Watchers of the Dead - Amonkhet Spoilers

Watchers of the Dead

  • Color: Colorless
  • Type: Artifact Creature - Cat
  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Set:

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  • Cthulhooo

    Cool but still doesn’t take care of scrapheap scrounger….

    • KrakenHunter

      Well it kinda exile everything else, if scrapheap has no creature to exile, it can’t come back can it?

      • Cthulhooo

        Your opponent leaves 1 scrapheap and 1 creature and you just sacrificed your bear to deny him one or two resurrections. The problem I have with this card is your opponent will always choose to have his best cards untouched.

        • Mov

          I think this was their attempt at middleground graveyard hate, and yeah ffl probs still had delirium/emrakul as the bogeyman so they design a card that deals quite well with that.

          It would be better if it let you choose which two cards but specified that they had to be different card types – that way delirium isn’t totally destroyed but you could still use it to deal with the problem cards in the yard. But I’m not at all sure how that could be effectively templated.

      • Zeb Jaffe

        You’re correct. This could be useful in a deck that doesn’t have access to Natural Obsolescence and can’t realistically play Incendiary Flow. Block with it, before damage activate its ability, negate the Scrounger for some time. Problem: this only delays Scrapheap and doesn’t actually get it off the board AND isn’t great while your opponent has more than a couple cards in hand since they can just deploy more creatures for you to answer. No, this card is good against delirium and that’s about it. Torrential decks only need a couple Instants in the yard as they only have so many Gearhulks in their deck. This is designed to slow down decks that use cards to inentionally fill their graveyard. I’m talking Delirium, Zombies, and whatever graveyard shenanigans pop out from this set.

        • Daniel Scott

          They have also given them the Sorcery/Instant split cards as well though, if those turn out to be good then they can get delirium potentially with only 2 cards (split card + artefact creature). I don’t play the deck though, so I dunno if my speculation has any merit.

  • Tolle

    Not bad in EDH. With it didn’t exile itself

  • DemonDevilImp

    I don’t understand Wizard’s art to power/toughness ratio anymore. A Sacred Cat can take on two giant stone statues at the same time and win? What?

    • DemonDevilImp

      ***Graceful Cat****

      • Han Solo II

        a Dwarf took on an entire fleet in GoT and won

        • Daniel Scott

          Only because he had burn support though.

      • Tolle

        And you were okay that 15 squirrels could kill emrakul?

    • MrAptronym

      It has never made sense. Two dragonflies could take out a grizzly bear over a decade ago.

  • KrakenHunter

    Finally some graveyard hate. Seems decent for standard. not much for anything else.

    • zDRIBAS

      maybe in some kiki chord deck.. ooze is best but is too slow, againt dredge you need to have faster graveyard hate and this one is really good, tbh this has potential

  • Daniel Scott

    I’m no expert, but this seems a bit odd. Surely if someone is doing graveyard shenanigans they will get to keep the thing that they actually care about? If the new split cards are popular as well then this is only going to put them one type off delirium a lot of the time. That said, it’s much better than nothing.

  • Minizem

    meh, Kalitas is better.

    • God Enel

      Stupid comparison.

      • Minizem

        Um, sure, if you feel that way. I’m just saying if it was a choice between this and Kalitas, I would choose Kalitas.

        • Adam Malekhedayat

          It may not be the best comparison, but, they do deserve to be mentioned together because of how little GY hate exists in standard.

  • Derek Niles

    Not the best graveyard hate but Standard desperately needs any so this will work fine

  • Adam Malekhedayat

    Hmm… Can you activate this from your own graveyard?
    It might be pretty key in Delirium mirror matches because of this.
    Counts as 2 types, can take your opponent off Delirium at instant-speed if need be.

    • MrAptronym

      No, abilities only function from the battlefield unless otherwise specified.

  • Benjo Sian

    pls dont hate the graveyard nekos… XD


    Even without the Graveyard Haterz its a 2/2 for 2 not 3 – its like a 2/2 for (C) in R&D Language ;) … and its a kitty

  • Tye

    “maybe in some kiki chord deck..”

    Try reading. :) None of those cards can be Chord of Calling-ed out in response to your opponents actions.