• Johan K

    I have around four EDH decks that all use tonnes of mass creature removal (Tasigur, Sydri, Boros Avacyn, Zurgo). This fitting in three of them is great and almost too easy.



  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Captain Lannery Storm has a wincon.

  • xxxx

    Playable in modern?!?
    Maybe with cards like Forbidden Orchard, Beast Within, …. this could be a deck soon.
    With Bontu’s Last Reckoning you could win on the upkeep of your 4th turn. If you don’t have the magical chrismas land draw you are just a good control deck.
    Toshiro Umezawa and Illness in the Ranks both synergize nicely with Forbidden Orchard as well.

  • Tezzybros

    *Treasure cruise pun*

  • Jonathan Reynolds

    I think this costs 4B, not 1B. The vertical line we see in the mana cost is a placed a bit towards the right side.

    Also, it may be ten treasure tokens instead of six. The quantity is hard to make out, but it definitely looks like a short (in letter quantity) number. Ten would fit that bill as well.

    • xxxx

      I hope that that isn’t the case. Cmc 2 with 6 treasures would make it such a cool card.

      • Jonathan Reynolds

        You say cool; I say broken.

        • Daniel Kaine Allen

          Except that easy artifact removal is still in standard.

          • Tolle

            It isn’t almost like there are more formats than standard!

          • Shagoth

            It’s almost like all of the cards in standard are in other formats!

          • Tolle

            And that artifact removal might not be good enough in other formats where other cards make getting these treasure tokens easier.

          • Shagoth

            Every other format has the same artifact removal in standard and then some. Except pauper. But this is a rare anyways. Also artifact removal is not the way to handle this. If it does say six, a single damnation should get you six treasures, and then bam.

          • Tolle

            Removal isn’t the only thing going on. Your own example of damnation is a great example. He said that good artifact removal in standard kept this from being broken, but other formats have ways of breaking this with good artifact removal being able to do nothing. So yes, everything you say is true, however, except for your damnation comment which helps me, is irrelevant to the conversation.

          • Shagoth

            Either way, I don’t think By Force would fix something that produces so many artifacts faster than you can say “DesolatorMagic said Cryptolith Rite would be banned in Vintage”

          • Tolle

            I’m arguing the card is broken in other formats. That all the cheap removal wouldn’t do anything to help fix it! That is what I’ve been saying from the start!

          • Shagoth

            Oh, my bad.
            I doubt this card is actually priced how it says here.

          • Tolle

            I agree with that. My guess is 4B and you need 10. Even so that still seems powerful in a lot of eternal formats.

          • Jonathan Reynolds

            Artifact removal would just be a minor setback, and not for a good cost. A card and a couple mana to destroy a treasure token? Not a good trade.

            You need enchantment removal to get rid of this. But if it is 2 CMC and not legendary, the treasure player could easily put a couple of these down early.

  • Cthulhooo

    1B? Too easy in EDH.

  • Shagoth

    This is genuinely format destroying if it’s two mana, which I doubt. I wouldn’t even be speculating this time, it just would. It creates artifact tokens so easily so “dying to removal” is just extra dumb with the treasures, and it looks like outside of this, treasures are as easy to make as clues so it wouldn’t just rely upon the opponent’s creatures. This is why I say it won’t see play because it probably costs 5 mana, or it requires ten instead of six.

    • Arceus8523

      I’m actually thinking it’s both.

  • Robert FakeLastName

    so this is hilarious to have with a board wipe against any token deck.

    • Jay Kilian

      This is serious sideboard tech against tokens. If there are other Treasure creating cards this could get nuts.

  • Julna Buras

    What’s this? An actually viable alternate win-con in Standard?

  • Arcus Diabolus

    This cannot be 1B. If it is, a playset of this and nothing but blockers, spot removal and board wipes would be a viable turn 4 win.

  • Jude

    Hi! Im here to tell you that: this card is ridiculous everywhere and if it realpy is 1B its gonna be a deck by itself in every format. Standard pirates gets treasures anyway, legacy has way too many ways to kill 4 creatyres and see this things upkeep trigger, modern is about the same, and no duh commanders gonna eat this card alive. No, seriously there isnt a black deck in existance that doesnt want to get lotus petals for killing opponents creatures. If it /is/ 1 generic and 1 black, this card is going to be a stupid bomb all over the game

  • jaya

    This cant be right for EDH, with 3 opponents its just so easy to drop this b4 a toxic deluge and win on next upkeep. And just 6…Way too easy.

