Nissa, Worldwaker - M15 Spoiler

Nissa, Worldwaker

  • Color: Green
  • Type: Planeswalker - Nissa
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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[+1]: Target land you control becomes a 4/4 Elemental creature with trample. It’s still a land.

[+1]: Untap up to four target Forests.

[-7]: Search your library for any number of basic land cards, put them onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. Those lands become 4/4 Elemental creatures with trample. They’re still lands.

Nissa, Worldwaker MtG Art

  • James Hess

    this should be a 1 mana planeswalker almost every time

  • GRUULman

    Damn. That second +1 ability is amazing.

  • She’s good, but she makes you extremely vulnerable to board wipes, unless you only use her for her second +1. Luckily Supreme Verdict will be leaving Standard soon, so that’s probably when she’ll see the most play.

    • Richard

      It doesn’t say non-creature land so if you’re really scared of boardwipes, keep targeting the same few lands for +1.

      • If I was worried about boardwipes i wouldn’t keep targeting the same land to become a 4/4 creature each turn, instead I would use her second +1 and untap my forests.

        • McGregorMX

          If I’m reading the text correctly, you wouldn’t have to keep targeting the same land to become a 4/4 creature, it doesn’t say until end of turn. “[+1]: Target land you control becomes a 4/4 Elemental creature with trample. It’s still a land.” Unless you are just referring to giving her a loyalty counter each turn. Either way, this is the planeswalker I’m most excited about. Will she be a possible draw in a green seeded pre-release pack?

    • bilibo mcswaggins

      you have no idea how much i hate supreme verdict………. This card brings me joy and hope again

  • YouGotFranked

    She’s actually REALLY good imo. I know there’s a lot of naysayer about her first ability, so i’ll copy here what wrote on TappedOut.

    ”How many lands does Green needs? Right now, in standard, usually no more than 4-5 especially if you play Elvish Mystic and Sylvan Caryatid. Any more lands and your flooding. The reason why Mutavault is one of the best land ever printed is because it can give you value when you don’t need it for mana. She essentially give you free 4/4 trample creatures by turning lands you wouldn’t need otherwise. THAT’S
    HUGE. Even better, with Courser of Kruphix, she can get you those 4/4 from the top of your library. I would be happy if my opponent used a removal spell to kill a creature i got for

    I don’t think i need to elaborate on how good her second ability is. As for her Ult, it’s common knowledge you should never judge a Planeswalker based on it’s ult, but if we need to, then i can say it wins game. Don’t forget that the prime wrath effect in the format is going in October and that we still have Thoughtseize for another year if there’s another wrath that takes it’s place.”

    • Zombie

      Her biggest downside is that she lets your lands that you animate die to Sorcery- speed removal and wrath effects.

      Not to mention she doesn’t even untap the lands she animates, so in Limited she’s likely not going to be animating anything the turn she comes into play, which could be a bit slow.

      She’s definitely good, but it’s easy to see why she shouldn’t be hyped up. She only has a few downsides, but one of them could potentially make her garbage- tier if it’s a problem.

      • YouGotFranked

        How many boardwipe is there in the format? the 2 most played (Supreme Verdict and Mizzium mortar) are going Bye Bye in October and Anger of the Gods don’t kill her creatures. Nissa gives you free creatures out of lands that would otherwise most likely flood you out. I can think of a couple of things that i’m more worried to lose to a wrath than free creatures. She’s also one of the few things in the format that can pressure Elspeth.

        • Graham Lucas

          except that Elspeth can just nuke her creatures

          • YouGotFranked

            and by doing so, losing loyalty counters and not making 1/1’s

          • Graham Lucas

            yah, and you know, land destruction is never helpful

          • Mnemonic

            In a green list, it will involve mystic and or caryatid.. potentially coming out on turn 3 or 4, not 5.
            Elspeth will not be there for another 2-3 turns.

            And do you really think your opponent is going to make himself vulnerable to your board state to kill your lands?
            Not to mention you may not even want to use lands if you have access to an additional four mana every turn.

          • Graham Lucas

            that’s largely my point, her 2nd ability is massively impressive. I was replying to franked’s comment about turning lands and only that. I think she is a very solid green walker

          • YouGotFranked

            So let’s assume i have Nissa and, let’s say 2 animated land. You play Elspeth, -3 her down to 1 loyalty to kill the the 4/4s. Then i just have to animate another land to finish elspeth. In the end she will only been a 6 mana boardwipe that may even not have killed all my creatures and left the engine alive. Like i said, Green won’t really need more than 4-5 lands so any extra land can give you more value by attacking for 4 with trample.

          • David S

            And three 1/1’s aren’t going to prove much of a defense to a 4/4 trampler, or two of them, possibly, if you are on the play.

