• Mr.Mayhem631


  • Ultramegalord

    Well… that’s…..just….HILARIOUS!!!!!

  • Tolle

    Now to give this thing first strike

    • BuddyChrist

      Yep meet the critter that never dies, since it technically already is lol

  • Edward

    It is weird we got another rare green spirit(even though the first one was a wolf) but this is just a troll card. It could also easily get damage in since the opponent isn’t going to want to block it unless they have something they don’t care about to block with

  • Andy Upton

    looks nice at first, fun little thing with good stats for dirt cheap, people wouldn’t always attack into it, then you realize once they have one, you won’t attack into it ither les the field be a swarm of permeating mass

    • Pier-Luc Tremblay

      This is the opposite of the problem, You get permeating mass, you permeating mass, everyone gets permeating mass. That’s how werewolf should have worked. They should add, if you were the owner of the original permeating mass and there are more than 20 on the battlefield, you win.

      • Asghaad

        this is obviously aimed more on control/alternate wincon decks – i could see it in Triskadekaiphobia/Soul separator/Tree of perdition deck – that one will want to stall the board

  • Rœkja

    This is Hilarious!

  • Daron

    This is terribly good…. against aggro decks or in a deck filed with flyers. This thing paralyze the ground.

    • Julian Heske

      what exactly does this do against fliers?

      • Asghaad

        not against flyers, he says that with YOUR deck filled with flyers this might paralyze the groun creatures as noone will want to attack on ground but your flyers wouldnt care about enemies copies of this

        • Julian Heske

          Is it just me or is the original comment written terribly?

          • Daron

            Sorry, non-native english speaker.

  • Kevan Kramer

    This card is going to be annoying in limited, remember what is what. The fact that this isn’t white or blue makes me mad and sad.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Thats a fair conclusion, I’d say.

  • Ray Becker

    Collected Company just got much more annoying until it rotates out!

  • MrAptronym

    New favorite magic card. Not favorite card in the set, favorite card in the entire game. Its a real shame its just combat damage, but still, I love this thing. Now to build the deck around it. The multiplayer implications alone…

  • Red

    The race between Emrakul and the Woodland Geists. Who assimilates everyone first?

  • Marky Day

    LOL, what? Hilarious. Love it.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    The funniest thing is this can shut down Emrakul’s offensive with first strike and reach.

    • MrAptronym

      Someone attacking with Emrakul only to be foiled by a Permeating Mass and Aim High (presumably top decked) is something that could happen in limited when this set arrives.

      • Alex Levon Colello

        This would be SO flavourful too, with the flavor text on this card. Not only did they succeed in warping the forest, but Emrakul as well!

  • Psyren

    I have no clue how to judge this card. Sick with dec in stone though.

  • Nanya

    This + Sudden Spoiling makes for lots of fun!

  • Daedronus

    Can’t wait to give it reach at instant speed when my opponent swings with Ormendahl.

  • Zombie

    I’m tempted to play this in a Bant Control shell in Modern as maybe a 3-of.

    It completely blanks most early drops in the format. Tarmogoyf especially.

  • Vizzerdrix

    I kinda wish it was a 0/3 and triggered when it blocked be way funnier, could be a fun edh card give it darksteel plate

  • Vizzerdrix

    Lure + maelstrom pulse? Sounds fun

  • Robert FakeLastName

    I wish it was a 0/0 reach that got a 1/1 counter when it ETB.

    • Tolle

      No, that would translate as “when this creature deals combat damage to a creature, put that creature in its owner’s graveyard” because the creature wouldn’t have the ETB to get the +1/+1 counter.

      • Robert FakeLastName

        yes, thats the point…

        • Tolle

          Then just give it death touch. No reason that make such a convoluted card when we have that

          • Robert FakeLastName

            indestructible/regenerate. it has to be as busted as possible.

  • Alex Levon Colello

    Not only is this hilarious, but I honestly think this is constructed playable as a kill spell against decks that want to go big, like the eldrazi decks. Obviously, giving it reach can lead to even more value against the biggest threats as well (Grislbrand, Emrakul etc.). Whatever deck this gets run in though should have a bunch of fliers, so that the opponent doesn’t get value by turning your own good creatures into slimes.

    • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

      I can see it all now.

