• Nebulium

    Oh I really like this, it let’s you get another etc or ltb effect, as well as get block or attack triggers without worrying about sacrificing the creature. Works really nicely with exert too.

  • Marvin Sürig

    So you’re telling me that I can Flicker one of my Big hitters just because it blocked and get a 2/2 out protecting my big hitter from some crazy spell or giving it pseude vigilance after attacking

  • E.

    Ooh very nice. Extra etbs, blinking an exerted creature. And a 2/2 with flash for 3 ain’t bad either.

    • Hedronal

      Also fully kills embalm tokens, and can bounce an attacker out of combat before damage or blockers.

  • Arcus Diabolus

    I will find way to break this.

  • Alberto

    Wow, great uncommon. Extra etb and untapping exerted creatures… But also removing opponents’ token

  • Nanya

    Wonder Woman, is that you?

  • Teddy Gillespie

    technically also a way to undo exert, but probably just better for ETB effects

    • Soren Szilver

      how so exactly? i feel like i might be missing something……….

      • Tolle

        Swing with the creature, exert it, get the benefit. Then in the post combat main phase cast this and exile it. It returns untapped with no memory of its previous self so even if it does become tapped it will still untap.

        • Soren Szilver

          Messed up embalm and exert. Brain fart.

          • Tolle

            We’ve all been there.

  • Ryū

    Neat art.

  • Deadly Berry

    Exiling a token = worth.

    • Pie Pie

      Embalmed creatures.

  • Brooks Palin

    this will work sooooo well in my frontier Bant ETB deck.

  • banned as reflector’s

  • Shagoth

    If this dies before the end step, does the creature get exiled forever?

    • Jay Magno

      No. Delayed Trigger.