• Happy The Cat

    5 drop 3/3 that can pull itself out of Avacyn’s nuke by killing off the other things Avacyn would kill anyway.
    it’s like they want angel tribal to be a thing or something.

    • Jade

      They’d have to give us a few cheaper ones. But that would be pretty sweet.

      • Happy The Cat

        there are a couple of two drop angels in the world and Serra Avenger could always use a functional.

        • nightshade88

          Problem with Serra Avenger is that you can’t play her until turn 4.
          Plus if you are going angel-tribal you will never flip Avacyn.

          • Hedronal

            At that point, I’m packing scions to transform her, and help with the cost issue.

  • Greyhald

    Was the fallen angel too good or why had they downgrade it?

    • guy

      White isn’t really good at sacrificing- so while sacrificing comes natural to black, white needs to jump through some hoops.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    This better be something temporary. I hate what they are doing to the angels. Either killing them off or changing them into pseudo white demons. It wouldn’t be bad if there were at least some normal angels, but i doubt we are getting anything like that. In fact, i wouldn’t be surprised if they use this as an excuse to kill off another plane of angels.

    • Kahai

      There’s something horrible going on on Innistrad.

      Avacyn, and her angels are like a lightning rod. They feel the balance of the plane. When one end swings to far, they act.

      For whatever reason, it seems they have been tainted.

      Angels in other planes are going to be their pure white angelie-selves. Don’t worry.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        The ones that arn’t dead, you mean?

        Innistrad is the only plane where angels are still active and the only plane with angel support. Forgive me if Im a little worried my favourite tribal could actually fizzle up before my eyes in block.

        • Kahai

          We just got newly printed angels.

          what are you talking about?

          We got two new angels in Origins: Archangel of Tithes and Patron of the Valiant.
          In Battle: Angel of Renewal, Angelic Captain, and Emeria Shepherd.
          In Oath: Linvala, the Preserver.

          That’s 6 new angels in three sets. Serra Angel was in Origins, which makes it standard legal. No one is “hurting” anything…

          • Hedronal

            Also, Boros angels on Ravnica are at various rarities again.

    • Falconfly

      Care to name a plane where angels have been entirely killed off?

      Red/White as an antagonist force is really refreshing. There’s only so much you can do with the Boros on the background and second fiddle to the true villain factions.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        The story articles for BFZ cleanly stated that the angels there were wiped out. This was very recent news.

        To name a second, Serra’s realm. In fact, the whole plane is gone, not just roughly 90% of the angels who once lived there. The surviving angels evacuated to Dominaria, where we may never return.

        Bant is under seige. Say what you want. The war was started by a demon who only wanted to eat angels. People seem to like to say Bant is fine, but forget the whole point Elspeth left Bant in the first place was to find people to help, because it was doomed if she didn’t. Low and behold, she’s dead. Not much hope for Bant now.

        Boros angels are at a fraction of what they once were, thanks to Dimir.

        I mean, I dont mean to get pissed, but this tribal is the primary reason I started playing magic back in Avacyn Restored.

        I don’t mind a white antagonist, but after a block that explicitly shafted wgat was supposed to be the plane with thfe greatest angel support before Innistrad, Im a little annoyed by the fact that my favorite plane’s angels are next on the chopping block because they are suddenly bad guys.

        • Falconfly

          Serra’s Realm was +decades ago, Bant is still functional (per Commander information on the Aven lady thingie) and the only person specifically interested in their demise, Malfegor, is now dead, and the Boros massacre was either retconned or successfully hypassed, since angels are now very common again.

        • Hedronal

          The Innistrad angels aren’t likely at all to be gone, as whatever is corrupting them is more probably the main source problem to be solved. Also, given that their prominence has not decreased in Innistrad, I doubt that we’ll be without angel tribal.

          • Arcus Diabolus

            After that last uncharted realms, I cant help but agree with you. I just hope its as you say in that it is something that will be solved by breaking the curse and not through the deaths of angels. Knowing the humans of Innistrad, its not a leap to assume they’d revolt against the angels even afterwards out of fear.

    • Lord Bearington

      Sorin is still obligated to protecting humanity and vampires (by making sure they don’t eat themselves into extinction). It’s just that there is literally something bigger than avacyn going nuts going on here. This something is what is leading to the angels going crazy and turning on humanity and even stranger creatures appearing now. I think maybe one of the flights will still be sane, and sorin might grant one of the powerpuff girls or all of them avacyn-like powers, and maybe a way to stop whatever is happening from happening. I highly doubt sorin would leave his home plane without protectors for the humans because something went wrong.

      • Hedronal

        Based on the recent official fiction, the only flight leader left untainted is Sigarda, of Flight Herons (Hexproof).

    • Kahai

      To better make a point: Angels are not going anywhere. They will be printed for as long as Magic is. They are after all White’s Iconic Creature.

      Just because a few planes with angels have had some troubles doesn’t mean an entire creature type is going away, being corrupted.

      Innistrad has the most angels of any block ever, we are likely to near repeat that, with some corrupt, and some not.

      • Arcus Diabolus

        Just because they will continue to print the occasional angel doesn’t mean we will still have support for them. I mean Zendikar was the central hub for angel stuff. You got an angel? Chances it was from Zenikar. But now all of them are more or less gone and the fact that we only got 4 out of the entire set is where most of my worries lay now in Innistrad. I honestly dont care if they never print another plane with angels as long as I can say theres one that has dedicated angel support.

        • Kahai

          Angels were on Innistrad before Avacyn. Angels will be on Innistrad after her.

          Angels will return to Zendikar. This is a fact. Many were killed fighting the Eldrazi, but many of other races also died. If angels can exist on a plane, they will always return, as long as there is white mana, Angels can form naturally.

          Innistrad block gave us the most angels. @ 16 angels.
          By comparison, Zendikar block gave us 7 new angels, Battle 4 more. 11 angels in total from Zendikar.
          9 total angels from ravnica.
          6 from Alara.

          That’s 42 angels across 5 planes.

          There are a total of 122 printed angel cards (not including tokens), with 80 angels spread across all the other sets.

          By comparison, my favorite creature type, Sphinx, with 38 cards. Hell, when we went to Greece for Theroes, we got more hydras than Sphinxes… :/

          Angels are fine. XD

  • Stinker289

    I feel like the delirium mechanic has something to do with the angels acting weird. Like there was just enough death they started to go insane.

  • Dewill

    as close to a Fallen Angel as it gets… still will be disappointed if they don’t reprint her in this set

  • Nebulium

    I love, love, LOVE color pie bleed. Since this is an almost colorshifted Fallen Angel, naturally I think it is the bee’s knees.

  • Rufus Seward

    I wish this was “sac a creature: then if you have delirium, it gets +2/+1.”