      Opponent: *successfully plays Brisela and swings with her*
      Me: *flashes in permeating mass, gives it flying and first strike, blocks*
      Opponent: *flips table*

      • Evan Dischinger

        But, but Brisela’s ability

        • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

          That’s true. I guess I’ll just have to play it before she melds then.

          • HMinnow

            Ah, This is what CoCo is for. Now you just need a way to give it flying and first strike

  • Jaya

    hilarious, makes eldrazi look like they arent even effecting anything on innistrad compared to this.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      This is gonna be like perplexing chimaera all over again lol. I cant wait lol. Maybe I should make a deck with both of them

  • Adrián Antonio

    everyone’s thinking only on the part of shuting your opponent’s best creatures but once you do it you’re giving your opponent the power to do the same to you

    • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

      To be fair, you’re probably blocking with this, and if they decide to swing at you with their new one, just Bloch it with this.

      You can use mighty leap and fliers to get over it if you’re worried about it defending
      Though honestly I think it would be hilarious to see a game where everything accidentally gets turned into permeating mass

  • Steven Wallace

    So… sideboard in every single modern deck for the mirror vs goyf?

  • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

    I’m so tempted to splash green in my spirit deck now just for this, especially with rattlechains because then it gets flash.

    Also, imagine bestowing noble quarry on this, slapping it with a Titanic growth, and taking out your entire opponent’s field by having it deal one damage to each creature. It would work amazingly in a spirit deck since you’d then be able to fly over all their permeating masses.

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • Urdothor

    Ohhhh the multiplayer shenanigans. A decent board state reduced to a dozen of these things.

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    One of us… one of us…

    • Nick Art


  • Psyren

    How about a Standard Bant Midrange deck? Permeating Mass, Sylvan Advocate, Reflector Mage, Den Protector or Bounding Krasis, Gisela, Dragonlord Ojutai or Avacyn, Eldritch Envocation, Gideon, Tamiyo, Dec in Stone, and Dromoka’s Command. Maybe have a single copy of Emrakul, Elder Deep Fiend, or Craterhoof Boarhemoth.


  • Ben Silver

    very powerful for 1. In burn block (insert threat here) 3 damage kill.

  • Spacecat Runner

    I would really love it if this were a bit of a start towards a possible Bant spirits. Rattlechains this in, investigate off Bishop, nerf something huge, then fly over.

  • Kahai

    Really feel this could have been cool an elemental. Spirits in green are weird.

    • Melissa Juice

      Yeah, I actually was wondering about that. Or even a spiiiriiiit elemental (despite the lack of sense). Spirits in green remind me of Princess Mononoke, though, which is always a good thing.

      • Kahai

        Funny thing is, we already had an Innistrad Elemental Spirit. His name is Malignus. :D

        Also Princess Mononoke. <3

        • Melissa Juice

          Oh yeahhh. Forgot about that thing. Malignus was amazing.

          • Kahai

            He still is. He gets cascaded into pretty often in my Wanderer commander deck. :3

    • Geddon

      We’re on innistrad, matey. Get used to the weird.

      • Kahai

        Yeah, i was expecting a couple awesome and weird elementals by now. Sadly, it is looking worse every day.

  • TogetherAlone

    If there is a way to give this firststrike or double strike you are gonna have a good time

  • Rovkir Hexus

    Now I want a card that says “Creature you control gain flying and first strike until end of turn.”

  • Dominic Ng

    If you think this card is strong, remember that your opponent’s creature will turn into this

    • Spacecat Runner

      It will. The back and forth on the ground will turn into mush. Run fliers with it. Bant Spirits.

      • Azerea97

        Yeah, I was planning on building an Azorius Spirit deck, but now that I’ve seen this, I might have to make it Bant.

  • Jeff Cook

    Thats the point. Swing with your ulamog hey look rattlechains into this. Now hes a nopedrazi 1/3 no abilities. I will let a 1/3 hit me all day over a huge creature. Run in control ftw?

  • Peter Johnston

    Combos with assault formation. (Deal 3 damage, the creature dies as the trigger resolves.)

    • Peter Johnston

      or gideon aoz emblem, my masses are bigger than yours.

  • TogetherAlone

    If you put two counters on this, does it have pseudo deathtouch or does it being copied reset damage?

