• Zachary Cooper

    Well dam, no this is a red burn spell, granted it’s alot of mana but It might be better than Inquisitive Firecraft. It probobly depends on how good the wheel effect is, in most madness decks I doubt you could take advantage of it.

    • Kevan Kramer

      This is better than “Exquisite” Firecraft in many ways.

      • colin

        no it’s not.

        • Happy The Cat

          deals more, can massively disrupt, can hit a creature and a player at the same time, less color intensive. you can keep your spell mastery- uncounterable, I like being flexable.

  • Son Goku

    Yep, I’ma be picking up 4 of these. I really like this. The escalate ability is cheap, and any one of its modes are pretty useful. It’s slightly less powerful than Exquisite Firecraft in terms of raw punch-through damage, but makes up for it in versatility. That versatility makes it pretty useful through all stages of the game. And one of my favorite design philosophies is versatility, making this thing a win for me that I paid the escalate cost to turn into a win/win.

  • DJ Pad

    Is Chandra in this block? Does that mean the rest of the gatewatch is coming to the party? Here’s hoping they kill emrakul, then Bolas takes over because it was all part of his plan.

    • Kevan Kramer

      All of the Gatewatch are in this block story wise. Jace went to get them after seeing Emrakul.

  • Jakeinstein

    adding this to my dredge deck…

  • kk

    Turn 2 : Spirit of the Labyrinth
    turn 3: United Resistance

  • Fbn Dnl Schlr

    So this is 2RR: Deal 4 damage to target creature and deal 3 damage to target opponent? Might be good somewhere.

  • Tragic

    The fact that it says “target player” for the wheel effect is pretty interesting. If you know your opponent is sitting on a good hand, casting it for that mode could be a good play or a bad one. That’s the beauty of it.

    • Marky Day

      Also makes it great for Nekusar EDH, since you want your opponents to be drawing a lot of cards.

  • DCM

    Damn, any cards with German language sounds so badass. XD

  • Happy The Cat

    wow, this is actually really good. it’s either Bathe in Dragonfire, Lava Spike, or just a huge disruption that can mess up someones day. not to mention you can pay extra mana to fire off any of these other abilities. even though no burn decks will be running this card in their main board this is probably the best burn spell we have seen in a good while. If this was an instant it easly would have been a modern staple for red.

  • Zombie

    For 3RR you can recycle the cards in your hand, kill a creature, and dome your opponent for 3.

    Seems like a solid mid-game midrange card for Standard to me.

  • Kevan Kramer

    What a great burn card. The fact that Chandra is doing the Kamehameha Wave in the art is the cherry on top.

    • Nanya

      I am now imagining Chandra spent time training with Goku before rushing back here to fight Emrakul.

  • Nanya

    Now THIS is a burn spell!

  • Poro Vlad

    this is kinda cool in Mizzix edh

    • Poro Vlad

      not a must, but still cool

  • Ultramegalord

    Nekusaur approves, pay x and spot kill some one ;)

    • Maimoon

      doesn’t work that way

      • Nanya

        *Sad face*

  • Arcus Diabolus

    A staple for any burn deck…

    No seriously, this needs to be in ever burn deck ever. The fact that its a sorcery can get lost.

  • Ryū


  • Phoenix UNBENCHED

    Well, that escalated quickly *dodges barrage of gunfire*
    Seriously, though. Escalate for 1? What sorcery is this?

    • Nathan Harviala

      It’s a United Resistance. That’s what kind of sorcery it is.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    This is a powerhouse. Great design, quite versatile.

  • Thomas Orosz

    This is great for matches, when you feel like your just drawing land the whole game.

  • Steven Wallace

    3 mana for a one sided wheel? sold

    • wwww

      It’s not Wheel, it’s more like Tolarian Wind. With Wheel, you can refuel a empty hand with seven new cards.

  • wwww

    Three manas for one of those effect individually is a bit expensive, but the versatility and the possibility to choose more than one effect is really cool.

    On one card, you have a Tolarian Wind with a twist (2 mana), a Flame Slash (1 mana) and a Lava Spike (1 mana). It’s a red Swiss knife.

  • Walter Sharpless

    Translation issue in the name most likely, card number showing as 123 but Galvanic Bombardment is 129

    • sartaglo

      Yeah, according to TheManaSource, it’s actually “Collective Resistance.”

  • Deadly Berry

    The awesome Escalate. Perhaps the only worth effect mana-wise is the discard/draw one, but since Escalate is only 1 mana choosing the other two is no issue at all. Not to mention the discard/draw effect is one sided, negating your opponent from building graveyard. Do Want.

  • Jin-Gitaxis

    jin-gitaxias approves of wheel effects

  • David S. McCrae

    I mentioned my Modern Discard deck in the discussion for Nephalia Academy. THIS IS GOING in said discard deck. You absolutely can not say no to a turn 2 Liliana’s Caress or Waste Not, followed by this sucker on Turn 3.

  • kmk888

    I actually think this one is probably great. 3 mana for any of these effects is totally reasonable and 4 damage is significantly better for killing creatures than 3. I think the most common way to play this is as a 4 mana kill spell that sends 3 damage upstairs. And that seems totally reasonable. Also, Goblin Darkdwellers.

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Intriguing violence. Niv Mizzet has use for this.
    Burn them all. Scorch and slaughter.

  • ium

    how this work ??

    • Nanya

      Basically you pay 1RR for one of the effects. If you want, say, the burn a creature for 4 and burn a player for 3, then it costs 1 generic more, if you want all 3, it costs 2 generic more.

      So for all three effects, it costs 3RR.

      • ium

        ty, and if i play with goggles ?? with 3RR ??? how many times y can play this?

        • Nanya

          Goggles copies it, right?

          Well, if you pay the full price, using the goggles to help, you get all three effects twice then.

  • silverhawk100

    Oh hey, it’s a crappier version of that three mana deal four that never got played either. Wow. It’s like they just don’t want red to succeed at all in this format.

    • Jason Tan

      Good, screw standard. More stuff for us EDH players.

      • Vixin Xiviir

        Three mana deal four- Exquisite Firecraft? You mean the burn spell that won Joel Larsson a Pro Tour?

    • James Harris

      They are expanding red’s color pie out of just being aggro/burn to have control territory. It will be a slow process, but its a good decision to make the color more broad. This is a fine card for that kind of archetype since it gives you options.