• Atarka Effreet


  • Bostorket


  • DJ Pad

    So building legacy burn will be even more dirt cheap than normal. Really what is worth any money in that deck, goblin guide, red fetches, Eidolon?

    • xxxx

      Fetches do make the deck better in most cases but you can play only mountains and might have the upper hand in the mirror.
      + black vise is unbanned … it could be nice with goblin guide ;)
      You could try that instead of the eidolons.

  • DJ Pad

    It seems as though they are pushing burn to be an archetype in draft as well.

  • Happy The Cat

    wonderful card, give me pyrohemia and an indestructible creature and we can have some fun.

  • Nharzhool

    I would be fine with this if it hadn’t just been printed in Conspiracy…