• galen150

    the most flavorful loot effect card ever

  • Edward

    I think this might be Standard playable. It at least shouldn’t be overlooked

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    Aye, not bad, not bad at all.

  • Random Guy

    If you don’t want artifacts/treasures then it’s worse than Tormenting Voice, which is worse than Cathartic Reunion. If you do then it’s better than those others. But a deck that wants both lategame filtering and artifact synergy seems a little unlikely.

    • galen150

      Honestly i think tormenting and cathartic are about even. Early game cathartic is better cuz you still have plenty of cards to discard, but if you’re late game and top deck it then it’s a death card until you get 2 more cards but a tormenting will be usable the very next turn. I’d do a split of both if you want to use those cards. Both are 2 mana and draw you the same amount of cards as are spent

  • Shagoth

    So, everything people complain about Red not having in EDH outside of reliable tutors?

  • Happy The Cat

    As a standard only loot spell, this is okay, but it really didn’t need the discard to be part of the cost did it? I mean this is four bloody mana, a counterspell turns this into a pretty massive blowout. Tormenting Voice being so well received has made it the norm, but would discard a card, then draw two, then get two treasures have been that powerful? sure you get to cheat the discard when you’re hellbent but it’s four mana!

  • Jalais

    +2 mana Tormenting Voice just for 2 mana on layaway? Uegh.

    • Justus Bruestle

      Why do people think of treasures as just mana? You’re not supposed to spend them, you’re supposed to use them for treasure pay offs like Makeshift Munitions and Revel in Riches. Pirates occasionally need mana fixing but they don’t really need mana ramp. Treasures aren’t about the mana in treasure decks. If you’re not making a treasure deck then yes, tormenting voice is way better, that we can agree.

      • Jalais

        I think of treasures as mana because none of the payoffs are any good. Treasure map is the best, and it brings its own. And if this thing runs into counter magic you just lose.

    • TogetherAlone

      Yes but that mana layaway also fixes your colors in limited.

  • Kahai

    Wayne Reynolds at it again with the great art! :D

  • Lucas Ferreira

    I think it is good in Mono Red Commander. Outside of that it is just plain bad.

  • Сергей Петров

    I need this art D: