Zacama, Primal Calamity - Rivals of Ixalan Spoiler

Zacama, Primal Calamity

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Type: Legendary Creature - Dinosaur, Elder
  • Rarity: Mythic Rare
  • Set:

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  • MTG fan


  • Steffen

    Now THAT is a high-end dinosaur!

  • Zyphilius

    I’m thoroughly disappointed

    • Kaiser

      how can you be disappointed of a giant 3-head monster that give you a refresh all your mana

      • Zyphilius

        Because, what’s the point of the biggest and baddest of the elder dinos not being 5c to encompass the rest as well as having underwhelming abilities

        • Kaiser

          you can play the biggest and baddest dragon then do a bunch of thinks and at the end like he is white bouncing him and repeat the process like 3 times if you have somethin to draw a low. So yeah this guy give you not just a great and very decent body but “extra main phases”

          • Kaiser

            nah forget about the bounching part you need to cast him, pretty smart decision Wizards of the coast

          • eltratzo

            yes, you need to cast him. so bouncing him (returning him to hand) and then recasting him actually works. there is one card in standard that can go infinite with him given 15 mana from lands and one other with him as comander for 14 mana startup that I found till now (aegis automaton and dusk elemental respectively).
            it’s blinking/flickering him that doesn’t work.
            and if you aren’t looking to go infinite there are a few cards that can bounce him once or once per turn.
            commander also probably has more complicated loops (other formats as well but for those I’m sceptical about wether you want to try and combo with a 9 mana card you can’t cheat out as a keypiece)

        • Shagoth

          The untap ability is great once you’ve dumped your hand in order to get enough mana to dump to get him out. Not only can it destroy pesky enchantments, it can destroy utility restrictors, too.

    • Dongis

      The rest of us Timmy’s will rejoice!

  • Kaiser

    Oh MY WHAT THA F—-that thing is giant its like godzilla but with 3 heads

  • Caleb Halbrook

    Love the art…best reanimation target in standard now?

    • homer8798

      Don’t you have to cast it to gain its effects? As in, untapping lands?

      • Santuli

        It’d still be fun to reanimate tho

      • Happy The Cat

        yeah but you still get a 9/9 vigilant reaching trampler that shoots stuff with lasers, naturalizes, and can heal you.

  • Jalais

    The three heads are arguing over which tribe to have for dinner.

  • Marvin Sürig

    The guy who argumented that each head is one color was right.

  • Kaiser

    i want to hugin this thing so hard is so powerfull but still his arm are to little for his body its very cute

  • Daan


    • Daan

      Oh no looked wrong

  • Dinin

    If only this and Gishath had partner ability…

  • Adam Cortland

    Now we jsut need a way to ramp to 9 mana in standard, cause of right now we can ramp with 2 get to 4 and the next ramp spell cost 3 mana… Gets you to 6? and then maybe you get to 8? And then your dead :D

    • Nazgir

      The dorks that discount dinos comes to mind as both ramp and defence.

      • Adam Cortland

        Yeah, and they are turn 2 ramp that can die pretty easily, he is NINE mana, you will die before you can get there without a 4 mana ramp :P

        • Steven

          4 kinjalis callers 4 otopec huntmasters. Becomes literally a three drop and callers are one Mana huntmasters are 2 not hard to get them out and get lower cost dinosaurs out to protect them.

  • TezzeretofCarmot21

    My inner Timmyness is calling me.

  • Shawn Jeanty

    They’ll fear you now gishath

  • DJ Pad

    Hmm, doesn’t supplant Gishath as the Dino commander of choice IMHO.

    • Mini Zem


    • ShannoSauro

      yeah thats sad

      • Edward

        How? Last set we got 2 Pirates and Dinosaurs with tribal focused Legendary Creatures but Vampires and Merfolk got more general Legendary Creatures. This set Vampires(loosely) and Merfolk got the tribal Legendary Creatures while Dinosaurs got general Legendary Creatures. If we do end up with another Pirate Legendary it will most definitely be more general. I don’t think they wanted to shove all of the tribal Legendary Creatures in our faces at once. This is obviously not aimed at Dinosaur tribal

      • TogetherAlone

        This is still very good, and honestly you could make some big dumb ramp infinite combo deck with this i garuntee it .

    • Kitnz

      Nope, it doesn’t, but is that wholly surprising? Gishath is quite a good Dino-tribal commander. I would be more upset if they did print something better at leading Dinos than Gishath. He’s trouble enough.

  • Happy The Cat

    Does one of the heads seem… off to you? Like two are in the front of the body, but one seems to be mounted on Zac’s back and facing left.

