• Nanya

    I assume that it would have the effects of the exiled card?

    • Zeph

      The spirit? Yeah, it’s a copy.

      • Nanya

        Neat. Best use is with something that has a ETB trigger or a sac ability, I assume?

        • Zeph

          Probably, yes. Someone above mentioned the new Ulamog, which sounds like a fun idea too.

  • Ultramegalord

    Well this and tree of perdition…. yay limited….

    • Daniel Kaine Allen

      Beat me to it by 8 minutes. I agree, this and the tree are already shaping up to be quite the horrific combo

      • Ultramegalord

        Think of the flavor, turning a tree into a plant spirit with flying and defender…. guess he’s rooted ;-)

  • Dominic Ng

    you probably need a big creature with a draw back to utilize this 8 mana reanimation, with great flavor.

    • Edward

      Well it could work well with the new Ulamog. Get a huge creature and a flier that can make your opponent exile 20 cards

    • Ultramegalord

      All colorless though, this is great for edh also tron might be able to break it as well

  • Ben

    Black tron anyone? Entomb into this?

    • Robert FakeLastName

      if this is a modern suggestion, know that entomb is banned.

  • Melissa Juice

    What in the holy heck is this thing? Crazy.

  • Bliza

    This card plus Tree of Perdition = enemy at 1 life and a 1/x flying spirit

    • Ultramegalord

      That has defender

      • EddieDeanofIgnorance

        That got a nice toughness boost from putting your opponent at 1 life.

        Just kill them with your Cryptolith Fragment. BD

    • That was my first thought.

  • Ryū

    It’s oozing flavor.

    • Ultramegalord

      Predator ooze :-)1/1 flying indestructible grower

      • Ryū

        You deserve a cookie for that.

  • Gord

    This will be fun with any of the giant creatures with weird drawbacks – Colossus of Sardia comes to mind with a 1/1 that cost 9 to untap and a 9/9 zombie – admittedly that’s a corner case and I’m sure there are better examples, but someone will figure out all kinds of wacky situations for this in commander

  • Zombie

    Ugh, this wouldn’t have even been broken if it was repeatable, why ruin it with a Sacrifice clause?

    For shame Wizards.

    • Gord

      Boo – I missed the sac clause when I read it – that takes all the fun right out of it

    • Happy The Cat

      just throw it in with the rest of the proto portal winning cards. maybe we will get an artifact only training grounds in the upcoming artifact centered set.

  • EddieDeanofIgnorance

    So…Will the Zombie token continuously change power and toughness if I exile a Mortivore and kill off nontoken creatures? I know the Spirit won’t, because the power and toughness setting ability of the copy is applied in Layer 7a but the power and toughness setting ability of the artifact is applied in Layer 7b (thus overwriting the */*).

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      It has power and toughness equal to the power and toughness of the card exiled when you exile it.

      • EddieDeanofIgnorance

        Yeah, just found Ritual of the Returned which has a ruling explaining that. Was having trouble determining what wording to search for to thin out cards. :P

        • Vizzerdrix

          however the spirit token will change power and toughness

          • EddieDeanofIgnorance

            Nope, try again.

            613.3. Within layer 7, apply effects in a series of sublayers in the order described below. Within each
            sublayer, apply effects in timestamp order. (See rule 613.6.) Note that dependency may alter the
            order in which effects are applied within a sublayer. (See rule 613.7.)
            613.3a Layer 7a: Effects from characteristic-defining abilities that define power and/or toughness
            are applied. See rule 604.3.
            613.3b Layer 7b: Effects that set power and/or toughness to a specific number or value are applied.
            Effects that refer to the base power and/or toughness of a creature apply in this layer.

            Sublayers c through e don’t apply here so I didn’t bother copy-pasting them.

  • MrAptronym

    This is so flavorful and fun. Pure johnny card, there are going to be so many weird things to do with this.

  • Happy The Cat

    … I want to break you, I want to break you soooo much.

  • Vizzerdrix

    i really cant think of anything super broken to use it on. maybe lord of extinction? youd end up with a really big creature and a flying lord of exctinction which is kinda cool

    • Robert FakeLastName

      not sure how this works with */* creatures. you might end up with 2 huge creatures.

      • Togamau

        */* is counted as 0/0 in the graveyard or without the effect to dictate what the stats are, so basically you make a dead zombie and a flying spirit copy of the original creature.

        • EJ

          No. The stars in the */* card are variables, not affected by the zone the card is in. Lord of Extinction’s Power and Toughness are equal to the number of cards in your graveyard. This is true whether Lord of Extinction is in your graveyard, hand or library, or on the battlefield.

          • Togamau

            Fair enough, I was mistakenly applying yugioh logic to a hole in my magic knowledge. I concede the point.

    • disqus_A12YL8TXnr

      Is there anything big that is easy to make someone sacrifice? Like crystaline nautulis or swampborn giant. So you could get your beefy creature and little repercussions.

    • Hedronal

      Tree of Perdition.

      • Vizzerdrix

        Yes that’ll do

    • EJ

      Void Winnower, Phyrexian Dreadnought, Death’s Shadow, Lord of Extinction,Consuming Aberration come to mind. Basically, anything you’d put into a Mimeoplasm or Varolz EDH deck is probably fair game.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Wait a minute, what???
    This thing is silly.

  • Velvet Wurm

    It’s a little bit like Stitcher Geralf!

  • Chromasticore


  • Cheezyyyisn’tatimetraveler

    TREE OF PERDITION!!!!!1!!1!!!

    • Atarka Effreet

      Suddenly, aggro players everywhere added green and ordered a playset of this and tree and redemption

  • Derek Niles

    so cool

  • Atarka Effreet

    I bet this will cost more than 80 bucks

    • De’Elgathor

      Well, SCG has this listed as a preorder of $0.99, so probably not.

    • MTGFanatic

      maybe 80 cents or lower after few weeks

  • Winter Trabex

    How would this work with Mortivore and Lord of Extinction?

    • Hedronal

      I believe that the zombie token gets the p/t of the creature when it’s sacrificed, and I think the spirit gets big, but I’m not sure about that part.

  • munkeemanometal

    This might enable a Sultai-Whip-style deck in standard. Awesome flavour, though that can be said for many (most?) cards in this set.

  • Nolly

    Time to create Ghoulamog, tiny devourer of worlds.

  • Neil

    Could be cool with Kiki jiki

  • Kahai

    Cast Prototype Portal: Imprint Soul Separator. Have fun.

  • Dave

    Academy Ruins