    • Kevan Kramer

      Counters stay and count on copies

      • TheAweDude

        Copying a creature does not copy any external effects, like counters, equipment or enchantments.

        • Kevan Kramer

          I was talking about your creature with a counter turning into a copy of Permeating Mass

    • Trevor Terry

      The creature would die, becoming a copy of something does not change damage that was assigned earlier in the round.

    • Vincent Godin-Filion

      Becoming a copy doesn’t reset the amount of damaged marked on the creature. It doesn’t affect it’s other modifications like counters, giant growths and stuff. It will still have the +1/+1 of a Gaea’s anthem for exemple. Treat a copy as if your card became literally a photocopy of the other card. The rest doesn’t change.

    • Others have answered, but not really explained very well. When this deals damage to the creature, assuming it survives the 3 damage, it will then become a copy of this guy, a 1/3, (counters won’t get copied) and it will still have the 3 damage on it, and since it’s toughness is now 3, it will die.

  • Melissa Juice

    This is one of the coolest cards I’ve ever seen. This set’s so fun.

  • On tilt

    You can coco into this… Like reflector mage wasnt bad enough

  • Fcmalw

    Give this card indestructible and equip it with Lure.

    • He will still only deal damage to one of the blocking creatures, unless you pump his power to be higher than one.

  • MBase

    Okay. Okay. Hear me out. Bant control running new Tamiyo. Avacyn mid game. This guy. He dies, and everything he turned will die from Avacyn’s flip. Also she is safe from their copies. LET’S DO THIS!

    • Spacecat Runner

      Very nice. I was already loving the idea of Bantamiyo hitting +1 on a pair of this guy. “Your stuff turns to goop, I draw two”. Come to think of it, it’s a great deterrent to protect walkers as is.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    Run with Odric to give it first strike and flying.Grats, Emrakul is nearly worthless. Sneak in Sigarda to avoid mind slaver and then Emrakul really is worthless.

  • BinkyMcCummings

    gonna block him with 1/2 token lol thanks you

  • David S. McCrae

    Sweet Cuppin’ Cakes!! This is awesome!!

  • MountainProphet

    cryptoplasm it… have the board become a shapeshifting nightmare

  • merlin fehring

    So what happens if I bounce a creature (e.g with reflector mage or just the wind) that has been turned into permeating mass and before was some other creature like goblin dark dwellers. Do the dwellers go to the grave or back to my hand? If they are put to my hand how does the reflectormage effect work? Can I play the cards again or not?

    • Happy The Cat

      creatures changed to another form while on the board return to their normal state whenever they leave the battlefield. think about it like how a Clone works.

    • NoobOfLore

      Reflector Mage’s oracle rulings explicitly clarify this for you.

      ” In several cases, the name of the creature that was returned won’t match
      the name of that card once it’s back in its owner’s hand. For example,
      if the card was copying another creature, it will probably have a
      different name in its owner’s hand and can be cast again before your
      next turn. ”

      So if you bounce a copy of permeating mass with Reflector Mage, that creature’s controller won’t be able to cast anything named Permeating Mass until your next turn, regardless of what name the creature has once it’s in their hand.

  • Derek Niles

    Sweet effect, can’t wait to make it stupid somehow :P

  • Daniel Kaine Allen

    To clarify, this is useless against indestructible creatures, correct?

    • Slashdie

      Damage is still marked on Indestructible creatures, they just don’t die from lethal damage and destroy effects. Combat damage should still be dealt to the indestructible creature, resulting in it becoming a copy of Permeating Mass.

  • Zach

    Make all opponents creatures Permeating Mass then Declaration in Stone to wipe their board. Seems like it would be good at slowing down aggro builds.

  • Emmett Chan

    First strike makes this guy survive every combat against non first strikers (or double strikers). Assault formation is also a nice combo. And decloration in stone has already been mentioned and is also incredible. Overall amazing original flavourful playable card.

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      You can say that again, I can’t wait to see all the goofy things I can do with this.

    • adanac

      just needs indestructible somehow :P

  • Scott Mc clean

    Wonder if mono green stompy could use this?

  • adanac

    NVM misread card

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    Could somebody please ban MRBLUESEEEEP? I don’t want to translate his German insults here, as they are just disgusting.