Selfless Spirit - Eldritch Moon Spoiler

Selfless Spirit

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Spirit
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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Sacrifice Selfless Soul: Creatures you control gain indestructible until end of turn.

  • Tolle

    Cheaper Dauntless Escort. I like.

    • Ryū

      Much agreed.

  • Chaospyke

    And my R/W Aggro just keeps getting more love.

  • Erik López Barcelar

    Could be useful with Rattlechains

  • Jazzyboy1

    Bant Aristocrats, here we go. (using Emrakul’s Evangel as the main sac outlet)

  • Dominic Ng

    Commander staples are always welcomed

  • Blank88

    Recursion with Alesha, yum!

  • Rovkir Hexus

    That’s a Spirit Cleric.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This is saucy, i like.

  • Marco Bogni

    it is a spirit cleric – not just spirit

    • spencer

      Good catch, that does say cleric, too.

  • Bige Boiy

    All these “this is a cleric” comments will be so confusing when it gets fully translated, as if this somehow broke cleric tribal and people were freaking out.

    • Vectis

      i actually laughed while reading this :)

  • Zombie

    Joining Dauntless Escort and Loxodon Hierarch in my Trostani deck for added redundancy, I like it.

  • justindeltora

    hello avacyn breaker

  • Kevin Johnstone

    So mono white totally needed an anti board wipe card… with flying… for 2 mana… Yup………. /sigh

    The game is all about sh*t weenie creature beat down now a days. Control decks will never get to thrive. Its been 2 years and counting.

    • Bige Boiy

      relax, the only boardwipes in standard are exile or -X/-X anyways.

    • jane smithers

      Ya b/c the Control decks where not a thing in THEIR time. Style changes with a set. Watch us go Burn heavy in the next set as we head to Chandra’s home plane.

      • Son Goku

        Those poor, poor control decks. They never got a chance to shine.

        • jane smithers

          I know right. I get sad every time I think of how control was never really given a chance.

        • spencer

          Historically, there used to be a balance of control, aggro and combo or midrange strategies. Control was always viable and isn’t always a viable strategy anymore. And green of all colors currently has the best card advantage instead of blue. I would probably have more interest in standard if it wasn’t most green/x+/- beatdown WITH card advantage for the last few years

          • Son Goku

            Control is still viable. I don’t know about Standard, but blue is still far and away the most powerful color. Every time I hear about some deck tearing up the pro circuit, the majority of the time it’s Esper or something control-based. The fact that other decks are actually viable against control these days is a feature, not a bug. Again, not sure about Standard, since I usually don’t play it. Too expensive and often frustrating to do so. But if one format isn’t ruled by control, that isn’t a problem to me.

            Green definitely is seeing a lot of love, though, isn’t it? For a time, creatures just really couldn’t keep up with spells. How things change!

          • spencer

            Discussing the viability of control vis-a-vis new sets is pretty much a discussion of standard.
            I’m not some old control player whining, I think sets/blocks should be devised such that control strategies are viable as well as aggro or midrange or *gasp* combo or even **double gasp** prison. Wizards has gone in a certain direction that displaced entire strategies. I wish hey wouldn’t or I would play standard

          • EJ

            Isn’t hatebears a control strategy? Seems to me someone with a bunch of creatures that say “your opponent can’t do x” could wrath the board, sacrifice this creature and have a one-sided board wipe.

          • spencer

            Not really. D&t is closer to prison and hate bears are more aggro/control.
            MBC circa 2003 had 4 creatures in it. I think k in the 1997 worlds, a top 8 deck had one creature. Those are classic control strategies. I used to play a slide control with 4 creatures in it.
            Control strategies have always relied on more spells and fewer creaturss

          • Jazzyboy1

            I think the real problem is that Wizards is giving mid-range too much support, and green generally has the best 2-drops and 6+-drops for mid-range decks to run. Most of the winning decks recently have been multicolour mid-range, almost always including green cards because green has the best mid-range creatures.

            Wizards just needs to be a bit more lenient with giving red aggro support, and with giving blue and black slow control pieces.

      • Nathan Harviala

        If we go burn heavy in a place where pyromancy has been forbidden, I’d be surprised. After all, that’s how Chandra ascended.

        • jane smithers

          Eh Something has to drag her back. Seems like a story point to me to have a big pyromancy Rebellion or something. Then add in the fact that she is likely to be the story lead, then they are going to make cards to suite her. I also am betting a on a healthy artifact selection as well.

      • Happy The Cat

        lol if we go burn heavy it will be because wizards printed burn cards for colors besides red, we wont get any fast burn even as strong as Lightning Strike for a long time.

        • jane smithers

          Lightning Strike is disgusting. Arrrg the rage induced by one little card.

    • Deadly Berry

      Languish? Ever heard of it?

    • Happy The Cat

      the reason that weenie has taken over is because it’s one hard counter, burn, has been nerfed to hell and back. I’m genuinely excited about a three mana three damage rare it’s gotten so bad.

  • John Doan

    This with ojutai’s command is crazy. surprise! indestructible!

    • kukuc96

      Its not really a surprise since they can see it in your graveyard.

      • John Doan

        Well surprise in terms of them not knowing you have a command in hand. So leaving four mana up adds that much more pressure to not attack.

        • Spacecat Runner

          Agreed. Rattlechains him in first go, then Ojutai a second. This makes UW spirits very happy.

    • Vizzerdrix

      I’d say more collected company but I’d only run it sb

  • Lockwert


  • silverhawk100

    Well, there is that 6 mana exile all the things in the previous set. That’s totally playable, right?

    • Nonbinary Bith

      Indestructible only works with destroy effects that send things to the graveyard though, Descend upon the Sinful’s exile trumps it.

      • silverhawk100

        Sorry I was too sarcastic. I meant to say “This is designed to counter control decks… again. This one creature means control decks might have to lean on Descend Upon the Sinful… which at six mana is probably unplayable. Damn, no wonder the best control decks in this meta are running bounce all the things and then shuffle your hand away. It’s the only way to deal with these wide strategies.”

  • GreyVulture

    I like this a lot in modern company