Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023

September 13th, 2023

Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 will go on sale on Thursday, September 14, starting 9 a.m. PDT for $249.99 at MagicSecretLair.com

Festival in a Box Las Vegas 2023

Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 Contents

1x Mystery Booster: Convention Edition Booster Display

1x Dan Frazier’s Mox Box Secret Lair drop:

1x Foil-etched Mox Opal
1x Foil-etched Mox Tantalite
1x Foil-etched Sol Ring

1x Non-foil Relentless Rats Secret Lair promo card illustrated by Graham Yarrington

1x Chaos Draft 24 count booster pack grab bag:

1x Dominaria Remastered Draft Boosters
3x Modern Horizons 2 Draft Boosters
1x Dominaria United Draft Boosters
1x The Brothers’ War Draft Boosters
2x Streets of New Capenna Draft Boosters
4x Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Draft Boosters
3x Wilds of Eldraine Draft Boosters
4x March of the Machine Draft Boosters
1x Phyrexia: All Will Be One Draft Boosters
2x Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Boosters
2x Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Draft Boosters

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