Weight Advantage

Weight Advantage

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  • Shagoth

    Doran’s in the set, except he’s not. It’s a conspiracy!

  • RedPandaRevolution


  • Scud422

    Weight Assvantage

  • Tolle

    Pulls 10 jeering homunculuses…. Muhahahah! :P

  • BusinessmanGinger

    Cool, I like this conspiracy. Reminds me of my Doran EDH days.

  • Jakob Schneider

    To be fair, that brute on the artwork actually looks like it has more power than toughness.

    Also, those are some HUGE freaking hands!

  • Hedronal

    I now hope that Doran is reprinted in the wedge legends cycle (if there is one). That would even out the numbers for wedge legends.