Solemn Recruit - Aether Revolt Spoiler

Solemn Recruit

  • Color: White
  • Type: Creature - Dwarf, Soldier
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Set:

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  • Nebulium

    Another 2/2 double strike for 1WW with an upside, not that I mind.

  • sansmyhands

    This thing gets scary quick.

  • guest

    sadly this will never replace mirran crusader in legacy death n taxes (being able to dodge abrupt decay is a real thing), but nonetheless a very cool card!

    • Zombie

      Dodging Abrupt decay isn’t nearly as important as dodging Fatal Push, now.

      This dies to a Revolt-ing Fatal Push, Abrupt Decay, Lightning Bolt, everything.

      It’s very strong but making this work outside of Standard is like trying to win a sword fight with a limp fish.

      • DJPad

        Abrupt decay is a far more relevant card in legacy than fatal push will be (especially in maindecks), since there are far more non-creature permanents that require killing and being uncounterable is kind of important too.

        • Zombie

          If you think this is gonna be in Legacy I got bad news for you.

          • DJPad

            I obviously don’t, but that is what the original commentator was talking about when comparing it to mirran crusader.

      • Random Guy

        In modern fetchlands ensure that it gets +1/+1 every turn if you pay 1 life, which makes it juuust barely viable imo (turns it into a 6/3 for 3 that can grow later, almost as efficient as Goyf, although obviously toughness and CMC are inconvenient). In Standard I feel like it will only work 1/3 turns, which is very bad. Cards that are only playable on a revolt are okay because you can just wait until a revolt happens or trigger a revolt, but cards that rely on a revolt every single turn are not worth the investment in Standard. In limited any growable creature is great.

        • DJPad

          You’re not playing a fetchland every turn. Using your argument, compare it to something like undergrowth champion in that regard. Does that seem modern playable to you?

          • Random Guy

            Undergrowth champion doesn’t have double strike, i.e. has half the power. This card is only playable if you can protect it, but if you can then it is just barely playable. It might make one or two decks.

  • NC

    Dwarfin’ it up

  • Shagoth

    Power creep on top of power creep. Wow.
    (I mean 2/2 for 3 cmc was powercreeped and this can easily become a 3/3)

    • guest

      why is a 2/2 double striker for 3 cmc powercreep? you could get those stats for a long time now. and it’s not like double strikers are oppressing in any way. this isn’t even better than mirran crusader (the only tournament playable double striker there is).

      • Shagoth

        Reread the translation. It can be very, borderline comedically, easy to turn into a 3/3 double striker for 3. I think stats getting better than the previous bests (excluding the outlier that is Tarmogoyf) is bad for the game in the long wrong, heck in the short run. Modern is super fast just because Aggro is that aggressive. This creature creep will make aggro too good in the long term.

        • guest

          You said: “I mean 2/2 for 3 cmc was powercreeped.” what do you mean exactly? Why is this powercreeped? Those stats exist since Eventide back in 2008. I’m just trying to understand you.

          • Shagoth

            3/3 double strike for two, Not 2/2 double strike for two, at least to put it simply. It’s basically a 3/3 double striker for 3 because revolt is so easy to turn on, even in standard (I think). 3>2.

          • guest

            ah, now i understand, thanks. at least in standard you are able to shock it in response to its first revolt trigger, so there is that.

            and now that we have fatal push in modern/legacy, i still think this isn’t better than mirran crusader, who naturally dodges the most hyped removal spell in years. for solemn recruit to grow out of bolt range, she has to sit on the battlefield for at least 2 entire turns. so no, i don’t think this is powercreep, it’s just another strictly different 2/2 double striker for 3.

  • Marty

    At first, I felt like this was just another version of Fabled Hero from Theros block. Which is a card I wanted to be good and tried to make good, but simply wasn’t. However, this gets big by just naturally playing the game. Unlike Fabled Hero which required a spell to target it and usually resulted in a two-for-one. So, I don’t know. This might be good especially in a white weenie deck.

  • TheAweDude

    Oh cool, you can get a 3/3 double striker, but only if something died/was bouc-

    Every turn? What!?

    • Random Guy

      No, you get a 3/3 doublestriker if you can sac evolving wilds or renegade map on the turn you play this, and it might be able to grow later.

      In modern you almost get a 3/3 doublestriker which is guaranteed to get +1/+1 for every turn after.

      Both of those are not super strong but possibly playable in constructed.