Preeminent Captain - M15 Spoiler

Preeminent Captain

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Kithkin, Soldier
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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FIrst strike

Whenever Preeminent Captain attacks, you may put a Soldier creature card from your hand onto the battlefield tapped and attacking.

  • Patrique

    Good reprint, I can see some synergy between Preeminent Captain and Brimaz! This already is feeling like a good M set :D

    • Graham Lucas

      no, the synergy is between this and captain of the watch with a goldnight commander on the field, two creatures swinging in for 14 damage on turn 4 is so sweet its wat I base my modern white/red soldier deck on. and if you have even 1 champion of the parish out, its 21, lol good times

    • Zombie

      Putting Brimaz into play with Captain doesn’t actually give you the 1/1 token, though.

      Brimaz has to be declared as an attacker for that to trigger, which means putting him into play off of Captain means you lose the 1/1 for that turn.

  • Daniel Gilmore

    Why couldn’t they have printed a red GOBLIN version of this?

    • Guy

      Goblin lackey, one the best cards of all time. Made legacy goblins competitive.

      • Guest

        He knows

      • Daniel Gilmore

        yeah but I can’t use Lackey in standard, now can I?

  • Bhuddy

    I want War Falcon back!
    Boros Elite, Soldier of the phanteon, War Falcon, Akroan Hoplite, Brimaz and Preeminet Captain makes a hell of a team, add some brave the elements, hall of triuph and spear of heliod and you are done.

  • newbiezzz

    Does this mean that you don’t have to pay its casting cost when they come into the battlefield because of preeminent attacking?

    • Meow


    • André

      You don’t cast the creature. You put it on the battlefield :)

  • Dapper Dimir

    better than brimaz?

    • Dapper Dimir

      actually, turn 2 or 3 play this guy next turn play brimaz and attck with 3 creatures lol

      • YouGotFranked

        if you mean to put Brimaz into play using the Captain’s ability, then no you will only attack with Brimaz and the Captain. Since Brimaz enters the battlefield after attackers are declared, his ability won’t trigger.

  • Madness

    Mirror-Sigil Sergeant ?

  • tsuck nets

    the nostalgia

  • Antares

    If Captain of the Watch gets spoiled, I am re-building my Soldiers deck. . . with this guy, Captain, and Evangel of Heliod at the head. :D

    White Devotion for the win :3

  • duncan

    sadly this triggers neither boros elite nor akroan hoplite… are there any other good choices?

    • Antares

      Spark Trooper?
      Foundry Champion?
      Boros Battleshaper (doesn’t trigger, but a 5/5 suddently coming down on turn 4 for some fightin’ isn’t a bad thing)?

      I’m hoping that Khans of Tarkir has some very badass soldiers to go along with this. I’m thinking that a White Devotion/Soldier Tribal deck would work wonders in standard. Especially since on T4, this would let you put down Evangel of Heliod (6 soldiers if you played 1 drop, 2 drop, Captain) for 6 soldiers, and keep mana up for Boros Charm. :3