• Angrygnome

    Chord of Crafting!

  • Justin Burton


  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Jesus. That’s a spell.

  • Brian Schmidt

    Could this see play in Modern Affinity? Even as a sideboard? Instant just puts it over the top. But UUU rather a lot for a format that has so much land destruction?

    • Davey Desjarlais

      I don’t think it’d see play in Affinity but you could definitely make the case for this to show up in Tezzerator or Monu Blue Tron.

    • Zombie

      Nope. The artifacts can’t tap for the UUU which means Affinity needs 3 blue sources out.

      On top of that, what would Affinity even search with this?

      Affinity doesn’t need this.

      Blue Tron needs this.

  • hollowbones

    It’s a Chord of Calling that doesn’t get blue mana, so it’s always at least UUU, which makes it a little awkward. I’m trying to think of a Modern deck that wants this. Triple blue in any artifacts-matter deck currently in the meta seems hard.

    I just think any deck that might even consider it would probably be better served by Reshape, because this just about always finds Lotus Bloom, right? This is an instant though… Definitely a neat card, hope to see some fringe artifact decks bubble up!

  • Zombie

    Well that’s an instant 4 non-foil/4 foil purchase if I’ve ever seen one.

    It’s unfortunate that the artifacts you tap for Improvise can’t tap for the UUU. Which makes this a bit worse than Chord of Calling to cast.

    However, this can tutor up any artifact, and not just an artifact creature, which makes this hilarious. The Improvise mechanic on this card can also be abused with the likes of Paradox Engine and similar effects.

    This is 100% going straight into my blue/X EDH and Highlander artifact decks. Breya’s body is ready.

    Oh, also this tutors Aetherworks Marvel. Standard players on suicide watch.

    • Jakob Schneider

      Pretty much agree with all of this.

      I can see why they didn’t word Improvise like Convoke, though I wish they had (for colored artifacts, i.e. when we get back to Alara).
      Oh well. It’s still a decent, more balanced take on Affinity.

      I wish they hadn’t made this TRIPLE blue (1UU would have been restrictive enough), but this will still definitely find its way in various decks.

      • Zombie

        The problem with giving it “Actual Convoke for Artifacts” instead of “Totally Not Convoke, Guys” is that colored artifacts already exist and I think it would break something in Legacy and Commander IIRC, I’d have to go do a bit of research on it.

        Commander would definitely be an issue, and since Commander is a Wizards supported format, they kinda have to look out at least a bit for it.

  • SomeRandomPlayer

    So my Teferi, TA deck just got an instant speed “Reshape,” and couldn’t be happier.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Fffffffffffff… My Simic EDH artifacts deck is already too OP!

  • Robert FakeLastName

    when ever i see a red or blue instant/sorcery with x i always think back to my good pal mizzix. This will definitely need to be tested there.

  • Jakob Schneider

    Chord of Calling’s cousin, eh?

    Pretty much the blue counterpart, centered around artifacts instead of creatures.

    Though I wish it was X1UU or even X1UU, considering that you’ll always have to pay all of the blue mana.

    And that it’s not nearly as easy to build a shell where Improvise is as powerful as Convoke… though I might be mistaken, at least regarding Standard with the Thopters, Servos and lbnl Innistrad’s clues.

  • kmk888

    This should be broken. I don’t know how, I don’t know what cards surround it. But it ticks all the boxes.

    Cost reduction ✓
    Tutor ✓
    Artifact oriented set ✓
    Combo oriented set ✓
    Instant ✓

    • Random Guy

      It’s a 3 mana tutor that gives the tutored card improvise. It’s only good if used to tutor for high CMC cards, but in most cases it will just be better to run more copies of that card.

  • Jonas Candy

    probably will run this at least as a 2 of in aetherflux storm to fetch combo peices

  • Ethan Naugle

    See all these fun artifact-synergistic cards make me wanna finally build an artifact deck. But what commander to use…

  • TheAweDude

    Remember, if you cast this for free, x = 0. There are still many 0 mana artifacts that you may want to tutor for.