• Laws

    Seems great, except I think Pirates wants to play in UB, not UR

    • Calvin

      Nope, it definently wants to incorporate red because of the new 1 Mana 2/2.

      • Laws

        You say that, but that’s a completely different strategy than what the current tier 2 UB pirate deck is doing

        • Calvin

          Well yeah, but we’re talking about new cards not what is happening right now. but I’m saying a new deck will probably be in the works that will definitely want to run red because of the new 1 drop.

    • Random Guy

      …that’s the point of having different colors, to make deck diversity?

      So for comparison, the average “conditionless clone” is 4 mana and Phantasmal Image which is a clone that dies to all removal is 2. It’s at a fair balance spot, like most cards in this set.

      • Laws

        I said it seemed like a great card. The question is whether or not there are enough cards in the colors it wants to play in to support a viable deck.

    • Kahai

      It’s okay to have some pirates outside of UB. Remember Admiral Beckett Brass is UBR.

    • sansmyhands

      I’ve been playing a U/R pirates list that’s got a bit of game but definitely needs some help to be competitive and it’s looking like Rivals might give it the help it wants. That said, I’d say this is still mostly a sideboard card.

  • Happy The Cat

    that’s a good joke name for gym jockeys.

  • Sean Harp

    I need 12 just because of that art

  • Edward

    I kind of wish it stayed a Pirate for Beckett Brass EDH but it is still great

  • Oscar

    I don’t know of admiral beckett brass wants this.

    How good are clones in limited anyway?

    • Shagoth

      I mean, clones are pretty good in commander, three mana is good, this will typically always turn on, and it’s a pirate spell, so there’s advantages.

  • Derek Niles

    a 2 color, 1 mana less clone that has a condition to be usable. Couldn’t this have been an uncommon?

    • xSiNx SHADOW

      2 colors is easier to cast in a multicolor deck than a 2u 4 cmc clone

  • Luminous_leper

    Does a clone critter copy enchantments of the copied creature?