    • Kaiser

      its the middle head that is why seems like that. But more important look his tiny arms <3

      • Marvin Sürig

        This thing would fall over instantly X’D Dat weight distribution XD

        • Kaiser

          that is why he is a god because he can walk but he is uneable to touch the ground with his fingers. A all mighty god can be good and a good god cant have long arms

      • Happy The Cat

        I’d love to see 3d representation of this thing’s bone structure one day. but for the arms part those are actually kinda long for what’s supposed to basically be a super t-rex IMO. I mean they’re vestigial limbs for normal T-rexes(for what at least science knows) feels like a super t-rex wouldn’t have ’em.

        • Kaiser

          a little longer for a T-rex yeah but not that much logers for a T-rex god

    • Marvin Sürig

      Yes. But it most likely is it’s right head which neck is hidden from the middle head.

  • Matthew Van Ginneken

    I was really hoping for a 5 color dinosaur commander and now I’m sad, still looks amazing though. Use forerunner to put this on top of library, swing with gishath and put this guy on the battle field

    • Necrachilles

      Wouldn’t get the untap trigger though. If you do the samething with the Primal Storm though, that would work

  • Marvin Sürig

    It’s funny that the red elder dino is really strong in cheating this out.

    • DJ Pad

      Red elder dino is strong at cheating everything out.

      • Marvin Sürig

        Yes but in this case it has an advantage over Gishath who won’t trigger this Dinos ETB ;)

    • Necrachilles

      too bad it doesn’t untap your lands =/

      • Marvin Sürig

        Actually it does. The red elder dragon allows you to cast those cards without paying the mana cost. This three colored Elder Dino doesn’t say “if you cast it from your hand” but “if you cast it” which mean from exil, hand, graveyard, library or command zone everything is okay as long as it was a non copy spell befor it entered the battlefield.

        • Necrachilles

          rofl sorry, I was thinking of Zacama. Ty for correction

  • Edward

    I love the design on this. It won’t beat Gishath for Dino tribal EDH but it certainly could be an interesting control deck. 2 types of removal that it can activate immediately because it untaps lands and it allows you to protect it immediately. Unless they counter it or respond to the untap trigger by killing it they will have a bad time. Even if they kill it you might just be able to recast it. There is definitely an infinite mana combo with this as long as you have a way to repeatedly return it to your hand(Temur Sabertooth). Also seems outrageous with Food Chain although it won’t produce infinite mana like Prossh.

  • Blahblahblahbla

    Visually, this dude looks like what Mimeoplasm evolves into. :D

    Also, im pretty pumped about a really massive 3c dino commander that doesn’t require your deck to be dinosaur tribal. Im really excited to build a big dumb creature deck with this. :D

  • William Wilson

    Dino Cerberus! yes! stoked to have more for dino edh.

  • Dr. Burn Crow


  • Darkray Accel

    What the…I thought the 5 mono color primals were all we gonna get not this monstrosity, RIP primal storm, rip primal tide, this is way better, any bounce effect generates infinite mana as long as you have ~10 mana plus the cost of bounce, also he comes as a mana sinker himself so you instantly go to infinite life, If only the red ability was target player it would be isnta win on spot with just this, mana and 1 bouncer…help.
    Theres many other combos too with sac shenenigans…

    They making the dragons look like crap…GG wizards, when your dinos totally outcontest dragons…

    • Ashenmoor

      “If you cast it”

      • Darkray Accel

        I know. It still combos with sac and bounce, just not blink.

  • Shagoth

    I wouldn’t call this a calamity…
    I think Gishath is still better as a commander due to the price and just how freaking explosive she is, but this is such a monster. This could be a freaking board wipe when it enters is great for grinds games, even though your trampling, palinchron, 9/9 who you can pay three to do 3 is probably just going to kill someone without much grind.
    Also, this is a mechanic that always should have been in green, these colors give it a ton of flexibility as a commander.

    • Darkray Accel

      If you want tribal probably Gishath, if you want combo and competitive this is way better.

      • Shagoth

        I’m not sure if this more competitive, could be, but Gishath typically ends games (or half of one) the turn she enters.

        • Kevin Trebilcock

          wait gishath is a girl?

          • Kevan Kramer

            gishath can be whatever you want it to be.

  • Zombie

    Kinda disappointed it’s not Jund with that art, and because we already got a legendary Naya Dino in the last set.

    But it’s big, fat, dumb Timmy-bait and I still love it.

    • galen150

      why would the super dino be something other than dino colors???

