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January Friday Night Magic Poster

January Friday Night Magic Poster

Here’s the poster for the January Friday Night Magic. Dark Ascension – Command the Night

Dark Ascension Intro Pack Spoiler

Dark Ascension Intro Pack – Ascesa Oscura

A very small image of an White Red Dark Ascension Intro Pack called “Ascesa Oscura” (Italian)Rise of Darkness has been found.

MTG - Wild Nacatl

Banned and Restricted MTG Lists December 2011

Modern: Punishing Fire and Wild Nacatl have been banned! There are no changes for the other MTG formats: Innistrad Block Constructed, Standard, Extended, Legacy and Vintage.

Goblin Guide - New Art

Grand Prix 2012 Participation Card is Goblin Guide

The MTG Grand Prix 2012 participation card is a foil new art Goblin Guide.

Avacyn Restored Spoiler

Avacyn Restored – the final Innistrad set

Avacyn Restored is the third set of the Innistrad block.

Judge Foil - Xiahou Dun the One-Eyed

The Judge Foils for 2011 Worlds

Here are the judge foils released at Worlds in San Francisco: Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed from Portal Three Kingdoms and Flusterstorm from Magic: The Gathering Commander.

Dark Ascension Sorin Markov Art

New Dark Ascension Art Featuring Sorin Markov

New Dark Ascension art featured on UltraPro sleeves, playmats and deck boxes.

Glistener Elf - FNM Card January

Glistener Elf – January’s FNM Card

January’s FNM Card is Glistener Elf.

Savage Lands - December FNM Card

Savage Lands – December FNM Card

December’s FNM card is Savage Lands. Check out the awesome new art!

MTG Holiday Card - Yule Ooze

2011 Holiday Card

Yule Ooze is the 2011 MTG holiday card.

Dark Ascension New Card - Faithless Looting

Dark Ascension Spoiler – Faithless Looting

Here’s the first new card from Dark Ascension: Faithless Looting

Complete Graveborn Decklist

Graveborn Decklist

Complete Graveborn Deckslist

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