• Kahai

    :D Love it!

  • Avery Standley

    Guarantees Oketra is W/B

    • Ryū

      Not necessarily. The black half is coming from the Croc God, who also supplies the black magic in the Invocation Maelstrom Pulse.

      • Avery Standley

        Whoops, I didn’t see the croc

        • Insight66

          Same as Maelstrom Pulse, Croc and Snake. That bird is pictured in all the mono blue art. These are going to be mono colored maybe-Gods.

          • Avery Standley

            I hope Counterflux will have the bird and jackal god

  • Jacob Kodicovic

    The Hunger Games (2015)

  • Timothy Barker

    I think this and maelstrom pulse could become a cycle.

  • Tezzybros


    their eye colors change on certain spells…

  • dTHEb

    Having Liliana? in this picture could mean Vindicate in standard.

    • Derek Niles


    • Sebastian Fuchs

      where is lili in this art? i see only the white and black god destroying the cycle demon from this set