      • Doug Vinnie

        ummmm… You don’t have to use her first plus on the turn you play it you would normally use the second one to be able to cast like a free polukranos or something. a FREE POLUKRANOS if that’s slow i guess you only play vintage turn 0 win decks.

  • MrAptronym

    I have been waiting on a new Nissa, and I think this one is flavorfully reminiscent of the original while being unique and frankly, better. Time to use an (almost certainly for a few months) expensive as all hell card to make a janky forest tribal deck with Dryad arbor, life and limb and some junk!

    First +1 is great. start using it and getting free 4/4s. I’d say leave 4 lands untouched if you are in a situation where destruction is worrying you. I wouldn’t worry too much though, the advantage far outweighs the disadvantage most of the time with this. as YouGotFranked said. Second +1 is amazing. When you don’t want to make any more lands into 4/4s, or you need a burst of acceleration for some spell, untap 4 is huge.

    Either makes a great play. When you cast her you either get a 4/4 or untap all the lands you used to cast her. (Well, could be all but one if you aren’t running ramp besides land tutoring in your green deck.) Both are appealing, thats important on a 5CMC planeswalker. Especially since coming out with 3+1 is a bit fragile.

    Her ultimate is pretty great, it does what an ultimate should do. Puts you in a winning position, but offers a slight ray of hope to your opponent. You get an army of at least ten 4/4s, plus, never need to draw a land again if you commit to basics. Overall she looks like a great reimagining of Nissa; going from elf matters to land matters should make her more desirable. I doubt she will see tournament play, but she seems like a ton of fun.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Hello lady. Welcome to party.

  • Yusuke

    What seems crazy about this card is the synergy with Courser of Kruphix

    • Daniel Gilmore

      “I’m just going to play all my lands and gain that many life, kay thanks.”

  • Jordan

    Sooooo, white got elspeth, green got garruk. G/W got ajanai. Now white got a new ajani, and green got a new Nissa. Red and black got reprints. SO I’m assuming that means Sarkan Vohl is going to be r/b….. better damned well be.

    • Daniel Gilmore

      IKR? Selesnya needs ALL the planeswalkers, apparently. Not like they still have Voice for another couple months.

      • Jordan

        Well, blue also got a new Jace. So I’m definitely assuming Sarkan is going to be red or red/black.

        • Sorin Markov

          If he’s RB, and Garruk is GB, hello Jund Walkers?

          • Dr. Burn Crow

            To be fair, Jund just got done with Xenagos, Vraska and Domri Rade. Let’s just let Selesnya take a turn…until Grixis rises again….>:)

          • Squirrel Lover

            I totally agree, and the new block seems jund-oriented with the dragons and warlords

  • David Fitzsimmons

    Is it just me or did she loose a decent amount of bust?

    On a more serious note, I want her. I need her. She seems quite powerful, but of course only time will tell depending on how cards in the new Block can affect her board presence.

  • Dustin Weeks

    so that second +1 ability made my jaw drop the implications of it in commander is going to be huge especially with cards like Prismatic Omen she is just so crazy!

  • Zombie

    Honest opinion and biggest downsides: She IS a bit slow. And unless you animate Darksteel Citadels, Wrath effects will kill all of your lands that you animate, because they don’t stop being creatures, as well as spot removal, etc.

    Okay, now that that’s out of the way, hello Nissa of the Hammer.

    This will be absolutely disgusting in Bant Midrange and Control decks, as well as RG and Jund Monsters lists, decks that can take full advantage of all of her abilities and play her faster than normal.

    You would think Mono Green would like her better, but Mono Green tends to not run Sylvan Caryatid, and as such has more of a chance to play Nissa slower than Jund or RG.

    Verdict: This will see Standard play. A lot of it. Pre order them. A lot of them.

    – Decks this brings back into the spotlight: Naya, Voltron, Bant Walkers, Bant Midrange, Bant Control. –

    I’m totally down with the “Playable in Green” Nissa over the “Playable only in Elves” Nissa.

    However—- I expect this to not be Elspeth- levels of Standard defining. The lands she animates staying creatures could be a huge problem, and having more than one animated at a time could be a HUGE risk.

    • tyke5140

      For once, I am in total agreement.

      • Zombie

        I guess it’s nice to know at least someone still values my opinion here, even if it’s only in one case.

        I’ll take what I can get.

        • LeonFA

          For what its worth, whenever I think a card has any chance of hitting standard, I come to the comments to see your take on it. Sometimes I disagree, but this is not one of those cases, and disagreements over the power of a card is absolutely a thing in this game. And I really agree with you on the pre-order notion, because this is one of those cases of planeswalkers that can easily hold a solid price tag for a while. 20$-25$ settling price easily, if not more (Architect hit a huge tag for a while when control was in its prime and she may too if the Darksteel Citadel tech is strong enough and if its ideal decks perform highly, but when she inevitably gets reprinted in M16 and/or rotates, she’ll take a hit in value).

