• MrAptronym

    They’re twins… but if each has half the power and half the toughne… wait…

    • wisdomseyes

      it is 2 little girls (the card) plus some vampire power

    • Zachary Cooper

      xD I wonder if this was intentional.

  • Happy The Cat

    come play with us…

  • Dominic Ng

    am i the only one noticing the mouse?

    • Kaptein Frokost

      apparently yes. where on earth do you see a mouse?

      • Mr.Mayhem631

        Below “of”.

      • Zachary Cooper

        He means a computer mouse not a actual mouse.

      • Dominic Ng

        ok, they now changed the picture so now gone

  • Kaptein Frokost

    Is nobody going to mention the obvious reference to The Shining?

    • Mr.Mayhem631

      It was just that obvious.

    • Christopher

      You answered your own question.

  • Dominic Ng

    um… I dont expect children to have 5 toughness

    • Dustin Lanning

      they are not human so i can expect it plus there are two of them

  • yolksoup

    For it’s madness cost, pretty solid, otherwise, 2/5

    • Raznaak


  • Bostorket

    They misspelled ‘wondering’ wrong, as in ‘I’m *wondering* how someone on Innistrad couldn’t remember there were MASSIVE VAMPIRE FAMILIES RULING ENTIRE CITY-STATES (who’d probably turn kids for funsies). His peers were placing bets on how fast he’d bite it.