ve seen thus far, but sometimes gameplay is more important than flavour. Making this a separate creature type would probably kill more gameplay implications than create ones.

    • rops

      LOL exactly my first thought there are few pterodactyls in white – but its not that big of a deal :)

    • Dr. Burn Crow

      What are they?

      • A different species of reptile

        • Dr. Burn Crow

          Well, that’s close enough to dinosaur for me!

          • Nharzhool

            I ran out of upvotes for you, Dr. Crow.

    • knight flynn

      They are snakes

      • Darkray Accel

        Marine reptiles and they are the reason I thought we wouldnt see blue primal, cuz there arent sea deep dinossaurs, there were all marine reptiles.

  • ShannoSauro

    Omg this is a good thing inside Mairsil

  • Kaiser

    this is probably my favorite control finisher in a long time

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    We’re going to need a bigger boat.
    That said, i think this and Etali are my favorites of the Elder Dinosaurs. Big swimmy boi, such a blue boi.

  • Darkray Accel

    And ofc the blue 1 had to be the broken 1…Whenever your opponent casts a noncreature draw, where did I see that b4…
    Also the blink is pretty cool, like he dives away and comes back, nice 1.

    Here I was debating with some1 that there wouldnt be blue primal cuz no marine dinossaurs, was wrong, at least I did tell him if there was 1 it would be Name, Primal Tide XD So obvious how wizards brain works.

    • AHunter

      this card is garbage,it will probably be the least played of the cycle.
      Seriously,the blink cost so much it’s not even funny,with 0 evasion,7 mana WITHOUT flash,so you can’t cast it before… turn 12?
      garbage. Sadly,scarab god/gearlhulk will remain the finisher of choice.

      • Juuso Tiirakari

        Draw engine that gives no maximum hand size and also gets you loads of triggers with its flicker ability. Yeah, garbage…

        • AHunter

          Yeah i’m sure you want to play this turn 7 while your opponent spend 3 mana at the end of YOUR turn to kill it,and get to untap while you have literraly NO WAY TO COUNTER ANYTHING. Yeah you DID draw a card in the process,but your behind in board.
          “But you can flicker him!” yeah? then what ? you arent’ in card anymore,and he is GARBAGE if you don’t control the board, and you can’t because you just wasted 7 mana on your turn.
          If it had flash,it would be a standard finisher, but just compare this to gearhulk…
          It remind me of pearl lake ancient,but without flash it’s just not good enough.
          Just imagine if it had flash : you play it end of the opp’ turn,he kill it,you blink it (rip card.. -2 CA) but you untap,he come back, opp will (probably) not have enough mana to (try) to kill it again,but if he can, just counter it,and you drew a card in the process (-CA) and get to swing. Perfect finisher.
          Sadly,the testing team must have thought it was too strong,and removed flash…

      • Darkray Accel

        I was speaking for EDH…A commander with dodge, uncounterable, and gives you draw is perfect for a slow blue supression deck.

  • Tavis Carrillo

    Excited to put this in my Rashmi EDH

  • UW Cycling anyone?

  • Nharzhool
    • Darkray Accel

      Its black and its a dinosaur, not a marine reptile…
      And Spire Winder is a snake while Majestic Heliopterus is ofc, a dino.