          • Zombie

            She’s technically better than Ajani, Mentor of Heroes, and hes’ still holding a $20 price tag after all of this time, even after his play in Standard dwindling to only 1- a few copies in decks.

            I suspect a large portion of his appeal is EDH, though. He’s amazing in decks like Tolsimir, Sigarda, and Trostani, basically any G/W/X deck wants him.

          • Brakmek

            Speaking of how good he is in EDH, so many people forget about the Planeschase cards. I made a Krond, the Dawn-Clad deck and he’s totally bonkers, along with the entirety of Constellation and Bestow mechanics. With just RtR-Now (as I started playing right after Dragon’s Maze came out) I often win turn 4-10, or at least kill a guy in that time, at least within my playgroup, and they all started playing back in the old borders. Maelstrom Wanderer is really powerful too (double cascade!).
            Anyway, on the subject of this Nissa, I think she doesn’t play very green. Untapping forests I get, but you have to play with her dudes with finesse, especially with MBD, Esper/Azorius control, anything with Mizzium Mortars etc. Once RtR block rotates, however, the game will slow down significantly enough to enable her to be bonkers.

    • Julna Buras

      Although, if you DO animate Citadels, and if you happen to be running four, that’s four 4/4 trampling indestructibles.

      • Zombie

        This is very true. Darksteel Citadel might even be a must-include with her for this reason if you plan on playing in a meta that’s heavy on decks with significant maindeck removal.

    • Bhuddy

      I agree with almos everithing that you said, however I do not think that animating Citadels is possible in any sixty card deck becouse including Citatel for the sole purpose of animating it with her will destroy your mana base.

      • Zombie

        It really won’t. A few colorless lands can’t ruin a deck’s manabase unless the deck consists entirely of spells that have literally no colorless mana in their casting cost.

        • Bhuddy

          True, but it worth the risk? I dont know, it will depend on the meta game and the support cards.

          • Zombie

            Over the risk of losing all of your animated lands to a single Mizzium Mortars?

            Yeah, kinda.

  • Dan

    Gruul will like her

  • Graham Lucas

    she has wonderful synergy with herself.

  • Graham Lucas

    interesting that she is clearly still on zen, unlike other walkers who were there but r now looking for help

    • Sethrot

      She was left on zendikar to hold back the eldrazi while everyone else went to look for help

      • Graham Lucas

        well she is the solo reason the eldrazi even got loss so it may as well be her

        • sraight G

          wasn’t that chandra?

          • Brakmek

            Yes and no. Nicol Bolas lured Chandra and Jace into the Vault through Sarkhan Vol, getting them to release some of the Eldrazi, but not the big ones, Emrakul, Kozilek, and Ulamog, as they were sealed within a special Hedron within the vault. Sorin, sensing this release as he was one of the three that sealed them in the first place, went to Zendikar to reseal them, and along the way he met Nissa who wanted to save Zendikar. But Sorin had lied and had only promised that they would not ravage the land (or something along those lines) and did not tell her that Zendikar was doomed anyway, as the vault could only hold the Eldrazi’s physical forms, so they were slowly eating away at the plane from within the vault. The guide that showed Jace the way to the vault (and tried to eat him) found them and revealed the truth (I think) and Nissa was mad, though she hid it. Once inside the vault, Sorin wanted Nissa’s help to seal the vault, put Nissa disobeyed thinking that if she freed all the Eldrazi, they would leave Zendikar to eat some other plane, but she was wrong and released the big three Eldrazi that are now eating her world many times quicker than they would have from inside the vault.

  • da

    Jeez that ultimate is crazy, if they don’t have a mass removal spell it’s GG, and if they do, it doesn’t matter since her ultimate doesn’t make the lands you currently control into creatures, so it just means you have 6-7 lands on the field and you won’t top deck anymore lands (That card advantage). Which is more than enough if you are running more than one of her (adding an extra 4 mana to the pool can be great).

    • Graham Lucas

      that is true but elspeth can just cut them all down

      • Antares

        Note to self, do R/G, add in Hammer of Purphoros, figure out way to Ult Nissa into a win. :D

        If nothing else, her art is amazing. :)

        • Graham Lucas

          im not sure haste actually matters here. im not sure if this works the way I think it might because I literally just thought of it as I was reading your reply, but they enter the battle field not as creatures but as lands and r then turned in to beat sticks, so, since lands can be used the turn they come out and summoning sickness is applied when a creature enter the battlefield, im not sure how you would treat these guys.
          im inclined to they they would have SS since awaken the ancient includes haste as an ability, implying it is needed.
          does anyone know for certain? if this doesn’t work that wht just run a hammer and it works just fine

          • really?

            think mutavault…if it started on the field at your untap and is turned into a creature it does not get ss. ss is for cards that were not on the field at untap.

