• Concerned 707

    Pallinchron + high tide + walking ballista!

  • Zombie

    “F**k that Hangarback Walker in Particular”

    Also… Isn’t this just a strictly better Triskelion?

    • DJPad

      Triskelion is a 4/4 for 6-mana, this is a 3/3. This just has the added flexibility of being castable earlier or later and is a mana sink. This also doesn’t combo with Mikaeus the Unhallowed (which is pretty much the only reason people play Triskelion).

      • Zombie

        People actually play Triskelion?

        • DJPad

          Mike and Trike is a very common combo/kill comdition in EDH.

          • Random Guy


        • ShadyBiz42

          budget people do

    • guest

      i would say strictly different. you can reanimate triskelion and still get the +1/+1 counters, you can ping three times and still have the body left…

      • Zombie

        If you’re reanimating Triskelion something has gone horrifically wrong.

        • eltratzo

          the mikaeus triskelion combo the others mentioned is moderately common in edh and involves infinitely recurring trike.

          • Zombie

            I mean, it’s not common enough to where I haven’t seen it once.

            And I play at the single largest store in all of Texas.

          • eltratzo

            different playgroups I guess. ran over it in two different stores in completely different parts of the country and have seen it a few times on mtgo. it’s certainly not amongst the most common of things but it is a thing that people tend to know about.

          • Zombie

            I can see how it works, but I also understand why it’s not prolific. There’s much better things you could be doing with your time.

            I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s mostly because of budget issues. Triskelion is a garbage $0.50 combo piece that does the job.

          • eltratzo

            it’s partly a budget thing, yes. it is also a two card infinite combo in mono black of which one can be your commander which makes it a good option as a backup wincon in some decks.

          • DJPad

            It’s a pretty low opportunity cost to turn cards like defense of the heart and Tooth and nail into: “I win”

  • Chromasticore

    Vorel keeps finding new friends

  • Derek Mullins

    Does Panharmonicon affect these kinds of enter the battlefield effects, or is it just a replacement effect?

    • Dave

      It’s not a triggered ability so it doesn’t work with Panharmonicon.

      • Derek Mullins


  • Paradoxed

    This just looks like an immensly worse hangerback walker. Not sure if Im missing something.

    • DJPad

      Different type of card. Obviously worse for stuff like standard than hangarback, but it’s more of a combo card (kills with infinite mana), infiinite ETB triggers when combined with something like Enduring Renewal etc.

      In fact, I may just brew some bad artificer’s intuition/enduring renewal combo deck for modern with altar of the brood and this. It’s too bad sensei’s divining top is banned in modern…

  • Tezzybros

    spitting hydra, but better!

  • kk

    This is stupid good in vintage…

    Much better than Triskelion …. Triskelion + Arcbound ravager kill condition.

  • guest

    this isn’t a thing in modern affinity, no?

  • Kenneth Bancroft

    Mikaeus the Unhallowed…

    • Picklechu

      Oh my 2 piece infinite combo and only 4 mana to complete hmmmm… that’s only a minor design flaw.

      EDIT: for 6 mana

      • DJPad

        Mikaeus is 3BBB

    • dduuurrrr dddduuuurrrr

      he gives all non humans +1/+1, as a nstatic buff, you can’t infinitely sac this guy to mickaeus because of that

      • DJPad

        Right, but this doesn’t actually kill your opponent on it’s own like Mike + Trike.

    • Ethan Naugle

      Wouldn’t work. This guy would only be coming back with one +1/+1 counter and a +1/+1 buff from Mikaeus. Remove the counter to ping your opponent and you’re left with a standing 1/1. Remove the one counter to ping itself, and that would work, but of course, you’re not getting damage through at that point. Triskelion still works because it has an abiltiy which lets it enter with 3 counters (and one from Mikaeus) so you keep the loop going by removing 3 to deal 3 damage to a player and remove the fourth to ping itself for one and voila, it comes back once again.

      • eltratzo

        it is not a two card win. but still infinite enters/dies trigger which you can then abuse with other cards (purphoros for example)

        • Sage

          or a sac outlet, or cruel summonings/anything that gives your guys -1/-1.

  • Raimund Keller

    there comes the 2nd triskelion

  • Shagoth

    Hangarback Triskelion
    Might actually be good in Vintage Shops like those two cards are.

  • Random Guy

    With winding constrictor it’s a gut shot. Uh, that’s all I have to contribute, sadly.

  • grimtriX

    any thoughts on using this with cards like Training Ground/Heartstone?
    they might not get you to infinite… but you can start machine gunning
    creatures and players off.. or just make him big and attack. also, he
    works with trinket mage so maybe look at other 0-1 cost artifacts that
    work well with him. maybe some cards that reduce cc of artifacts for extra counters when he etb? seems like a fun deck could be built around him.

    • grimtriX

      maybe some Doubling Season type cards as well to get more bang for your buck?

  • BusinessmanGinger

    I really don’t understand why this is worth $15 now. Is it because it doesn’t tap for a counter like Hangarback? Or is it the fact that it deals straight damage instead of spawning thopters?