Sphinx's Revelation - Return to Ravnica Spoiler

Sphinx’s Revelation

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You gain X life and draw X cards.

“Let the knowledge of absolute law inspire you to live a life of absolute order.”

  • rev_shad

    totally not what i was expecting from the Azorius {X} mythic though i think it will fit nicely next Isperia if i decide to splash white and put her in my Izzet draw deck

    • Keishii

       You can also just play a couple of the mana chicken lands (the common land that gives 1 of any color after you pay 1 when you put it in play) and then thats all you need for white mana.

      • rev_shad

        i was thinking Glacial Fortress and Clifftop Retreat for my white since i already have extra of them, mayb the shock lands if i pull them, but i’m not sure i wanna do that with the deck.

        • Highlander

           another idea rev might be Azorius Chancery, Boros Garrison, Mystic Gate, and Rugged Prairie

  • Darlith

    Wow this is really bad.
    Unless you pay at least 6 mana for this spell, its absolutely not worth it.

    • Ricky MacLeod

      Combine with Firemind Mizzet.

      Compare it to other X cost draw cards (Invoke the Firemind, Blue Sun’s Zenith, Stroke of Genius).
      ItF: is either draw or damage, not as useful. BSZ: only draws but shuffles back into deck and is either player, about same in use. SoG:only draws but is target player, not as useful. Best are this and BSZ.

      Or X cost Life Gain (Brightflame, Dawnglow Infusion)
      Bf: damage and life gain but radiance can backfire easy even more so in non-mono decks. DI: double {X} life if both {W}{G}. so either possible backfire damage and maybe massive life gain, double {X} life or this which draws you cards. Of the three it depends on the deck focus.

      • BirthOfTragedy7

        i think invoke and sphinx are best because invoke gives you the ability to either damage or draw. it really just comes down to preference and what you need for your deck obviously. imagine if invoke the firemind and this were in this particular standard together? people would be begging for a reprint of geddit tog just to balance it out lol

  • YouGotFranked

    Don’t forget this card’s greatest asset (beside the art which is gorgeous). It’s an instant. You can dump all you leftover mana at the end of you opponent turn and still be able to cast something on your turn.

    • Ricky MacLeod

       and if combined with Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind it is draw, life gain and damage  for the win