    • Harry Palm

      It’s actually 5 which makes it easier!

    • Happy The Cat

      hi! I’m here from the future to tell you it’s 10 Treasures! time travel is a bit wonky so I don’t know when this will reach you however…

  • scyther36045

    Looks more like 3B to me. Just sayin’.

    • MTG fan

      I agree

  • JR WS

    It kinda looks like it could be 6B. Which would fit something this powerful

  • Seth Stephens

    if the cost is correct then itst just a better black market and that card would be too good in modern standard . eitherthese are fake after all or something is wrong abouit the cost or something because this seems almost qas nutty as copy cat and problaby better than marvel

    • Robert FakeLastName

      this is not better than black market. this is BM with the condition of removing the counters to create the mana. bm you get the full amount every turn. BM also does not care whose creatures dies this does.

      • Demiurgo

        But this has a win condition sticked to it. While is not on par with BM’s mana ramp, it’s reduced cost and win condition sure make room for some combo opportunities in Modern. Plus, the treasures generates mana from any color, this card is basically a renewable source of Lotus Petals. And black have tons of removal, so it won’t be difficult to make your opponent’s creatures die.

  • Happy The Cat

    Lannery just got made so much scarier.
    also March of the Machines, an anthem and any form of Grave Pact. now nobody gets to play creatures. add Kormus Bell and Urborg, now nobody gets to play Magic.
    anyhow. there is no way the mana cost says 1b and the needed amount is six. both are super blurry.

  • Jacob Womack

    Pretty sure it’s “Revel in Riches”, right?

  • Bostorket



    This card is too good. I think the mana cost could be either 4{b}, or 5{b}.

  • Nathan Harviala

    That win condition is completely unnecessary. Black control desperately needed some form of ramp, and this card would have been amazing without the extra text.

  • Lilith Geisler

    I don’t think this is six…. I think its more like 20-50 treasures are required. Its pretty ridiculous, and 6 would be too easy to achieve. Especially when these cards have a history of requiring counters of like 100 or something.

    • Omeneon

      I’m thinking it’s ten not six, since it does look to be a 3 letter word and six seems too easy to achieve like you said.

  • Jude

    Hmm .3. It gives me a bit of a black market feel for lotus petals instead of precombat main mana…im good with that actually thats kinda nice. Any color mana makes this card i think. The wincon stapled to it is pretty sweet ro. Yeah its a bit expensive but its also an enchantment with a pretty easy to trigger ability. I know i want it, thats for sure. Pirate treasures, im liking the deck already

    • TogetherAlone

      So its a black market for artifact decks. I like it.

  • Jay Kilian

    Put this in Curse Control with maybe some other Treasure creators (like the lands) and you’ve got a deck.

  • Alex Kronfeld

    esper mechanized production anyone?

    • Jay Kilian

      Abrade is everywhere, will need to be pretty counter heavy.

      • Alex Kronfeld

        yeah, a control package would be required, but the deck’s main idea would be to get all the treasures at once, in one go. production is essentially just copies 5-8 of revel in riches. also, a playset of jaces would likely be included as a backup win con and way to dig.

  • Reyos Blackwood

    So they’re gold but not gold, gold is a kind of treasure…

  • Hedronal

    Seeing all the posts other people made months ago remind me of another reason I dislike leaks; They give people reason to speculate on things that would have been confirmed by a real release, like mana cost.

    The art seems like it could use something in the upper corners.

  • Bostorket


  • Jacob Brandfas

    I actually wish this card didn’t have the alternative win condition. I’d really like to use it to amass like 50 treasure, then use it all to cast Villainous Wealth.

  • Anthony George

    I wanna see the look on an opponents face when I gather 10 treasures, cast this, end my turn, and then on their next turn I cast Glorious End. Unless they have some instant speed removal, it’ll make a nice one-two punch knockout.