    • chris killa

      What I like is most removal says nonland. They’re still lands. They won’t die

  • akakj7

    did anyone else notice all the worldwake zendikar cards maby we go back after khans?

  • Trey Davis

    Play her with 5 lands…use her +1 to untap 4 forests…boom, planeswalker for 1 ….ugh

    • Squirrel Lover

      5 mana,
      Nissa: +1, untap four lands
      4 mana,
      Garruk: +1 untap two lands
      2 mana, A hefty blocker, maybe a wall to defend your new planeswalkers

      : ) if only that could actually work as a modern deck

  • sporq

    This might make scapeshift decks ridiculous…just saying

  • Josh Kaufman

    When Koth and Garruk have a child….

    It seems cool now, but you shouldn’t care about the ultimate. It’s been done before.

    This planeswalker is 1 mana too many, it’s abilities aren’t very strong in the current game since polukranos outclasses it. Koth was great. This is bad. Green needed a token generator, and this isn’t it. And take advantage of the shock lands now. That’s the most value this card will have. It sure doesn’t work with gates that scry.

    Get the hype out of the way and see this card for what it is. An average planeswalker that is busted in limited, but how are you supposed to use the (-) ability in standar? There are no bounce lands, etc.. it’s minus ability is a 5 mana voyaging satyr.

    • yo

      I think you misread the card.

    • readthecard

      the only (-) ability it has is the ultimate

    • For her one of her PLUS abilities she untaps 4 forests, that’s insane.

    • That Guy

      I suggest you see it for what it is. You can pay 5 to play her, then instantly untap 4 mana while GIVING her a loyalty counter, allowing you to play something to protect her, as well.

    • x

      Dude did you even look at the card? “+1: untap 4 forest”. That alone will speed up green, and IF she doesn’t die the next turn, she will allow you to drop practically anything, because you will now have 9 mana at least for anything. Her minus and her other plus can backfire true however if you do play landfall, or avacyn (from restored) you will end up having a monster for them and can get away with it. In all truth she is one of the best planeswalkers since Tamiyo.

  • yo

    Like Garruk, Wildspeaker in EDH it’s a free spell with Caged Sun, Gauntlet of Power, Vernal Bloom, Mana Reflection etc.

  • Chi Sarades

    its so beautiful I’m so happy

  • selesnyawarden

    Nissa is back yessss !!!n yay!!! weeeee!!! VORTHOS IN ME HAPPY UURRAGHH!! good art and Zendikar wise art. ;) Mana cost might be fine, Abilities seem very much Nissa, but I wonder why if they will only be more relevant AFTER rotation? O-o Shocks wont untap with her first +1, its soooo mysterious and, suspicious…I get it, Man lands,,,,,soon?? right?? this spoiler, BAFFLED ME, I don’t quite understand it. But all in all, nissa has good art.

  • Hex Jonson

    I think this will be amazeing in alot of the formats

  • Squirrel Lover

    Sure, how many removal spells do u have?
    Because one dead land is on fewer removal spell to kill your other green goliaths

  • Pixel Power

    Does anybody here see how much her Ult is going to wreck in combination with landfall?
    And daaamn this second +1 is fluffing awesome *-* I’m really looking forward to this girl :)

  • Doug Vinnie

    This card is amazing. We all know the power of her second plus ability but her ultimate is one of the best in a long time. The new board wipe perilous vault doesn’t kill the lands she makes into creatures. This card will see heavy edh play with landfall and even more because so many board-wipes state exile all NON-LAND permanents. I loooooove this card.

  • Graham Lucas

    well unless they make a new garruk, I think we can safely say she wins fir M15 walkers with lili in second mainly do to reprint

    • Dean Andrew Sawyer-Terry

      And now we have the apex predator?

  • Psyrencalling

    This card will be amazing when you pair her with Soul of New Phyrexia. Just sayin.

  • Violator

    She would be awesome if she cost 1 less.

    • Smithy

      She is a 1 drop with that second ability

      • chris killa

        But you still need 5 mana to cast

        • Xenos

          Getting 5 mana early with green seems pretty hard too.

  • wisdomseyes

    I really wish her ult gave you an option to not make them 4/4’s… it is so risky using her ult otherwise.

    • Ndois Ndois

      Either way you win with her ultimate. If they do not have a answer to at
      least 10 trample guys you win. Worst case scenario thry use Supreme
      Verdict, but at this point you already have all mana that you need and
      all draws will be better (no more forests in the deck).

  • Fin

    The artwork is a bit awkward as she is offset facing more towards the left, the side she is facing. Lot of negative space on the right.

    • Happy The Cat

      This is intentional, they needed a hedron in the art to remind you that she is from zendikar

  • tocoman

    +1 make darksteel citadel a creature is this good