• ymmij X

    If only it also granted flying

  • Happy The Cat

    so a worse Infantry Veteran/Anointer of Champions, but with the trade off of gaining flying… not really sure why this got bumped to uncommon, feels like they gave it the silver slot then nerfed it with the mana in the activation cost.

    • M Hedonist

      A 1/1 with evasion for 1 mana is already solid on its own.

  • Soren Szilver

    evasive one drop with relevant creature types and other upside. could be great is vampire tribal becomes a viable standard strategy

  • galen150

    eh, there were like 3 1-drop vampires that were better in shadows over innistrad(i think that’s all the 1 drops?). this feels just kinda bad. its tap ability is just kinda useless.

    • ColorCaptain

      Couldn’t agree more. I know it’s an uncommon, but they just couldn’t make this playable? Why does the vampire have to be attacking? Why does it HAVE to even be a vampire in the first place? +1/+1 isn’t going to break anything.

  • MrAptronym

    How has the art not come up yet, it’s absolutely stunning!

  • Izhuark

    For those interested in names and flavor here’s a literal translation.
    Name : “Duskborn Skywalker”
    Flavor text : “The hour of dusk is near.”

    • Marky Day

      That’s crazy. All that just becomes “Duskborn Skywalker” when translated to English? It’s crazy to me how different languages are so different in regards to the length of their words.

  • Joel Lee

    In draft this will be pretty decent we have seen cards like this that can pump at instant speed be really annoying when you are blocking. It only being able to pump vampires though will keep it at bay.

  • Mike Seppy

    How come some vampires can fly and others cannot? Has it always been that way in mtg

  • Spencer

    Nobody’s going to talk about the Elephant in the room here with this card? Take a good look at that flavor text and tell that’s ok. Because it’s hilarious.