Skyline Predator - Return to Ravnica MTG Spoiler

Skyline Predator

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“It will dodge your first arrow and flatten you before there’s a second.”
-Alcarus, Selesnya archer

  • Kenneth Mebus

    Eh, he’d be better if he had a splash of white and was given the detain ability. He’s not bad, per say, but not fantastic either.

    • Williamgrey

      Detain on a creature with flash? Nah. This won’t see play outside of limited.

    • Bookworm1896

       I think he’s Izzet. Their hinting that Izzet will have a good number of drakes/dragons

      • Xero

        If he was Izzet, he’d have the Izzet watermark.  This card is just blue, that’s all.

  • League man

    Restoration angel is just plain better.

  • AnonymousPlayer

    Maybe this is a card for the Simic?
    Isn’t it that all the guilds have their cards already, it’s just that the five(Rakdos, Azorious, Golgari, Izzet and Selesnya) are more represented in RtR?

    • Lorescale

      Nah, its only those five in this set and only the others in gatecrash.
      Cards without a guild watermark are guildless, except for Vraska i think

  • FuntimeManchop

    Six mana for that?!

  • Pl Szajba

    It’s very nice card! Actually, it would be, for 3 mana -.-

    • SilverAlex92

      Lets see, a 3/3, on average should cost [3], so a 3/4 is a little over the [3]. Flying cost a mana, so a 3/4 flying for [4] is very good, add flash on it and on the very least it should be [5]. However, this card isnt a rare, which new abilities tends to be “like an uncomun but cheaper on the mana” (think of baneslayer, resto angel, blade splicer, they all should cost a lot more mana). So, yes the card cost a lot of mana, yes the card is crappy, yes you mutst have been under the effect of serious drugs to belive that a 3/4 flying flash UNCOMUN should cost 3 mana.

  • guest

    You people do know that there are junk cards in every set right?

  • Gaqua13

    Come on you guys. They need to have just some basic overpriced stuff for limited formats. The point is that the basic overpriced stuff adds to the flavour and the world and that the art is cool – it’s that all the cards, whether they’re good or not, work and are fun. Isn’t this fun? It’s a total and complete badass. Selesnyan archers think so.

    • GreyMan820

      That was correct and informative, while still providing slight but tasteful humor

  • Brian

    Man, wizards really hates blue.  =(

  • Buttery Raven

    this was made for limited

  • Mlundgoldstein

    Oh look it’s Fairy Invaders with an extra toughness for another mana just for limited once again

  • Wisdomseyes3

    Now, I read some of the comments… And it’s kind of funny.

    “it would actually be a good card if it was 3 mana”

    3 mana for a 3/4 flying flash… Yea… That’s realistic on a card…

  • Firestorm75

    I don’t understand the hate on this card. I like it, the art and the flavor text are both awesome. Besides, who really sees a creature hitting the board at instant speed coming, anyway? It always surprised my opponents when a Spire Monitor or Wolfir Avenger jumped in to block an attacker.