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Avacyn Restored Trailer - Liliana Vess

Avacyn Restored Trailer (Japanese)

Here’s the Avacyn Restored Trailer – Japanese version.

Lingering Souls Art by Bud Cook

Banned & Restricted List – March 20, 2012

Banned & Restricted List – March 20, 2012.

MTGO Cube Draft Booster

Magic Online Cube Draft

Cube Draft to be available on MTGO. Cube is a format where players draft from a pool of cards that’s specially chosen to be awesome to draft.

MTG Japanese MPS Lands

Japanese MPS Lands

Japanese MPS Lands. The extra prize support used at Magic Premier Shops in Japan.

Vintage - Legacy Champs - Brainstorm - Alternate Art

Alternate Art Cards for Vintage and Legacy Champions

Timetwister and Brainstorm alternate art cards will be awarded to the winners of the Vintage Champs and Legacy Champ events at GenCon.

Judge Foils - Command Tower - Sneak Attack (new art)

New Judge Foils – Command Tower and Sneak Attack (with new art)

Command Tower and Sneak Attack (with new art) confirmed as the new Judge Foils for PT Barcelona/Avacyn Restored.

Grand Prix Indianapolis Banned Playmat

Banned MTG Playmat

Banned Grand Prix Indianapolis Playmat. “We keep a standard for Magic art to portray strong female characters. Sexy is OK, submissive or damsels in distress is not.”

MTG Comic Book Spoiler

Comic Book Promo Cards

Comic Book Promo CardsElectrolyze and Feast of Blood

Judge Foil - Sword of Light and Shadow

New Judge Foils

Sword of Light and Shadow and Karmic Guide are the new Judge Foils.

Avacyn Restored Prerelease Info - Buy a Box Promotion

Avacyn Restored Prerelease Information

Avacyn Restored Prerelease Information. Avacyn Restored Prerelease Kit, Buy-a-Box Promotion, Helvault Prerelease Kit

Dark Ascension Event Deck - Gleeful Flames - Red

Dark Ascension Event Deck Lists

Dark Ascension Event Deck Lists. Gleeful Flames – Mono Red, Spiraling Doom – Black Green.

Dark Ascension - Intro Pack - GU

Dark Ascension Green – Blue Intro Pack Deck List

Grave Power Intro Pack Decklist

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