• TheAweDude

    Might be a 6/6. Or a 5/5. Either way, way too overcosted.

    • Shagoth

      The cost doesn’t look like it’s legible, it just seems like a guess. The idea of a Furnace of Wrath on a critter is pretty strong, it basically gives itself double strike.

    • Ziembski

      It might ba a bit overcosted, but it affects only your sources, not all like furnace of rath or DotTG.

  • jaya

    Overcosted just for that effect.

    • Random Guy

      Seems like it has some other text though.

  • Edward

    Ignoring the card itself we can assume we are getting a RB planeswalker named Angrath since he is mentioned here and in Dragonskull Summit’s flavor text. He could be interesting if they decide to build him around being a Pirate seeing as he is a Pirate Captain. His plus could make a pirate token with some keyword like Menace or Deathtouch and his minus will probably deal damage is some way. That would be boring but it is the most likely abilities for him to have.The final could be pretty open ended but will probably be an emblem that has something to do with damage or discard. I would assume 4cmc since Jace is already a 3 which makes another 3cmc planeswalker unlikely. I mainly want it to produce Pirate tokens to protect itself and for Pirate EDH.

    • Happy The Cat

      based on the flavor text it sounds like we might have an Ob Nixilis situation where they used to be a planeswalker but they lost their spark or whatever.

      • Edward

        Yeah I was thinking that but since the character is clearly RB which would mean a RB Legendary Creature. We have had Legendary RB creatures in the last 2 sets which makes it seem unlikely they would do another one in this set or even block.

      • Necrachilles

        Except hints of it in other planeswalkers as well

        “There are moments when I feel I could fly like the sunwing. Far away I would soar, but always a golden gale pushes me back.” ~ Huatli

        • Happy The Cat

          yeah, that was most of a week ago, now that we have more stuff it’s looking more like Tartarus or some other “pit of no escape” situation, Angrath sounds like he is taking more of a Lord of the Flies approach to being trapped on a plane.