• rhodos

    that with Shadowborn Apostle in my edh :3

  • Happy The Cat

    edh all star ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • ‘Viktor’y

    My Hedron Alignment deck just got a whole lot better!

    • Scott Fridinger

      Yep, bringing the pieces together, particularly the exile portion…

  • Shagoth

    Pack Hunt’s graveyard counterpart. I do like it when they harken back to older designs.

  • Neil_21080

    secret salvage? its not really secret, when you have to reveal them :P

  • Rio Chuck

    it should be like call over a ref so they know you arent cheating and then have your opponent close their eyes

  • Robert FakeLastName

    storm?maybe? it is a bit of a stretch but i have high hopes.

  • Nathan Harviala

    I feel like this thing kisses 8 Rack on the lips. 3 more of a discard spell? Thank you!