  • Jared Strickland

    Find a way to combo this with disperse in the wind for shenanigans

  • foxboy1000

    As a great hedgehog once said, “That’s no good!”

  • Tom Roginski

    Standard combo : zacama + aegis automaton + only 15 lands = infinite mana. Broke the format.

    • firecross

      It’s actually 14 lands (or less if you use lands that tap for more than one Mana like the new flip land that taps for your life total) and you can also gain infinite life, deal infinite damage to any number of creatures, destroy any number of Artifacts and Enchantments, and have infinite etb/cast triggers.

      • Omeneon

        Actually it is 15 lands since he costs 9 and the ability of aegis automaton is 5, so 14 total. Thus you need an extra 1 mana to get the infinite mana.

  • Aidan23

    They should have a three headed giant prerelease event to honor zacama. Three people 40 life.

  • Han Solo II

    how many mythics does this set have?!

    Also the Ancient Brontodon is just a ferocious as this guy

  • galen150

    so, huge 9 mana 9/9 that gives you all your lands back if you actually cast it (if it resolves of course). has vigilance and reach to block just about anything. and it has trample to just wreck face. then it has naturalize and bolt on a stick and life gain? oh man this is going to be silly and so bad, but so good

    • Kevan Kramer

      it’s not a bolt since it only hits creatures.

  • Alexandre Donnart

    I know it’s dumb and not needed, but those abilities are perfect for Training Grounds.

    • Laws

      How are you going to play U in that deck?

      • Happy The Cat

        cause my commander is The Gays of Meletis and my pillowfort likes to draw cards and play lands

        • Alexandre Donnart


          • Happy The Cat

            Oh, you were talking about another format that commonly plays Training Grounds and will actually cast a three color 9 drops? Do you have a Eternal/Modern deck that would actually cast/reanimate this over Praetors or Eldrazi or the countless just as huge creatures that don’t need Training Grounds out?

          • Alexandre Donnart

            I was throwing this as a joke. I actually have many Modern decks built around Training Grounds because I love this card, but I don’t plan on building one with this Dino. Just the fact that both of you instantly think I mean Commander and that I don’t know the color rules, again, is annoying.

          • Happy The Cat

            Well, I was just telling that guy what commander would play this with blue, and besides you nobody really plays Training Grounds outside of edh, it’s kinda an edh only card due to not effecting the board when it comes out, being easy to kill and only really giving you about the value of a bad Sol Ring most of the time. Not only that but you are putting TG together with a 9 mana card that, while having decent synergy with it, needs to be cast for full value and doesn’t outright win the game right there, even with TG. So when doing something like that, THAT’S when people logically jump to EDH, because it’s the only place where you won’t consistently die before this could be cast with TG, and still be used for value. Don’t get mad just because logic is clearly on our side.

          • Alexandre Donnart

            Your comment makes sense. My first one though, didn’t. I love Training Grounds and I’m not the only one playing it in Modern, far from that. Of course it’s not competitive, but there are so many casual lists around this card. So, as I said in my first comment, it’s a dumb and unnecessary synergy. But, because I love the card, whenever I read a creature with an abiilty that costs 2X, I notice it. Period. You jumping to EDH isn’t actually what bothers me : thinking I’m actually going to build a deck with these cards does.

  • Wut

    How in tarnation does this giant monster heal something??

    • Marvin Sürig

      Just like Steven Universe. Spits in your face.

    • Jakub S.

      One of the heads is actually a really nice guy.

  • Laws

    “…if you cast it…”
    Every necromancer ever: boo

    • Kevan Kramer

      it is almost like they didn’t want this card to be broken

      • Jakub S.

        But why?

      • Laws


  • Kahai

    oh hi new dino commander :3

  • Bostorket

    *dreams of Curios and Cradles and suddenly OH GOD URZA BLOCK PTSD*

  • Kahai

    Okay, so my plans are to make him turbo ramp into dinos. Sounds good. :D

  • rops

    Who cares – they printed 3 mana destroy all dinos (1WW sacc all but 4 power combined creatures). They made Dinos so expensive that they can only fit in a ramp deck, and then they print something which is basically a 3 mana wrath.

    • Pocketfulofgeek

      In Hour of Devastation they printed a flat 3 mana destroy all creatures. Timmys will still love their fat creatures (and I count myself among that number)

      • NC

        At least you could board in Heroic Intervention for that.

    • Nate Winchester

      How ironic Zetalpa, Primal Dawn can dodge that spell.

      • rops

        great- standard dinozaur staple :)

  • Dr. Burn Crow

    Zacama Ephron says get your heads in the game.