Ramunap Excavator - Hour of Devastation Spoiler

Ramunap Excavator

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You may play land cards from your graveyard.

  • Silveros

    Description says library when it should say graveyard. In any case, hello Magus of the Crucible!

    • Hedronal

      If only it meant library though.

  • kk

    This is like Crucible… needs utility lands to be good!!

    Standard , not the right format for him..

    • Feedthemtolions

      well since you apparently know the rest of the set to come to that conclusion, please tell us.

    • Tezzybros

      umm… bicycle lands?

      • Ultramegalord

        Evolving wilds, blighted woodland for style points

  • ShahrazadMan

    I was just thinking the other day “I want to build Gitrog in EDH, but I cant afford a crucible!” Wizards, you read my mind. Thanks.

    • Akisama Inu

      i built gitrog in edh without crucible, still works pretty fine
      can’t wait for this bad boy to join the deck though

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    The Gitrog player laughs. We cry.

    • Dr. Burn Crow


    • Ultramegalord

      Nekusar shrugs with indifference

      • Lord Gonti Of The Orzov Networ

        I just realised that ur profile picture was an altered art scion of the ur dragon

        • Ultramegalord

          Yeah it’s one of my favorites

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    -cackles with mad power-

  • Edward

    The Gitrog Monster and Sidisi EDH players rejoice. We have been saved. Now we must no longer buy a $50+ card just to play lands from our graveyards. It is also a creature so it is better than Crucible Of Worlds in Sidisi decks.

  • Shagoth

    No one this can’t see at least a little bit of play. Strangely, I think this will see moderate vintage play but not as much legacy play and definitely not modern play. Modern is too aggressive/bolt heavy for a green creature crucible IMO, legacy might have a better shot, but I still doubt it, but vintage has all of the lands getting destroyed, strip mines to boot, easy mana, and very little bolts due to the eldrazi surge. Granted, Crucible is still usually better due to the whole colorless thing, it doesn’t die to swords, and it can’t be Mishra’d T1, but on the other hand more copies can’t hurt and also, I want to see more green in vintage than basically four spells.
    Also, the Gitrog Monster isn’t the most expensive build for a commander ever now in terms of required cards. (Seriously, the deck NEEDS fetch lands, wastelands, strip mines, this card, sometimes even Lion’ss Eye Diamond, and some other stuff that is really expensive, unless you want to build a fair deck. )

    • xxxx

      In vintage Fastbond is still restricted so I feel like there isn’t much of a place for crucible snek atm. Too bad though … would be cool.

      • Shagoth

        You’re sadly probably right. This card is so cool, though. I want it to do something so bad.

  • Oscar

    This is the first playable release promo in a very long time guys! I’m crazy excited. This belongs in every single green EDH deck if any fetch lands or utility lands like strip mine are included. There it is even more powerful than Crucible of Worlds, because your green tutors can search for it.

    • Blake Otha Jerome Bunch

      it’s weaker because it’s a million times easier to remove than crucible.

      • Oscar

        It is also easier to bring back from the graveyard. I didn’t mean that Ramunap Excavator is an overall stronger card than Crucible of Worlds, only that if you want this effect only once because you don’t care about redundancy, in most green EDH decks, you’d rather play the creature.

  • Soren Szilver

    We have needed another crucible effect for a long while. This is definitely welcome!

  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Sexy af, time to Unbench the gitrog monster

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      You may very well be right. It’ll finally be a chance to make it’s ability less of a negative.

  • PrissyRose


  • Cthulhooo

    Um…All glory to hypnotoad?


  • Cooper Jurgen ZIlkenat

    I’ve been wanting to build Gitrog…

  • Bostorket

    “I hereby dub this a World… OF CRUCIBLES.”

  • Han Solo II


  • Nanya

    Oh goodie! More ways to abuse fetch-lands in green.

  • Cynical Bastards

    I mean it does die to bolt but still

    • Friedrich

      It CoW with an upside in Dredge colours, maybe? Just maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please?

    • Thomas Luffman

      Possibly in ponza? Please​ don’t make this deck good.

    • Happy The Cat

      Green aggro decks can run this in place of a land or two and just keep cracking from the graveyard without having to draw lands.

    • Shagoth

      Collected company.
      Dream scenario:
      Collected into this and renegade rallier, get back a fetch land, play a fetch from your yard, and value the heck out of everything.

  • jude

    Gitrog Players: I WANT 10000 tough land combos! And i want 10000 soft land combos to make the tough combos look tougher! And her’s how i want them arranged…tough, tough soft, tough, soft, tough, soft soft, tough tough, soft soft, tough…..
    Opponents:…sir i think you’ve gone mad with power >~>

    • raziel11

      that is an amazingly obscure reference, but i love it.

  • Deadly Berry

    The Gitrog Monster accepts this offering.

  • Bige Boiy

    crucible of snek

  • Bige Boiy

    too bad it doesn’t have a masterpiece art to make it worth playing over crucible

    • Blake Jelliot

      I mean, I’ll play both.

  • Hedronal

    What in the gods’ names does Ramunap mean? Is that what nagas are called on Amonkhet? The name of what’s being excavated?

    • Dave

      Judging from the flavour text, I’d say it’s a location.

    • Dan Langevin

      Whoa, Black Betty. Ramunap.

      • Hedronal


        • Happy The Cat

          I think it’s a reference to a song called “Black Betty” by Ram Jam.

      • Derek Niles

        I just woke up my dog laughing, he did not find this nearly as funny as I did

    • Falconfly

      Probably an ancient city. Or could even be one of the three “new” gods…

    • Robert FakeLastName

      could be a tribe name.

    • Jon Vowles

      Mana pun

  • Happy The Cat

    Oh hey green beatdown now has its own crucible to reuse fetchs in the yard so they never miss a land drop… mmmkay

  • xxxx

    Sweeet my Hazezon Tamar desert theme edh deck loves this!! The artwork fits perfectly and I can get rid of one of the two proxies I play (crucible). I’m almost there all that’s left now is buying a Diamond Vally :). For me personally the set is already great.
    Good job wizards :D

    • Rich

      Why you mention diamond valley? Whats your idea with it? Thnx

  • xxxx

    Can we all agree that from this day on it’s name will be known as:

    • Bige Boiy

      i rather like magus of the crucible
      or magus of「THE WORLD」if you’re feeling fancy

  • Aurore

    Everyone’s talking about Gitrekt Monster

    Meanwhile I’m just sitting here with my Titania deck, equally happy.

  • Ed

    This is why all of RND needs to be Fired.

    • Richard Coghlan

      You kidding? WoTC just made a looooot of players happy. This is gonna end up being the budget Crucible.
      Heck, I know that I’m gonna pick up a full playset. Nissa, Ghave, and my cube all want this.

  • Blahblahblahbla


  • Aarhg

    Uhmmmm, okay. Okay, I’m okay with this. Okay.

  • Shagoth

    Wait, cycling lands. Oh god.
    It’s a shame that Shadows and Eldritch are cycling, you could make a pretty mean land dredge deck now.

  • RaxuRangerking

    This card’s name sounds like a verbal rearrangement of “mana ramp”.

    • jackofalltrades


  • William Powell

    All these Gitrog players and here I am just wanting this card for my Omnath Locus of Hate deck. I can see myself cycling land/blowing up all lands and getting them back with both Groundskeeper and Ramunap… the dream <3

    • Akisama Inu

      if that’s the case, splendid reclamation might also do a great job there, since they bring them back all at once to the battlefield

  • Eventide

    The non-promo version is a king cobra naga! Squee!!!

  • Akisama Inu

    an affordable crucible of worlds for my gitrog, awesome :D